07/10/11 54 W, 1 I - + 4 - 2 Caption This Photo / Henderson County House Fire

Found via FireNews, here's a compelling Times-News photo of a house fire in Henderson County from Tuesday. Mountain Grove Fire Department, says the story. Patrick Sullivan took that photo. Wonder where was standing to get such a good shot? Read that story.

Patrick Sullivan/Times-News photo

Maybe he is in the bucket that is going up to spray water on the roof?
Marcus - 07/10/11 - 20:41

And this is how we kill firefighters.
Dumb - 07/11/11 - 13:12

More than likely these were Valley Hill FD members, which is surprising. I thought those guys had more sense than that. They have a 75’ ladder truck, why not use it?
BFD1151 - 07/11/11 - 16:18

Looking at Google Maps, it appears the house sits below the roadway grade, and with steep hills on each side. That’s probably where the photo was taken. If the department(s) had an aerial ladder, it doesn’t look like there was room for same.
Legeros - 07/11/11 - 18:41

OMG!! If that had been RFD the county units would be crying why they didn’t call them and they would have been belly aching because an aerial truck was not used. Ole these want-a-be Fire Chiefs!!!
Love the Vollies!! - 07/11/11 - 18:52

It’s funny how some of you forget where you came from. “vollies” make up 71% of the fire service. and “love the vollies”, “OMG”...really? are you a 16 year old explorer?
Car 2 "want-a-be" - 07/11/11 - 22:37

@Love the Vollies…why the hostility.. are we or are we not in it for the same reason? Saving lives and property.. loose the bullshit and career crap.. even here The most notorious place for the career volunteer crap we’ve started to climb the hill and get over that mess(PG county)...Geez the way it’s going Wake county starting to turn into the new PG….it’s not the way you want to go. Just saying :/
PGtruckie (Email) - 07/12/11 - 03:12

While I do thank everyone for their comments and participation on this blog, I do also wonder where the hostility is coming from.

I am neither a therapist nor play one on television, but maybe we need a thread where readers can get on the couch for a few.

Or, more simply, share a bit on what’s going inside those heads.

I guess, as a question, what do you presently dislike about your job/role in the fire service, and what about these postings brings that out?
Legeros - 07/12/11 - 08:28

@Love The Vollies-I’m not sure if that was a cheap shot at me or not but you obviously do not live in or near Henderson County. Valley Hill is a very aggressive combination department and 90% of the career guys at Valley Hill volunteer somewhere else on their days off. Don’t turn this into a career vs. volunteer debate because that is a non-issue.
BFD1151 - 07/12/11 - 12:09

Most of the guys in Wake County departments are paid at Raleigh, Durham or Chappel Hill. People are so uneducated.
Agreed - 07/12/11 - 13:29

speaking of uneducated, Chapel Hill only has one P!
uneducated - 07/12/11 - 23:23

Most…. that is a descriptive word that is often inaccurate. Of the 40+ at my dept. only about 10 are career somewhere. We would need well over 20 to classify as Most… I would guess that similar ratios exist in the rest of the county departments.
2nd uneducated - 07/12/11 - 23:48

Chapel Hills paid firefighter also has kids and a wife, but Volunteers on the weekends and nights that he can. It’s amazing that we(vollie) all take the same training and classes, and are still treated with disrespect for being a volunteer. Sorry for caring about my neighbor and fellow man. Question, does fire know if your a paid fire professional or a volunteer professional? I bet that it will burn your ass the same either way!
3rd uneducated - 07/15/11 - 15:53

I am glad the sun is shining today and it is gorgeous. Also Mike I live my job.
Scooter - 07/15/11 - 19:31

Supposed to be love. Fingers to big to type on phone
Scooter - 07/15/11 - 19:32

Thanks for giving us the fingers, Scooter. It is a nice day, today.
Legeros - 07/15/11 - 19:33

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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