03/07/13 64 W, 1 I - + 2 - 4 Chapel Hill Fire Department is Hiring

They're hiring for firefighters in Chapel Hill. Here's the job listing. The position closes by March 29 or earlier. Apply early for priority consideration. Experience not required for entry level positions. Salary starts at $35,283.00. School affiliation not required, though you will be riding on blue rigs. The lights are still red, however.

We do have one white truck with blue striping and the last red truck is still in reserve status. (I need to get you the new patch though)
Sasser (Email) - 03/07/13 - 20:16

Well dammit. Let me look cause I thought we had updated it.
I haven’t looked at the job posting yet, maybe that’s what HR has!
Sasser (Email) - 03/07/13 - 20:26

Sorry! Darnit!
I see where it takes you to the generic recruiting page. Your link (Here’s the job listing)is correct so thank goodness for that!

Its open through March 31st or until we receive 400 applications so apply now!
Sasser (Email) - 03/07/13 - 21:12

Why does CHFD pay more than RFD?
More requirements or different shift hours etc..?
Bucky - 03/08/13 - 12:03

This one is for a friend that is thinking of applying but it says entry and advanced level…which are they hiring for? are they doing a true academy or just looking for people with all their classes?
andrew - 03/08/13 - 14:15

All experience levels are encouraged to apply. The total number of positions will dictate if we run an academy or not. I’m not sure how many folks we’ll be hiring.
Sasser (Email) - 03/08/13 - 14:25

Translate to English please. Do you mean:

Low number of positions = Hire people with experience.
High numer of postiions = Hire people with no experience, and put through academy?
LJM - 03/08/13 - 14:26

That’s a possibility, but its worded that way because that is not the only option and I don’t run the process or make those kinds of decisions. Just sharing info.
Sasser (Email) - 03/08/13 - 14:38

Hey Bucky, why does RFD have to have the highest starting pay? I know that Morrisville FD has a starting pay of $35,840.00. Just cause you are the biggest does not mean you have the most resources.
Spanky - 03/08/13 - 15:12

@Spanky: I don’t think Bucky was implying that RFD should be the top paying department, he just wanted to know why the starting pay was higher at others, which I think is a fair question. Maybe a better question would be why RFD isn’t closer to others to be more competitive?
D. McKay - 03/09/13 - 13:15

Or why the county (Wake) isn’t closer to paying what their counterparts are. I believe that starting pay is close but that is all. Most Lt’s and Capt’s in Raleigh make 20k more a year then one of those positions at the county departments, excluding Cary and Morrisville which both pay very well. The county pay scale is terrible.

For those like Lee or AC who attend the county meetings, does the county have any plans on reevaluating the pay scales?
Mike - 03/09/13 - 16:38

I would think that to be very true of smaller departments Legeros, especially ones that rely on already certified applicants. RFD runs their applicants through an academy, so maybe they feel like starting pay should be lower since they train their recruits. Maybe they could raise the starting pay to attract more qualified applicants and reduce costs of training them?
D.McKay - 03/09/13 - 20:09

@ Bucky- I meant no harm so I hope you did not take any offense to my response.

@McKay- Thanks for diffusing that, my comment could have started some old school Legeros Blog fighting.

Morrisville does pay very good, which we are thankful for. Plus unlike Cary, we are paid for all 24 and not on a sleep “agreement”. The pay for the county departments is pretty low. It is crazy what departments decide to pay their new employees. I think Morrisville recently got 350-400 applicants for 3 positions. Morrisville also hires none certified people and sends them through the Wake County academy.
Spanky - 03/09/13 - 21:11

A WC salary study was supposed to commence in late 2012 with the assistance of the WC Human Resources Dept. Also, the WC salary study aspects are not associated with the City of Raleigh – e.g. one does not influence the other except in a parity comparison. I feel the WC budget/funding woes are at the root of the delays and I am completely unaware of where it all stands now. My suspicion is there will be some discussion in the upcoming budget planning meetings for FY13-14. Wake’s salary recommendations are way overdue for re-evaluation and have not been adjusted since 2009.
A.C. Rich - 03/10/13 - 10:37

The one thing about a sleep time agreement is that it makes the hourly rate higher, which benefits the employee when they work overtime, or holidays. In addition it allows the employee to only have to use 17 hours of vacation or sick leave to take an entire tour off. This is important since leave time is accrued for firefighters the same as it is for all other town employees.

The other thing that a lot of places perform is pay studies. They look at other departments in the state both large, medium and small and make necessary adjustments to the market rate of pay.

You want to talk low pay, take a look at the eastern part of the state, starting pay for full time is in the mid to upper 20s.
sleepy - 03/10/13 - 10:42

Everyone has some valid points! Pay scales are funny and interesting to say the least! County wide I am sure they have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. I remember when they weren’t so fare! Like when eastern wake county firefighters only made around 15 to 18 k starting out while others made in the mid 20’s (that was in the last 10 to 15 years). Over the last 20 years of being in the fire service and being the son and brother of RPD and NCSHP, I have witnessed pay scale changes on their end. They have already been through the challenges we as firefighters are seeing now. What helped their department heads argue and fight for better pay came from turn over. First when RPD was loosing officers to smaller agencies for better or same pay but closer to home jobs they increased their pay. NCSHP went a long time when they actually were one of the lower paying agencies in the area and what helped them is when the Gov. found out that some sheriff departments made a lot more he increased their starting pay. I remember when most FD in Wake County only had 1 or 2 paid guys during the day and depended on volunteers at night. Now everyone has 24 hour staffing. Back in the early 90’s only the city depts. were hiring now the job market is bigger but we as a whole are not leaving one department for another so our turn over is extremely low.

@D.McKay about RFD saving money buy hiring certified people could save training cost? Yes it could and we did that for 6 academies from 1998 to 2004. Some people like “turbo” academies and some do not. While it saves money for the city it also limits your ability to recruit and hire a diverse work force. It has been proven over those 6 years. On another note Cary has been doing “turbo” academies for 2 schools now and they get the boots on the street quick.

I know as gas prices keep going up there are days that I wonder how much I could have saved if I worked closer to home! But 17 years deep in RFD I still enjoy where I work.
Jason Lane - 03/10/13 - 13:59

I know this is mostly Raleigh and Wake County blog here.
Just read these posts and am really surprised to see these pay scales.
Especially when you have state income tax also.

We dont do this for the money most people say however we have to survive and put food on the table for the family.

Not to make anyone on here mad or anything but just to compare, my Department in Texas starts a FF EMT at $50,979 and a FF Paramedic starts at $54,308
There isnt a fire acadmy here, you are required to have all your FF I&II and EMT/Paramedic certifications before applying.
And to boot, we dont have state taxes either. Just sales tax is litle higher here.

I’m shocked to read that some departments in the Eastern part of the state make in the high $20’s.

By no means am I suggesting we are better than you etc…because we aren’t. We have problems just like any of you guys experience day to day.
We have nice Pierce trucks but they brake down too. It’s the same wherever you go. Just different color trucks.

I hope the county and city leaders will reconsider and decide to really help our law enforcement and firefighters and paramedics.
TEX - 03/11/13 - 13:52

Well, they say things are “bigger in Texas!” LOL! NC is very much plagued with much lower public service salaries; from teachers to public safety.
A.C. Rich - 03/11/13 - 17:00

Salaries for local fire bloggers are nonexistent. Thank goodness for the fringe benefits. Now what are those exactly??
Legeros - 03/11/13 - 18:01

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