07/29/11 195 W - + 5 - 10 Blog Roll Call | Post Your Bio

With our blog dicussions lately taking turns toward the intense, let's take a step back this Friday afternoon and look around our virtual dayroom. It's still too hot to be doing anything but sitting inside and perhaps at the computer. Let's have a roll call, shall we? Reader suggested. Chime in if you're a poster, or even just a reader. Please include:

Obfuscate as desired. Tell as much or as little as you like. Mention your department(s), or keep quiet on that. No problem. If you are anonymous and don't have a screen name, just cite Guest.  If we have enough responses, I will compile and post the collection at a later time. Example:

Poster - Legeros (e.g., Mike Legeros) - Longtime blogger, photographer, author, historian, web site operator, buff - Official Raleigh FD historian - Official photog for Wake EMS - Former Raleigh FF from 20+ years ago, for a couple years - Former Raleigh/Wake 911 operator, short stint, ages ago - Web guy at software company, day job.

I’ll go first
Post as Mike, real name is Mike Bishop
Been in the fire service right at 15 years or so. Worked for about 3.5 years as a dispatcher for Ral/Wake 911. 2nd generation career firefighter, with my dad being now retired from Montgomery Co fire & rescue in MD.
I am a career firefighter with Garner Fire & Rescue where I’m a Capt on Eng 3 B-shift. I’m also the band manager for Wake & District Public Safety Pipes & Drums. I am a piper in the band.
Mike - 07/29/11 - 21:41

Reader and occasional poster, mainly with newbie questions :)
No affiliation whatsoever, I just came into this by accident from my interest in listening in via a scanner. I work support @ Big Blue, mainly telling people that they’re doing it wrong.
Paul - 07/29/11 - 22:03

A.C. Rich as myself. (for what it’s worth) – Stony Hill FD: 27+ years (Fire Chief since 1996), – Raleigh FD: 22+ years (9 years, 11 months at KTC – whew!), currently Captain on L5A (HM team), predicted promo to BC in early 2012 – Northern Region Wake Co. Fire Commission representative (have served on and off the Commission since its inception in 1998) – EFO Year 3 – Various State and local Committees: RRT Advisory Committee (NCSFA Rep), NC OSFM Hazmat Certification Sub-Committee, Past President of the NC Assoc of HM Responders, OSFM Chief 101 instructor, Raleigh Wake EFD Dispatch Review Committee, and a continued laundry list of stuff that will bore you. – Have taught A LOT of hazmat and driver operator over the years – I am continually fascinated by, and enjoy observing the varied behaviors demonstrated by fire service personnel, especially on this blog. Doing so helps me to better understand the evolving climate/culture of our service, thus assisting me to hopefully be a better leader. I also enjoy assisting others in their understanding of our local fire service. I learn from you all.
A.C. Rich - 07/29/11 - 22:53

I post as Bob P.- I try to limit my posts to constructive discussion that I would have no problem explaining to my Chiefs! My real name is Bob Pascucci, I’m 32 and I have been in the fire service for about 12 years now. I have volunteered at both Swift Creek and Fairview, worked part-time at Moncure, and work full-time at Apex. I am currently a Lieutenant at Apex; I no longer volunteer or work part-time due to my going back to school at NCSU. I enjoy this blog because I feel it helps me to be better at my job to learn from a lot from the positive discussion on tactics, not to mention the pictures of fires that we can all garner something from in the way of good/bad/indifferent outcomes that are depicted. I am, however, growing tired of the childish trash talking that has occurred a lot lately on this site, as I feel it has steered many a good discussion terribly awry from the topic at hand.
Bob P. - 07/29/11 - 23:22

DJ on here. Dale Johnson everywhere else. EMT since 1976. Medic since 1989 (NC medic since 1995). Worked in the fire service for a long time (total 27 years paid and volunteer). Here in Wake County I worked at RDU and volunteered withy Durham Highway, Yrac, Cary Area Rescue, and for a short time with Holly Rock. Full time paramedic now with WCEMS. Also work as an FTO, occasional APP, teach for Wake Tech at a bunch of the different fire stations. Working on my degree from WCU. Used to work a lot, but not so much any more. I enjoy this blog and it prompted me to start my own, but I don’t have all that much time for it lately. Those that know me know more. Anyone that has questions, just ask.
DJ (Email) (Web Site) - 07/30/11 - 00:18

I post as Charlie. Live in Smithfield. mostly read the blog. think firefighters and paramedics are heroes and deserve respect. used to live in Durham and loved to hang out on Driver st. at the old Station 3.
Charlie - 07/30/11 - 01:54

