07/27/11 45 W - + 4 - 2 Funny, Not Funny, Or Just Weird?

Found by Statter911, firehouse funnies from Adena, OH. Watch the video cold, without context. Or read his posting and the comments, and then commence a-viewing. Did you laugh? Did you wince? Did you just scratch your head?

the word horrible comes to mind… ugh
shevais - 07/27/11 - 11:25

I feel pain just watching it, not exactly what I would call good PR.
2redline - 07/27/11 - 12:33

and we wonder why volunteerism is down…....
head shaking - 07/27/11 - 13:11

4 wasted mins I’ll never get back.
lee - 07/27/11 - 13:54

I’ve been bored at the firehouse before. But not that bored. I almost feel a little stupid.
Marcus - 07/27/11 - 14:38

Had to stop two minutes in. Really?
DJ - 07/27/11 - 14:56

Way to show pride and professionalism, and then volunteers question why they are seen in such light as shown in the video. Several minutes of my life gone..
Swiman - 07/27/11 - 15:36

I laughed and I’m not afraid to say it. Reminds me of “Epic Meal Time”, but not nearly as funny. Poor acting and sub-par screenwriting? Definitely! Not the funniest content ever written? You betcha’. Lack of “pride and professionalism”? NO WAY! This is just fun in the firehouse…nothing to get all huffy-puffy over. Lighten up folks!
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 07/27/11 - 17:31

Now that I realize what video this is a parody of, it makes a lot more sense. It still isn’t hilarious, but it has some good comedic value considering that these are high school kids. I just hope these kids don’t catch wind of all the fire trolls downing their harmless fun. They might shy away from the fire service if they think it’s full of stuck up, boring, dull, humorless folks. I hope they keep making videos. They might end up making something REALLY funny one day.

...and just out of curiosity, here is a department with a WEALTH of humorous videos on Youtube (watch the CHFD videos):http://www.youtube.com/user/jeffhardgrove

I’m interested in hearing some opinions on these…are they unprofessional?
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 07/27/11 - 18:10

Not funny. But not showing pride of professionalism? its just some kids having fun at the station man, chill out.
Jake - 07/27/11 - 18:37


This one is my favorite or the afore mentioned CHFD link. Very tasteful and overall entertaining.
Walsh - 07/27/11 - 18:39

Thanks, Walsh. I agree. The CHFD videos, overall, are more tasteful than the one we’re discussing. That is probably because it’s made by adults, rather than high school students. Hopefully, the adults in Adena will assist these kids in either: 1)Producing a more tasteful, and funnier, video that they can enjoy as a company and community, or 2) Simply teaching them to keep their little productions local and private. No matter what, they shouldn’t bring out the pride and professionalism card and jump on them for having a little fun.

Actually, I’d say making this video shows GREAT PRIDE & PROFESSIONALISM. They could be at home videotaping each other while performing stupid stunts, but they are at the firehouse…enjoying themselves and having fun while taking pride in their department.
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 07/27/11 - 21:19

I have a long-honed rule for harmony in a relationship. Never do anything that you wouldn’t enthusiastically tell your spouse about. I wonder if that rule is a good one for video filming and posting. Are you standing there will bells on, waiting to show the thing to the Chief, to the Board, to the City Manager? Or are you uttering the words “we’re good, unless ____ sees this.” That’s your first damn clue!
Legeros - 07/27/11 - 21:48

I’d show that video to my Chief and the Board of Directors…then again, if it were produced at ELAFF HQ it would be much funnier. There is nothing in that video(that I caught…inform me if I missed anything)that would necessitate hiding it from the “important people”. However, that is a very good rule to follow, Mike. I just don’t think it would make a difference in this situation…in my opinion.
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 07/27/11 - 22:13

I don’t know, Lt. Lemon. The video certainly displays talent, and pretty good comic timing. The thing is an admitted head-scratcher, until cross-referenced with the Internet meme that it’s is parodying. Once you understand that, it’s much easier to understand. But is the video still all-parties appropriate? That’s the magic question, and my ultimate reason for posting same. The language and subject matter seems coarse enough to me, to think that some outsiders (and, heck, fellow firefighters) might react as “yikes!” But that leads to a related topic. How do you construct a model of what’s appropriate or not? What’s the framework that you’d make, that you’d apply here (and would this video pass or fail)?
Legeros - 07/28/11 - 08:10

Funny? Could be, to someone. Just not my ‘cup of tea’. Humor is in the eye of the beholder. People think ‘Jack-ass’ is hilarious but I don’t, but then, I thought Benny Hill was freakin’ hysterical. But, like someone has said, we have to be really careful these days on how the public perceives everything we do. Budgets are at stake. What those of us on this blog may not see as ‘offensive’, I can probably produce some ‘Joe Six-pack’ types, and maybe a Board of Commisioner type, that would have a hissy fit and want to fire someone, cut budgets, etc.

