11/12/06 46 W, 1 I - + 20 - 14 Station 28

The new station is under construction. Located at 3500 Forestville Road, the three-bay facility will house a single engine company when it opens in mid-2007. Watch for photo updates, as we'll try to wander that way on a regular basis.

Just another RFD station to help take over Wake county….......
WCFirefighter - 11/13/06 - 23:24

what’s wrong with that? the station is being built due to annexation. the people who live there pay city taxes and are due city services. it’s not like the city is just building a station there just to take over new hope’s territory.
pal - 11/14/06 - 10:34

At least with RFD there are not any 5+ truck stations…they have an efficient use of resources. Everyone does not need their own heavy rescue, ladder/platform, 3-4 pumpers, etc.
Frmr Wake FF - 11/14/06 - 14:02

You both have a valid point, but face it, reality is Raleigh is taking over, they are putting their stations in the County just outside city limits, therefor annexing county district, before you know it these full time county firefighters will be eventually out of jobs
WCFirefighter - 11/14/06 - 23:45

Well if the county station firefighters would play the cards right something like what happened in cumberland county might could work. The city wanted to take over county district and the county firefighters were then hired on with the city with out having to attend an academy or anything of that nature. Not sure how feesable this would be but an idea.
Adam Brown - 11/15/06 - 02:49

Yeah, that isn’t going to happen in Raleigh. Anyways, a lot of these full time county folks are Raleigh firefighters too. As far as taking over Wake County, I’m glad Raleigh is growing and extending its services to more people.
CFP743 - 11/15/06 - 09:04

Ever think one of the reasons the county stations may have their own “5+ truck stations” is because at one time, not too many years ago, mutual aid was not in existence? And even now, as we’ve seen with some other blogs on this same site, we still have issues today with mutual aid and closest station response, even in the great city of Raleigh. One of the biggest hitches we have as Wake County as a whole is being too concerned with who’s territory we’re stepping in to … all of us from the lowest man on the totem pole to the shiniest of white helmets should try to focus on providing quality service to ALL taxpayers, which comes with county and municipal departments working together. Quite the concept …
WC Volunteer - 11/15/06 - 09:13

Raleigh Fire is not the one pushing city growth. City Council is allowing the growth. RFD is just trying to keep up. Yes this does put a city station somewhat is a strange location at times while growth catchs up. Think about RFD #20. When it was built, it was on the edge of town. Now it is surrounded by apartment complexs. Maybe the city should be given some credit for planning ahead. In any case, RFD is not trying to take over Wake Co., just provide city services to city tax payers.
City Resident - 11/15/06 - 13:33

An efficient use of resources, not really. Raleigh taking over, not really. The fire department does not annex, the politicians do. Then they tell the fire dept to cover it. As far as the comment about 5+ truck stations, The county departments cover a district out of one or two stations, not 20+ stations. How many trucks would be in a station if you combined sta. 19, 22, 27. So you can say raleigh does an efficent job by not having a 5+ truck station but your incorrect. They use more stations. By the way pal, most of the people at new hope do not think the city is building just to take over the New Hope district. This station will effect more than new hope. It will effect rolesville, and a small portion of wake forest. New hope is not loosing any thing to this station that was not a wooded lot. We should not make this a city county thing. Us as fire fighters have no control over it. The city council and county government has all the control. They should think of the citizen, not the dollar.
klp209a - 11/15/06 - 13:37

Many of the city’s fire stations started on the fringe, and some times the city surpassed them.

Station 17, opened in the 1980s, was a stone’s throw from Durham Highway’s original station on the northwest end of town. Now the farthest northwest stations are 23 and 24.

Station 9, opened in the 1960s, saw a dirt Six Forks Road heading north and the Six Forks Road Fire Department across the street. Now Station 4 is the mid-north end station.

The original Station 4, opened in the 1920s on Jefferson Street, was either built just past the city limits, or a good mile inside a newly annexed area.

And there are other examples. Check my RFD history timelines for decade-by-decade growth maps that include fire stations: http://www.legeros.com/ralwake/raleigh/h..
Legeros - 11/15/06 - 13:49

Legeros, why was the old station 4 on Wake Forest Rd sold on moved, does the city want the building back?
Beach - 11/15/06 - 15:29

Regarding the second Station 4 on Wake Forest Road, I’d always heard overlapping coverage from Station 11 (among others) was the reason for relocating the facility. I have also heard that, in later years, the city expressed an interest in repurchasing the facility. However, given the traffic that congests the roadway and the smaller station and lot size, the property is likely less than desireable as an ideal fire facility location.
Legeros - 11/15/06 - 21:53

A while ago an outside consultant firm did a recommendation study for RFD. With a map of station locations in hand, the firm pointed at the intersection of Wake Forest Rd. and Six Forks Rd. and stated that a station “right here” would be ideal. The city supposedly talked with the owner of Old #4, who stated they’d sell back to the city for $1 million!!!
Guest - 11/16/06 - 10:03

1 Million!!! I’m in the wrong line of business!!
Beach - 11/17/06 - 11:43

It seems that the annexation discussion for station 28 has become a history of poor-old station 4, the roaming station of RFD. Stations 4 and 5 were added about 1925 due to annexation, and remember no radios. Eng 4 became the first due coverage at Station 1. The 1956/58 ? report to the city recommended the move of station 4 to “Downtown Blvd” Capital Blvd, not to Six Forks and Wake Forest. Station 11 wasn’t built until 1971 or 73. What is now East Six Forks was a dead-end at the railroad crossing between Wake Forest Rd and Atlantic Avenue. The location may have been a second choice due to financial reasons, but did seem a bit closer to Station 9, also built in 1963, than the city standards. Reading the 1956/58 ? report to the city really sheds some light on the proposed additional stations, like 14-17 stations all inside the beltline, may also have been affected by post World War II apparatus improvements and the addition of radios. Just a few thoughts to consider.
Jon C - 11/18/06 - 10:20

Here is the 1958 report that Jon is referencing, from my Virtual RFD Museum site: http://www.legeros.com/ralwake/raleigh/h..
Legeros - 11/18/06 - 17:40

More on station planning in 1958 and 1971, in this earlier blog posting: http://legeros.com/ralwake/photos/weblog..
Legeros - 11/19/06 - 12:11

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