07/22/11 106 W - + 2 - 2 Falls Fire Department Fundraiser at Milton's Pizza, Tuesday, July 26

Falls Fire Department is holding a fundraiser on Tuesday, July 26, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at Milton's Pizza in Wakefield, 14520 New Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh. Firefighters will be waiting tables, seating patrons, and even bartending. For each customer served, Milton's pizza will donate a percentage of the sales to the Falls Fire Department. Bring the kids, bring the family. They can see the black and red fire engines, and eat dinner with real firefighters while supporting your local firehouse. For more information, contact Battalion Chief J. J. Graney at jjgraney@fallsfd.com.

Raise money for a fire station that’s closing? Hmmmm, I don’t think I’ll be attending.
Bedford Resident - 07/22/11 - 18:28

What is the cause? Falls is fully funded from Wake Couty like everybody else right? Last time I checked, it was almost detrimental to next year’s budget if you raise your own money…
Bob P. - 07/22/11 - 18:48

Fund raising does not prejudice the county appropriation to a department. Other off-setting revenues (contracts, etc) do. It is called “sweat of brow” monies and typically these revenues are placed into restricted funds for the departments to use as they need.
A.C. Rich - 07/23/11 - 00:37

Bedford Resident, there is no plan in place to close Falls. As a matter of fact, all station closures have been put on hold indefinitely. Falls is in the begining stages of a two year merger process with Wake Forest. As of right now, there is no plan to close the station immediately after the merger is complete. As long as the doors are open and trucks are still rolling, money is and will always be an issue. Especially with shrinking budgets. Having a fundraiser is a great way to help supplement some of the needs, and the fact that our people are dedicated and willing to work for this money in creative ways speaks volumes! All support is greatly appreciated!
Rhodes - 07/23/11 - 22:53

What I don’t understand is why The Bedford resident don’t agree with helping out a department that may be first due at their house. If the dept. is closing a $20 donation would be a help for keeping the doors open one more day. Bob P. you must not have checked on raising money. As long as I can remember fire depts. around the county, state, and country do fundraisers to help with expenses.
Justin - 07/24/11 - 09:34

What I don’t agree with is spending more money for a fire station that is on a closure list for a reason. Meanwhile, my city taxes haven’t decreased but the fire department for which my taxes pays for continues to receive budget cuts. I hate to hear of a department closure but times are tight and the needless spending must stop. Chances are slim I will ever require the services from public safety. I understand that is a bad mindset but it wouldn’t be fiscally-responsible to have a fire station on every corner. The fact is in tight times budgets are cut. Low-performing or low revenue-producing departments will receive the biggest cut. Needless spending needs to stop!
Bedford Resident - 07/24/11 - 12:31

Im gonna go just so I can have Justin serve me. diabolical laughter while rubbing hands together
Jake - 07/24/11 - 14:55

How bout a Bubba Beer, count me in.
Rob Mitchell - 07/24/11 - 15:55

I hate the blog, but I hate Jake Truckie more. The Justin above is not the real Justin. I will be glad to serve your food Jake….... also diabolical laughter while polishing a wine glass…....
The Real Justin - 07/24/11 - 20:45

I remind you of your Quiznos experience years ago….enjoy your food.
The Real Justin - 07/24/11 - 20:48

“Bedford Resident,” if you want to talk about ‘fiscal responsibility’ you should look into what your taxes pay for. Raleigh Station 30 is to be built at Falls of Neuse and Dunn Rd. Instead of paying Falls FD $15,000 per year to respond to Wakefield, your taxes will pay for a multi-million dollar station to be built .7 miles away from Falls FD. Each year it will cost over $300,000 just to staff one engine. $300,000 vs. $15,000?
Mac - 07/24/11 - 23:26

I know which one I would rather have….but thats just me
Dubs - 07/24/11 - 23:33

Oh sorry! Didn’t know that there was a real Justin and a fake.
Justin - 07/25/11 - 12:27

I pay city taxes. I expect city services. Period. I am not a firefighter therefore I can’t include myself in the volunteer/career firefighter debate I so often read about on this blog. However, being a resident of the city I pay a higher premium than those living outside the city limits therefore I expect premium services. From what I’ve read on this blog I have formed an opinion that although every firefighter whether volunteer or paid is required to meet minimum training standard the paid firefighters have gained a lot more experience and would be able to react quicker in a situation compared to those who have minimum experience. As I stated previously I highly doubt and hope I never need the services of public safety. But if I were to ever need the services I expect to receive them from the department that receives my tax dollars. I would be irate to know my services came from the guys who volunteer their own time meanwhile the paid guys are sitting in the a/c collecting my dime.
Bedford Resident - 07/25/11 - 14:59

Funny thing, Bedford Resident, you pay a higher premium, and expect a premium service, but does it matter if it is a Raleigh firetruck, or Falls firetruck, you get the same service, same water, same EMT training, same fire training, in fact in some or most or some cases the person riding the Raleigh truck, is the one voluntering the next day. It also has been my experience, (since I am both paid and volunteer) that I recieve more experience from my volly dept. Its funny how some people think just beacuse they pay more in taxes, and it cost more to do the job, that they are recieving a better service…...and one more thing, if you would be irate if your services came from the guys who volunteer, then make sure you dont drive in any part of Wake County that runs ourside of the city….you might have a wreck and a county department have to assist you…..This is not ment in anyway to speak less, or imply less of the city firefighters. They are a great bunch of folks….I am just saying that really there is not a difference…...just a political difference…..
City Tax - 07/25/11 - 15:27