Rhodes on here, Nick Rhodes elsewhere. I post occasionally but read much more. I dont really like getting into the word slinging that goes on from time to time. I’ve been in the fire service for 15 years, 1st as a volunteer with Falls, later worked with Durham Highway full time, and now have been with Raleigh for 9 years. I spent 8 years working part time with Falls as the Capt. on A-shift. I now serve as the Asst. Chief of training. I also serve as the co-chair represenative for Falls on the Primary Steering Committee for the Wake Forest-Falls merger. I grew up in Wake County and the Wake County fire service and have a deep passion for the same!
Rhodes - 07/30/11 - 11:20

shevais on here, Shevais Shrum in real life as well. Been a member of Western Wake Fire Rescue since 1998 in various capacities, currently serving as part-time Lieutenant on C-Shift. I’ve also worked full-time for Wake Forest FD and part-time for Apex FD. I currently work full-time for Cary FD where I am assigned as the Engineer on Engine 4, A-Shift and a member of NC-TF8. I am also on the Executive Board of the Capital Area FOOLS and have a strong passion for the job and the brotherhood. I enjoy this blog and pictures and try to learn from things done right as well as things done wrong. I appreciate when people who were there can come on and subjectively conduct a discussion on what went well and what could be done in the future to improve things. I don’t have time for mutts or trolls, but find that at times they can be entertaining. Make it safe, stay cool, and hydrate guys!

shevais - 07/30/11 - 11:51

Post as Ryan. Daily reader, post occasionally, mostly submit to the site news from this end of the state. Wilmington Fire Department. Captain on Engine 2.

Also blog almost weekly at http://www.sencfishing.com.. More often when fishing or diving is good.
Ryan - 07/30/11 - 13:52

Post on here as RWECC; real name is Barry Furey. Director of Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center; hence the handle. Opinions are my own. Involved in the fire service since 1970. Third generation public safety. Chief, Valley Cottage NY FD; Training Officer, Savoy IL FD; Deputy Chief, Harvest AL FD. Have managed 9-1-1 centers in four states during five different decades. Life Member Association of Public-safety Communications Officials (APCO) International, and first chair of their Homeland Security Committee. Contributing Editor Firehouse Magazine; Management Columnist 9-1-1 Magazine.com; Communications Editor Firefighterclosecalls.com.
RWECC - 07/30/11 - 18:49

Griggs here and Sam Griggs in the rest of the world. I have volunteered at Swift Creek since 1995 and with Lower Currituck FD before that. I am a third generation FF. I have served nearly every rank and enjoy serving my community. My paying job (which gets in the way of my firefighting at times) is a Mechanical Engineer and causes me to travel the globe. I am mainly a reader and occasional poster. I enjoy Mike and Lee’s photos and the blog, as long as we beating the dead horses.
Griggs - 07/30/11 - 20:05

Donaldson on here, Matthew Donaldson in the real world and most parking lots. (I own Donaldson Pavement Marking and work the business on my days off) I started in the fire service in 1989 as a Jr. Firefighter with Holly Springs Rural Fire Department. Became a full member in 1991 at the age of 18. I moved to Apex as a volunteer when I got married in 1995. I also started with Morrisville Fire Department that same year as a part time employee. AC Rich was my first paid Captain (sorry Chief, I’m telling your age.) ;-) I then worked at Apex Fire Department full time in 1996 for one year and saw the potential for a split with the town as Holly Springs did two years earlier. I left the position of engineer (for job security) to work for Cary Fire Department where I now serve on Engine 4 A Shift as Captain. I am a member of our technical rescue team and I maintain our breathing air program, which includes repairs, maintenance, and testing our SCBA’s and breathing air compressors. I typically just read and try to learn from the discussions that take place here. Just another tool in the learning tool box. It is amazing what you can see and learn from the photos posted! Even before the trolling and the bashing begins.
Donaldson - 07/30/11 - 23:56

Name is pretty obvious :) I work in I.T. for a company in Durham during the day, NC radio guru at night (and all other times). Licensed Amateur “Ham” Radio Operator callsign KE4ZNR. NC/SC Database Administrator/Forum Moderator: Radioreference.com. Considered to be the foremost expert on the statewide radio system here in NC known as VIPER. Beta Tester for a international radio manufacturer. One of the early members of Carolinas Fire Page (CFP [714]).
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 07/31/11 - 00:22

Hardly ever post but try to read daily. When I do post it is under shfireinv and my real name is Scottie Harris. I currently am the Fire Chief with DynCorp International at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Farah in Afghanistan. Began Volunteering in the Fire service in 1989. Joined the US Air Force Reserves as a Firefighter in 1991. Some of my time and experience includes early to mid 90’s full time Telecommunicator in Johnston co while being a vol Firefighter with Smithfield and Antioch. Worked as a Fulltime Firefighter with Goldsboro FD before going to Wake Co. In Wake County I served in numerous roles ranging from Fire Inspector/ Firefighter with the Town of Morrisville to Fire Chief at Western Wake Fire Rescue even serving time as President of the Wake Co Firefighter’s Association. I enjoy being able to keep up with the Blog and Photos of what is going on in and around Wake County THANKS to the hard work of Mike and Lee.
shfireinv (Email) - 07/31/11 - 03:01

