05/21/13 252 W - + 6 - 2 UPDATED: Morning Reading - May 21, 2013

Evening update. Added city budget information, released today.

Good morning Raleigh. Got nothing to comment upon. Enjoy these news stories...

First link about Holly Spring’s new Rescue takes you to a story about a man and meth…I’m thinking they aren’t related…
FD - 05/22/13 - 15:34

harkey - 05/23/13 - 10:13

I don’t think you will never see a service ladder truck in Cary again. We do need a spare rescue truck.
MSW - 05/23/13 - 10:33

Good to see them use cooperative bidding, which is what Raleigh FD is also using now.
dd - 05/23/13 - 21:11

Funny how the city departments can buy what they need, versus the county buying bottom-dollar pieces that aren’t lasting. Hopefully Wake County Fire Commission will take a page from the city departments on how to purchase/spec a truck.
Northside FF - 05/23/13 - 21:21

That horse is tired Northside FF
Goes2fire - 05/24/13 - 08:35

Question about the county fire apparatus. Are these trucks owned by the department or the county? And if by the county, are they owned by the fire-rescue services office, or GSA!
Emergency! - 05/24/13 - 09:31

I know of a city in Texas that purchased 45 Ford F-150s for the water, sewer, meter, and streets departments and specíed them without air conditioning. Order was approved by city council and the voting was unanimous. GREAT SAVINGS they said.

Then they looked at Police and Fire.

Comments were made to push this cost savings on to the future purchase of the city’s fleet. The cost of fire trucks is commonly in the 700k to 1 + million

A/C is a luxury I heard. It’s a bagillion degrees in Texas, but to the higher ups they look good.

It’s coming guys.
Buckwheat - 05/24/13 - 10:44

Why does it matter about the trucks, I ride one every day I am at work, does it have its fair share of issues? Yes, but just like all other departments in this county, none of us have to worry about our only engine going out of service and not being able to respond to our areas! You guys always want to start this Raleigh, Cary crap versus us poor county firefighters. Shut up guys, how about the fact that if some of you would put your 20 years of experience that you gained over a few years of service to good use, then you might realize there is more to it than meets the eye. And maybe you could make a difference about what types of rigs your department can purchase through the county.

Look at a few topics back with the issue brought up on county running into the city, and maybe quit trying to think city of Raleigh just doesn’t like us county guys! Maybe you don’t get to go to every call because of how their policies read for responses. Maybe you don’t get to go because they have 28 stations to cover their city & it’s not such a good idea to take your only STAFFED engine company into their city for every call especially with the distance of other county units if you have a fire in your first due. Just be happy to be a Firefighter in Wake County. I promise you itís not that bad.

Get outside the area & see what others have, then maybe you would appreciate your ragged ole’ Contender or Saber chassis rig! Or just use the two ears & eyes to listen, read & learn that these horses you continue to bring up were buried from their beatings years ago. So this would be a great time to shut your mouths & stop the whining & get over yourself. BTW, I apologize if I offend you, but glad the message hurts your feelings so it will make you realize what you actually have.

Also, I don’t normally post like this, so I apologize to the regulars, but this was the second stupid post in the past few days & with some recent experiences it just set me off, but man do I feel better now! Be smart & you will always be safe & have a great Memorial Day! Don’t forget to thank a veteran or active service man/woman for what they have done!
Southsideengine (Email) - 05/24/13 - 20:35

Southsideengine makes a very good point. As we were selling a truck lately, every department which came by to see it remarked that it was so nice (the one for sale, that is). These departments were running 70’s and 80’s model trucks first out. Yet, here, too often we are dissatisfied with what we have. Our trucks are not perfect or the nicest on the market by any means, but we are a very fortunate County to have the fire equipment we have. You don’t have to travel far to see what I mean. Take a ride and see for yourself.
Chris - 05/25/13 - 22:48

Northside FF, don’t be so quick to bash the equipment that we have. Take a look at the departments that y’all idolize and try to be everyday. PG county MD, have to operate apparatus 20+ years old that are ragged and falling apart. New apparatus they purchase don’t have the amenities of AC or heat, or stereos. The members chip in out of their own pockets to get the nice things such as Roto Rays, Mars lights, and Mechanical Sirens. FDNY members of each company pay out of their own pockets as well for the “Nice” things. Yes the apparatus that the county has purchased in the past is falling apart but that’s in turn due to buying from Pierce what they believed was a great thing only to find out we got a Lemon. In stead of bashing the county you run in, why don’t you in turn try to better it. Your doing no good saying negative comments on a blog, go to the commission and ask them why we have what we have. Or better yet why don’t you try to be apart of the committees that do the purchasing. Put your two cents in where it actually matters, not on a blog hidden by a user name. Don’t be a problem in the fire service; be a leader and lead through what is right.
PGtruckie - 05/26/13 - 09:55

PGtruckie is right about having to shell out personal funds for ‘niceties’ on fire apparatus and ambulances. When I was in MD I chipped in several times for 888s, AM/FM radios, decent EMS bags, tools, and more.
DJ - 05/26/13 - 23:16

What a huge order that would be! In addition to the two Squads, one Engine and one rear-mount already ordered, another three engines, ladder and air unit!
Silver - 06/12/13 - 10:54

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