07/08/11 161 W - + 5 - 2 Beverage-Based Screen Names

For those keeping score at home, below are the beverage-based screen names posted as part of the discussion about Raleigh's house fire on Basil Drive.

  1. Coffee Mug
  2. Mocha Latte
  3. McLatte
  4. McDouble
  5. Caribou Coffee
  6. Starbucks
  7. Port City Java
  8. Miller High Life
  9. AA
  10. Hates Coffee
  11. Coffee
  12. Juan Valdez
  13. RedBull
  14. Vitamin Water
  15. Samuel Adams
  16. Better Beer Found
  17. Bitter Beer Face
  18. Sam Adams Ale
  19. Deer Park

Wonder who's who in this zoo?

Maybe we should add abbreviations to anonymous screen names. Help paint a little of the picture. Say, M|F for male|female. Or C|P|V for Career|Paid|Volunteer. Perhaps E|L|R for Engine|Ladder|Rescue. Maybe FF|DO|CP|CO for Firefighter|Driver-Operator|Captain|Chief Officer.

Of course, that doesn't help those outside the business. You might add A|F|R|B|C as Active|Former|Retired|Buff|Citizen. But what about related professions? Guess we need FD|EMS|LEO|EM, which are self-explanatory. Oh, the possibilities....

Perhaps some of the members of that zoo should indulge in some humble pie with their beverages.
GH - 07/08/11 - 12:31

Not a bad Idea Mike. Dont know if the bashers/haters would even consider putting those behind the screen names.
gen3fire M/C/E/Capt./RFD+former/vol - 07/08/11 - 13:21

I’m sad you cut off the discussion, I was personally finding a great deal of delight in reading all of the comments and giggling happily to myself
:( - 07/08/11 - 14:07

Okay Mike, who is the imposter on your blog page titled “camera guy” in the non-hawaiian shirt? He obviously hasn’t received a copy of the Legeros dress code.
Phillip - 07/08/11 - 14:15

I agree, "sad face". I hadn’t even gotten a chance to join in…I was still trying to decide between using "Yuengling" or "Sqwincher".
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 07/08/11 - 14:46

While this idea is great, it’s pointless. The ones’ that hide will lie or make a mockery in some way, while we that choose to post our name will take it seriously as usual.

As far as the other discussion on the fire, I was lurking, but was ready to comment after “mt. dew”. It’s that same idiotic mindset that has taken many a fireman, that “this is Wake County, not P.G. (or anywhere else)”. While I do agree, this is Wake County, we are behind the times when it comes to strategy and tactics, but we’re making progress. There are concepts that can be used from the areas THAT FIGHT MORE FIRE THAN US (P.G. is one), and incorporate them here to make us better IN WAKE COUNTY. Stop already, go back and crawl underneath the rock you came from….and yes, I have been in the capacity to make decisions that have determined the outcome of an incident (be it “from the yard”, or in the right front seat).

I’ll repeat a quote I have heard before by a Chief of Department that lost nine of his men (culture and training being contributing factors) as he stood behind nine flag draped coffins; “This is (insert city here), we fight fire different than others, we fight it the (insert same city name here) way”. This mindset killed nine of his men…..using booster hose as the main attack line and 2.5” as your only supply line. I almost fell out of my seat at this memorial service when he said it….

The fire the other day had a jump, as most lightning strikes do. Add in the delay of nobody being home (to report it), plus truss construction, and a minor delay with the first due engine, gives you a short window to get in, perform a search, and make a stop. They went in, searched, and attempted a stop. We went by there today, the reconstruction company was there, not the bulldozer. Looks like a success to me, without the smoking pile of bricks. Will we have our “oopsie daisies”, yup, we will. Will people be hold accountable? I hope so; I saw first hand the other day, members being held accountable by intense training each day and reviewing roles and responsibilities not to punish, but to correct.

Stay safe…
Silver - 07/08/11 - 15:51

That thread has been re-opened. Jeff, choose your beverage-based alias wisely…
Legeros - 07/08/11 - 20:35

Phillip, thanks for the heads-up on the imposter. I have heard repeated reports of some guy that looks like me, who keeps stalking firefighters on scene. Once I catch that joker, I’ll be laying the law with regard to dress code!
Legeros - 07/08/11 - 20:38

I’ll go with Guinness!!
Silver - 07/08/11 - 21:29

I think I might keep it local, Carolina Pale Ale. Ok, a completely off topic question. Reference the Basil Dr fire, I believe that is the longest blog thread that I have seen on here. Just out of curiosity, what is the longest blog thread that you have had since the site has been up?
Marcus - 07/09/11 - 05:13

As for names… well, I’m drinking a VERY cold Yuengling right now! ...but I’m still A.C.
A.C. Rich - 07/09/11 - 17:01

Just had two Guinness and a shot of Jameson to close the night (actually around 9pm)!!
Silver - 07/09/11 - 23:52

I neither consume coffee nor adult beverages. But I did have a couple Diet Cokes at the Longbranch tonight.

Maybe this blog would be more interesting if it bore the occasional drunken posting at 2 a.m. I will work on that.
Legeros - 07/09/11 - 23:59

Yes, they reopened over a year ago.
Legeros - 07/10/11 - 09:17

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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