Use my name when I do post which isn’t very often however read at least once a day. Started in 2001 as a Jr. firefighter with Apex Vol. Was a Telecommunicator at Johnston Co. 911 before transferring over to Johnston Co. EMS in 2008. Recently left there and now work the radio for WakeMed Police Dept. Also work at Clayton EMS and have been there since 2004. Volunteered for Micro FD when I lived in town. I enjoy the blog and have learned a lot from it. Stay safe guys
Zack a - 07/31/11 - 09:48

Travis Loy here, aka (Duke3nc). Reader and occasional poster. I have 20+ years (3rd Generation Fire Fighter )volunteering with Elon Fire Rescue over in Alamance Co.. I was a junior fire fighter/explorer for Burlington for a while and also with Alamance CO. rescue. Applied for Raleigh fire back in 94 but decided to follow a different path.. My dad was an Owner of Beacon Ambulance back in the day before working for Wake EMS and member of Clayton Rescue. I follow the blog because of interest in the Wake / JO. Co. area and the great pics/topics/ emergency services coverage Mike and Lee provide. I am currently drawing a paycheck from Duke Hospital chauffeuring those in need in a big blue truck and part time at Alamance EMS
Travis Loy (Email) - 07/31/11 - 11:14

Captain with Raleigh FD presently assigned to Engine 12A. 21 plus years with Raleigh. Tramp Dunn’s first driver when he came out of training(now that was a fun 2 years). Retired vollie with Franklinton FD with 23 years. Former President Franklin Couty Firemans Association. Also do some service testing for several departments in Franklin, Vance and Wake countys. Second generation firefighter. My dad Bill Mitchell is a charter member of the Rolesville Fire Department. He is retired now but still goes up there about every day to check on things (paid staff can vouch on that)lol.
Rob Mitchell - 07/31/11 - 16:40

jcollins; silent subscriber via RSS; lifelong fire buff, beginning in SC and continuing while in NYC (there on 9/11) and on to VA for my former career in journalism; now pay the bills as a tech writer in the software industry; currently volunteer as PIO for my county fire/rescue department in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.
jcollins - 07/31/11 - 18:02

Wayne Burton, Captain with Wake Forest Fire Dept.; 21 years in the fire service, started in rural southern Va, then off to Northern Va and DC for a few years before landing here 10 years ago.
Wayne - 07/31/11 - 20:09

Marcus Wells. Read more than post. Assistant chief with Falls FD and 7 year employee with Raleigh Wake 911.
Marcus - 07/31/11 - 21:00

Scott Porter. Read Blog often used to comment often. Learned we are our own worse enemy and slowed down. Captain of Engine 22 on A shift been with Raleigh FD 16 years. Still trying to learn. Full Time Smart A## !
Porter - 08/03/11 - 12:35

My name is Jason Thompson, I read more than I post, but occasionally chime in. I began with Clayton Area Rescue in 1992, served in various capacities including Chief for 5 years and Asst. Chief for about 3 more (all as a volunteer) prior to leaving this past November. I work full-time with Johnston County 911 Communications and currently serve as a supervisor on dayshift. I have been in communications since 1994 leaving for about 4 years to work with Garner EMS as Training Officer and Lieutenant. I was the first EMD Coordinator and Training Officer for our 911 Center and developed our initial Q/A program. I currently teach part-time EMS classes with JCC and Nash Community College and I love traveling the US teaching EMD Courses through the NAED. I particularly am interested in posts related to the 911 industry, Incident Management/ICS, and any history blog related to public safety. My passions include: Collecting vintage public safety items, preserving local EMS history, teaching, traveling, and mentoring new EMS people. I continue to work in the field part-time as a paramedic.
Jason Thompson (Email) - 08/03/11 - 14:34

Eugene Beard, read daily, post rarely. 32 year volunteer firefighter/emt on Jefferson-Monroe Fire Department in Swisher, Iowa. Found this blog by accident. Enjoy articles on fires and amazed at the resouces available in your area. Fire history buff, have a small toy fire truck collection and read magazines and books on firefighting and fire apparatus. Devoted fan of Fire Apparatus Journal. I learn every day from articles and posters.
Eugene Beard (Email) - 08/03/11 - 20:42

KC Ray. Capt on E-4B Raleigh Fire. Going on 14 years with Raleigh and have been in the fire service about 19yrs. Got my start by volunteering in Pilot NC, and have worked part-time with EMS, Stony Hill, Bayleaf and New Hope over the years. Tried to get back into volunteering in Wendell but a wife and 3 kids take up alot of time and would not change it for the world. Met some great people and influenced by some at all places. Capt. Porter your last sentence is an understatement. LOL
gen3fire - 08/03/11 - 22:55

Are you kidding
Badger - 08/04/11 - 10:05

Badger, it’s okay if you don’t want to participate. Nice seeing you this morning. [ Is that a suitable calling out, as you requested? ]
Legeros - 08/05/11 - 07:31

Ben Davis, post as myself. Started out as a jr firefighter with Wake Forest Fire in 2000. Worked full-time for WFFD where I was a Lieutenant. Currently work as a Fire Marshal for NC State. I’ve also worked at Youngsville Fire Department. Finally, Wayne Burton is my hero!!
Ben Davis - 08/05/11 - 15:22

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