07/31/13 56 W, 1 I - + 4 - 6 Download the Program Book for Next Week's Fire Expo

Now available on their web site is the program book for the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo. The location is the Raleigh Convention Center. The PDF file is 10MB in size. Download the program book, or click to download:

Is that Scott Simon?
Question - 08/01/13 - 15:37

Kinda looks like Lewis Lovell
Answer - 08/01/13 - 19:11

Simon all day
Silver - 08/01/13 - 21:13

I can hear the accent just looking at this pic. ‘Thirdeen, Thirdddeeen.’
Lewis Lovell without a doubt.
Expert insight - 08/02/13 - 21:01

So is there any explanation why only pics of Raleigh firefighters show up on the South Atlantic Fire Expo flyers/banners. I thought it was a North Carolina event or am I completely misunderstanding this? Mike I know that you do a lot for RFD & you may be the only photographer that takes quality pics or the other photographers in this area, but you don’t see much influence for photos from other areas of state for this event.
The_rest_of_NC - 08/03/13 - 01:41

Great question. Your premise is that the marketing materials (also called collateral) demonstrate a preference toward imagery of Raleigh firefighters. Based on my eagle eye observations over the years, I don’t think that’s true. But we’d need to compile and review all the flyers, banners, programs, and such, for the last few years.

We should also acknowledge the editorial process, which requires either existing “quality photos” or such pictures “shot on demand.” I suspect that the event planners rely primarily (or even exclusively) on existing shots. That leads to the next question, which is a two-parter. How many (a.) photographers in our state are shooting “print worthy” content and also (b.) seen by or submitting to the NCSFA?

Things to think about.
Legeros - 08/03/13 - 02:02

@the_rest_of_NC thats actually not completely accurate. If you recall last years photo I believe yes there were Raleigh firefighters but there were also firefighters from DHFD in it with them.
WakeCounty - 08/03/13 - 11:14

The image on the cover of the 2013 Program is based on a photo of Scott Simon, Raleigh Engine 13. The original photographer for the image was Lee Wilson. We are using Scott’s image this year to promote the tag line “R U ready?” with Scott’s blessing.

You will see this image a lot this year. It is being used for some new banners, the show Program, the show tee-shirt, and graphics on some entry doors. The “13” makes it date specific, so we’ll probably only be using it this year.

The reason I chose this image was because I was looking for an image that had a “13” on the shield (for the year 2013). That was my first goal. I was also looking for an image where the firefighter’s eyes were not clear/in shadow (so they wouldn’t be associated with a specific person). Lastly I was looking for a dramatic pose. This image fit the bill.

I personally produce all of the graphics provided at the show, and have done so since it returned to Raleigh in 2009. Prior to that, there were no graphics at the show. None. We started with a new name for the event and have been consistently trying to build the brand for the show.

As you may know, the official logo for the show is four firefighters in silhouette. Details on the firefighters are hard to ascertain, and that is intentional. I know who the original logo is based upon (it’s actually three firefighters and one other that I grouped to become four). Nobody else has ever seen the underlying files, but I do know they are not Raleigh firefighters.

You intentionally cannot guess the race or sex of the firefighters – they are in silhouette – the important thing is that they are firefighters. It’s a company of firefighters, and I’ve always considered the one on the right the officer (he’s turned just slightly, as if he is addressing the company). Regardless of rank, they are all the same, a company, a group of firefighters. I also drew the reflective stripe of their turnouts in such a way that visually unites them as one.

The show graphics in the RCC only use actual photos in two places: on the large column banners in the Expo hall (there are ten of them), and on the front glass on Salisbury Street. We have used the column banners for five years and they are due for replacement. Those images are from all over the state, again intentionally chosen as such.

The front glass is the biggest piece of course, measuring over 90 feet long and 45 feet high. The images used were as follows:

2009 – Raleigh (chosen because that year was the first the conference was back in Raleigh since the early 1970s)
2010 – Mecklenburg County
2011 – Nash County
2012 – Historic images from all over the state
2013 – (will be revealed this week, but it’s from the western part of the state)


This year I also had the honor of producing the Annual Report, the 17-month Calendar, and the Conference Program.

Images in the Report and Calendar are from a pool of photos submitted from departments all over the state to the NCSFA. The images used in the Program are from the Conference photographer (IWP Photography) of last year’s Pre-Conference and Workshop training series.

We are always cognizant of representing ALL of North Carolina’s firefighters when selecting images for use in promotional materials. We try to choose images from municipal, combination, volunteer, large, medium and small departments. I like working with good imagery – regardless of the department.

This year we also produced imagery for all of the special events (golf tournament, BBQ Throwdown, Brotherhood Bash, Honor Guards, Pipe and Drums, Fire Truck Parade, Cornhole Tournament, Memorial Service, etc), and all of those graphics follow the lead of the primary logo and feature silhouettes only. Through the consistent use of color, style and typography, the goal was to create a unified package. We hope you like the results.

There are always many decisions to be made in coming up with a simple, consistent, effective graphics package (including color and typography), but hopefully this gives you some idea upon how imagery is chosen.
harkey - 08/03/13 - 18:11

Awesome explanation! Way to rep hard core 34 Simon! I predict display will be from Asheville this year!
Dena - 08/03/13 - 21:52

Here is this year’s entrance banner. Gastonia FD – courtesy of Lee Wilson on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151781287754893&set=a.10150096063044893.281098.640829892&type=1&theater
A.C. Rich - 08/04/13 - 15:26

Dang! good thing I did not bet! Awesome lookingi photo!
Dena - 08/04/13 - 16:02

Great explanation Harkey. Mine would have been much simpler: “Like it or not this is the photo I wanted and Raleigh is not mentioned on this picture. So unless you know this person you would have no idea where he is from. I am satisfied a NC firefighter from Murphy would not have a clue who this is or what department he is from. The end.”
simple - 08/05/13 - 22:21

Jeff… as always, has done an EXCELLENT JOB for NC Firefighters and the NC Fire Service! Clicked “Like!”
A.C. Rich - 08/07/13 - 21:55

Remember personal info?

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