On the other hand, this reminds me of the days when being around the fire/rescue/EMS house was a lot more fun. I would hope that the powers-that-be in Adena don’t over react.
DJ - 07/28/11 - 12:13

I made this video out of pride, professionalism, and for the fact that I wanted to make people laugh. To read some of these comments of having people bash my partner and I really do sting. In our area, we are very popular by citizens and fellow firemen for our videos. We were asked to make this by our peers and brothers and did. Was anyone injured during? NO. Were we on the clock being paid to make this video instead of training? NO. We were having some fun. Is that a big deal? Would you rather my partner and I go start doing drugs and jumping off of trailers onto burning tables covered in nails? We’re aren’t jackasses, we’re just aspiring firemen, and I can think of no greater calling than that.
Trevor - 12/21/11 - 22:57

Thanks for your note, Trevor. I have repaired the link in the beginning of this posting, and which compelled my posting. Looks like you guys had fun making same, and it sounds like your audience enjoyed it. If it played well in Peoria, so to speak, maybe that’s the end of the story.
Legeros - 12/22/11 - 07:14

Thank you for replying, Trevor. You have to understand that, on the internet, there will always be armchair chiefs and lurking trolls who disagree with everything because they are on the "greatest department in the history of the world". Even a video depicting crews making textbook grabs under intense conditions will elicit comments condemning the lack of Squincher-filled coolers in the Rehab area. You just cannot please everyone on the internet and the fact that you had no voice in this conversation, until now, only fuels the trolls. It is much easier to pick apart someone who cannot rebut your statements.

Anyone familiar with the ELAFF story (http://elaffhq.com/about-elaff/)knows that I am not against some occasional tom-foolery…or "fretting" as Capt. Willie Wines Jr. would say. The fire service is stressful, and we all need a laugh now and then. I wouldn’t condone posting most prank videos on Youtube, however, as I commented earlier, I see no problem with your video…especially if your department supports it.

Keep learning, training, and ENJOYING the fire service. It is OK to have a little fun from time to time.
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 12/22/11 - 11:11

Lt. Lemon, thanks also for your perspective. Allow me a contextual observation that, in the case of videos such as these that are staged/produced, all criticism is perhaps armchair. All viewers of such videos are equal in one way, since nobody would have been “on scene”. (Unless they were part of the production team.) That said, there are different levels of viewer familiarity. Thus response and reaction to such videos will be different between firefighters and lay people. Between that department’s members and other department’s members. Between those are familiar with humorous videos, versus those that are not. Etcetera.
Legeros - 12/22/11 - 11:29

Thank you for clearing this up. Like I said, we aren’t some big fire dept. running 12 box alarms a day. If we were a main career house we would obviously not have done this. In fact, in our area of the Ohio Valley we’ve became celebrities from our videos. On Youtube we also make videos depicting the show “Cops.” Our Youtube channel name is Golfcart119 and our videos are called “adena cops.” If all the big shot firefighters commenting above would have watched the video, “My New Haircut” they would find this video very funny and would understand the purpose of it being a spoof. Once again Legeros, keep up the good work with your journalism and blogging around the fire service and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Sorry we couldn’t come to an understanding the the big shot firefighters above.
Trevor - 12/29/11 - 00:01

Thanks for your second note, Trevor. But be cautious in labeling firefighters as big shots or otherwise. In a manner of speaking, everybody’s a newbie when it comes to reacting and responding to video-based humor in the fire service. It’s just too fresh for everyone, I think. No matter your call volume, fire load, pay scale, or hours volunteered. Precious little of that translates to experience in this new medium. In my opinion, of course…
Legeros - 12/29/11 - 00:07

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