If you live in Bedford you are recieving a response from both Falls Fire and City of Raleigh Fire. Both depts are dispatched. Falls is much closer,therefore they are added to the response, meanwhile the closest City unit will be dispatched. You are not getting less service, you get more than the average Raleigh resident. If Falls were closed down, which will not happen anytime soon, then you will just get the closest Raleigh unit. Which is already responding to your house anyway. Raleigh is being fiscally responsible by paying Falls to service Bedford, instead of buildng a firehouse there.
Mac - 07/25/11 - 17:44

I imagine that it would take more than one fire department to extinguish a fire in a house so in place of fiscally-responsible I would state the city is being morally-responsible.
Bedford Resident - 07/25/11 - 17:53


You have a pretty cavalier attitude towards emergency services and its pretty sad. I hope that doesnt bite you in the rear sometime in the future. Sadder thing is most people probably feel the same way you do but when you need help when poop hits the fan, you will be hoping for help from any and all directions, no matter who pays for it. I hope youre right that chances are you wont need emergency services, but theres a stronger chance that someone you know will. Do you take the same attidude towards your insurance on your house or car? Chances are you wont need it but I bet you carry it anyway.
Karma - 07/25/11 - 18:15

Bedford, not to throw more fuel on the fire but realize that if Raleigh is busy or has a major call the closest Raleigh unit may be coming from a long ways out. When you or someone you know needs help do you really care what the truck says? Honestly? This whole conversation is a little out of hand. You call 911the and as long as someone comes it doesn’t matter what the truck or their shirt says. I can say that from personal experience.
Dubs - 07/25/11 - 18:33

It has been my experience, both in the response mode and the receiving services mode, that the name makes no difference. Moncure Fire Department responded to my Mom & Dad’s house back when they were 100% volunteer and they did an outstanding job! Mom and Dad live 6 miles from their firehouse and the dispatcher did not know which county they were in (Chatham) when they called 911. At one point, there were 6 departments responding in Wake, Harnett, Chatham, and Lee Counties trying to find Mom and Dad’s address. Despite the address issue, Moncure kept the fire to the two rooms of origin and minimized property loss. They were back in their house in three months.

That being said, I volunteered in this county for 11 years before I had children and my priorities shifted. I am a paid captain with a local department and run with county units and other local departments that have volunteers. Let me say this about those other departments. When we are on the scene, we work together. It does not matter who’s name is on the side of their truck or on ours. We are a team and we expect them to perform to our level just as they expect us to perform to their level when we respond with them. Sure, they may have some firefighters who lack certain skills, but so do all departments. That is why we train. If a volunteer is not willing to train, then most likely, they are not willing to run the calls or pull duty crews.

One day when my children are older and they can join me, I plan to volunteer again and share that experience with them. I can tell you this much, there is no better feeling than helping someone just because you can. Mr. Bedford Resident, I would encourage you to stop by Falls Fire Department and hang out for just a little while each week and meet the people that you hope you will never have to call. You will be amazed at the commitment they have, not only for their district, but yours as well.
Donaldson - 07/25/11 - 22:25

Donaldson couldnt have said it any better!
fireguy - 07/26/11 - 07:14

Please understand that I have nothing against volunteer firefighters. I truly appreciate the sacrifice they make of their own time and God bless those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I would be grateful if they came to my home if I were to need the services of public safety. However, with that being said, it still does not change my opinion on the matter. The fact is the local, state, and federal governments spend more than they receive. Spending cuts are necessary now or this country will learn about hard times that have yet to come. Again, I’d hate to see the Falls fire station close but when a station doesn’t run the amount of calls necessary to justify it’s existence then it’s time to make a cut.
We can’t afford to have a fire station on every corner!
My opinion also stands that I should receive my services from which my tax dollars are funding. It’s great if the Falls fire station wants to respond but I better get the services from a city fire station. And it better be professional service. The tax payer pays for the experience and professional service, not minimum standards.

Regarding the comment from Mac about receiving double services; that’s not necessarily true as I pay county taxes as well.

Regarding the comment from Dubs about Raleigh being busy and the next closest unit coming from a long way; from what I understand the Falls fire station runs calls with Raleigh, correct? If so, if the closest Raleigh fire engine was out on a call wouldn’t the Falls fire engine be on the same call which would require a response from a fire station further away, say Wake Forest maybe? That comment doesn’t hold any weight since I would still be waiting on a fire engine from further away.

