08/22/15 78 W, 1 I - + 12 - 9 Raleigh's New Engine and Tiller - More Production Photos

Here are some more pictures from the Atlantic Emergency Solutions Trucks in Production page, showing Raleigh's forthcoming Pierce Arrow XT pumper and tiller. See many more pictures at the above site. Tiller is due in four weeks. Both trucks will be assigned to Station 29, as Engine 29 and Ladder 9. The tiller will be Raleigh's second, following a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT that's assigned to Ladder 4 at Station 1. Click to enlarge:

So the city is going away from Mechanical Q’s I guess? #historyrepeatsitself
PGtruckie - 08/22/15 - 23:46

The trucks should have the mechanical sirens.
A.C. Rich - 08/22/15 - 23:52

That picture is prior to installation of the mechanical siren.
Atlantic - 08/23/15 - 00:37

Must…....... get….... lower….... hosebed….....
Hose Jockey - 08/23/15 - 21:13

Raleigh needs to take a look at Cary’s spec’s. Cary’s trucks has a lot of thought put into them about what works. The changes to Raleigh’s trucks look like the changes were made just to make them. Example as it was told to me: Can’t have tiller cab doors which slide back because they will hang over the rear bumper because of the possibility of closing a bay door on them or backing into something. But yet a change is made from a roll-up rear compartment door to a solid door which lifts straight up and hangs beyond the rear bumper. Oh, and let’s not forget the infamous quote of “big fire, big water” but let’s remove the 1000gpm deck gun for a 500gpm monitor.

Again, please, for the sake of those who ride the rigs, check out Cary.
RescueRanger - 08/23/15 - 22:01

Ok thanks chief… I didn’t know if the city had implemented a change the same as some of the larger cities stating that the decibels are too much.
PGtruckie - 08/24/15 - 00:19

I definitely like Cary’s design better. More FF friendly!
A.C. Rich - 08/24/15 - 16:57

So if you RFD folks do not like the specs, have you communicated those specifics you’d like implemented to the powers that be? I mean, it’s easy to complain here, but have you even attempted to change things??
Change - 08/24/15 - 18:07

That’s a whole different discussion. Of course we have. I won’t speak for anyone else but I feel like my voice falls on deaf ears and judging by talk on the street it seems to me like A LOT of others feel the same. We shall see how the results of the survey pan out.
Rescue Ranger - 08/24/15 - 21:34

I think it’s important for the readers of this blog to know that RR is a hater and doesn’t represent the majority of RFD. Shame on him for his lack of brotherhood and devaluing his own department.
Truth - 08/24/15 - 23:39

@Change Yes, in a presentation to the purchasing powers. Get back to true pumpers with a low hose bed, multiple pre-piped discharges off the rear for long lines/ big lines/ pre-piped blitz monitor, three speedlays side by side by the pump panel, ladders low and on the side.
Silver - 08/24/15 - 23:45

Some people might not like the new engine design, but as someone who drives those crappy tale American La Frances with 20 foot tall hose bed and rear discharges that a 6 foot tall firefighter needs a ground ladder to get to the hose with no tail board to climb. I will take the new engine ANY DAY of the week! PS the new engine DOES NOT Have “ multiple pre-piped discharges off the rear for long lines/ big lines/ pre-piped blitz monitor”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its one, count it 1 rear discharge! Just saying!
Jason - 08/25/15 - 00:40

@Truth – So is Silver and Jason “haterz” also as it seems they agree with me. And since I’m a hater you are saying the new engine was designed with YOU, the firefighter using the apparatus, in mind? And you can say everything looks great and there is NOTHING you’d like to change? Lack of brotherhood? I’m one of the few who isn’t afraid to say the rigs have design flaws. I am doing it for the betterment of US, the firefighters. And if there wouldn’t be such strong repercussions if I posted my real name I would.
Rescue Ranger - 08/25/15 - 20:56

I may not always agree with RR, but when I do, I don’t mind posting it. Our engines are a long way from being user friendly. Cary’s last engine has a great layout.“Truth” you obviously don’t speak for ALL of the Brotherhood either.
wheeler - 08/25/15 - 22:39

@Jason Yup J, still that one lonely discharge in the back, all by itself, wishing it had a few friends back there. Better than the ALF? Sure. Could it be a lot better? Absolutely. I tried.
Silver - 08/25/15 - 23:36

I’m sure if you guys put together a list of things you’d like to change on the specs, Chief Rich would forward to your chief that oversees that. Sounds like Silver may have attempted this prior, but may need revisiting since some of those Chiefs have changed since then. Make it an official suggestion though, not just casual conversation around the table or blog. Just a thought, but many departments deal with this not just RFD.
John D - 08/26/15 - 19:18

RFD has (for some time) had an open line for suggestions and the suggestions are definitely reviewed. For the RFD folks… you should use it. Also, there are many aspects to apparatus design/specs for departments (e.g. budget, cost, organizational belief, individual belief, etc.). We all must remember that one will make decisions on FIRST what they believe is right or have experienced in the past; however changing one’s perspective take a lot of conversation, new experiences, and mainly TIME.
A.C. Rich - 08/26/15 - 22:34

Raleigh is not a volunteer department where input from it’s members is graciously accepted. This is just my opinion and I may be way off base here but it seems in the past couple years the upper brass have developed an attitude of “We are Chiefs so that means we know what’s best not only for the department in it’s entirety but also for you.”. Moral is the lowest I’ve seen it in the past 24 years. I truly feel the position of B/C is the worst position to have as the upper brass have no respect (and it’s blatantly obvious) for a B/C and the subordinates don’t want anything to do with a B/C since the B/C is not part of the company. It seems the ones in charge have forgot in order for them to shine they have to take care of those doing the polishing.
Rescue Ranger - 08/26/15 - 22:41

@ Chief Rich – The problem with RFD Suggestions is the email is sent to every chief. I’ve made suggestions before only to be black-balled because the suggestion made the certain individuals look bad. It’s a good idea in concept form if personal feelings could be removed. But since feelings will be hurt and the attitude of “I’ll show you” comes in the only other way is to add a feature to make suggestions anonymous. But, that won’t happen because as we see on here if one is hiding behind anonymity the suggestion has no value regardless of the reasons behind doing so. Kinda a catch-22, ya know?
Rescue Ranger - 08/26/15 - 22:49

I understand your frustration. Call me if you wish.
A.C. Rich - 08/26/15 - 23:32

@RR, reach out to me if you want. I’ll share with you what I proposed if you want to give it a whirl (5 year apparatus replacement plan with design changes to mirror the mission).
Silver (Email) - 08/27/15 - 07:57

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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