Here’s a thought. Since the firefighters feel so strongly about the importance of the Falls fire station why not go door to door in Bedford, Falls River, and Wakefield to advise the homeowners of the fire station possibly closing? Don’t leave it single-sided. Also advise them of the 2 city fire stations that are 2 miles away on either side from the Falls fire station. Tell the residents that the Falls fire station has decided to stop taking county tax dollars due to lack of call volume and since it’s the right thing to do based on the hard economic times. Tell the residents the Falls fire station has decided to try and survive off donations only from the residents the Falls fire station serves. Isn’t that how rural fire stations used to be funded? Try going back to the roots of the founding of the fire station. My how times have changed and how spoiled we have become.

I understand I sound harsh. I also understand tradition is hard to let go. But that doesn’t mean I’m not right.
Bedford Resident - 07/26/11 - 22:18

Regarding your comment on Dubs comment, Falls has volunteers. Even if the first engine is out, vollies might come grab the second and be minutes ahead.
Truth - 07/26/11 - 22:42

What is your “lack of volume.” What call volume justifies to you a firehouse staying open? Sounds like your a fireman to me.
Truth - 07/26/11 - 22:43

I would enjoy reading some responses from fire chiefs about my views if there are any who read this blog. I think the responses would be more civilized instead of receiving attacks on my opinion. I do understand that the responses I have received are warranted due to the dedication to the Falls fire department.
Bedford Resident - 07/26/11 - 22:44

I went to support Falls tonight. Good time, great people, and some good pizza! I appreciate what they do!

As for taxes (I hope that this is correct for FY12): [per $100 assessed property value]... County resident =.614 (.534 Wake +.08 Wake Fire Tax)... City resident =.9075 (.534 Wake + .3735 City). A city resident does not pay any county fire taxes as the fire service is included in their .3735 payment to the city.
A.C. Rich - 07/26/11 - 22:44

Yep, and the contract fees are from the RFD budget proper. I like the “Bo Bo” screen name! OK, I’m going to go back to lurking on the blogs now.
A.C. Rich - 07/26/11 - 23:37

What about the residents who recieve responses from Bay Leaf 3 Western Wake 1 and New Hope 1. Mr Bedford, Should we close all these stations doors. While you in the city may not want a county truck responding as a closest unit, there are neighbors of yours who these county trucks are first into alone, with no auto aid. Why take from these residents because you find it silly to have 2 trucks or a closest station respond. Not everyone lives in the city and has the luxury of 2 resources coming to you on dispatch. Some people depend on these stations and these stations only for their help
Stir it - 07/26/11 - 23:41

Okay you caught me, I am also a fireman! You guys are all totally right, and I am completely wrong. Sorry, couldn’t resist but to stir stuff up I really don’t live anywhere near Bedford!
Bedford Resident - 07/27/11 - 00:15

Thanks for that admission, Bedford Resident. I presume you’re are making two jokes, (a.) ha, ha, I am also a fireman, and (b.) ha, ha, I really don’t live anywhere near Bedford. Poking fun at stirring things up? Trying to help the more literate readers here, once of which is myself.
Legeros - 07/27/11 - 07:51

I did not make the previous post.

With that being said I am willing to discuss this further with the Chief of the department in person if they so choose. I would be willing to have them come to my Bedford residence. Please post contact info.
I will also be attending the next fire commission meeting to actually learn how the tax dollars are spent.
Bedford Resident - 07/27/11 - 16:42

@Bedford Resident: As stated above, no county taxes that city residents pay go toward fire protection. That said, the county fire department in question responds to parts of Bedford/Falls River at zero cost to residents of the City of Raleigh. And just for clarification, Station 22 and Station 25 cover more areas than just Bedford. Station 22 covers areas on the other side of Capital Blvd from their station. They also cover areas north and south up and down Capital Blvd. So, they may still be on a call that Falls is not on. Happens every day. With that being said, depending on what part of that neighborhood you live in, it takes the closest Raleigh Engine to you approx 3-5 minutes longer to get to your house than the truck from Falls. Now, if 22 is out on a call, the next closest engine is 25. That is close to a 10 minute response time period. I understand you have your opinion and you are entitled to it. But most people want help just as fast as they can get it when they call 911. That is the only reason that the closest, “unprofessional” fire dept responds to certain areas of Bedford/Falls River. Thank you to all firefighters, paid and volunteer, for what you do. I don’t care what the fire engine says on the side.
Bedford Resident - 07/27/11 - 18:52

Bedford Resident….by all means please come to the Fire Commission meeting. As for learning how the tax dollars are spent, you will have to attend at least a years worth of meetings to begin to learn this. A.C. is once again correct, any person that lives in a town or city, (with the exception of wendell) does NOT pay a county fire tax. The city funds its department through city tax dollars, while yes you do pay county tax also, none of the general fund tax dollars go to fund the county fire service. And if you want to talk to someone about the county fire service, I will be glad to talk to you, as the President of the Wake County Firefighters Association. Education makes for proper conversation…..leeprice@wakenewhopefire.com Thanks for your comments, please be safe…..
lp - 07/27/11 - 19:44

Rob Mitchell - 07/28/11 - 16:32

[ Comment deleted, due to f-bombs. Appeared prior to Rob’s remark. Poster is welcome to re-post, with minor modification to their original language. Thanks for participating. ]
Legeros - 07/28/11 - 17:52

Remember personal info?

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