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This site is a registry of all known Raleigh Fire Department apparatus and select other vehicles.

Where possible, the following information is included for all past and present fleet vehicles:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year Built
  • Chassis / Registration #
  • Type of Apparatus
  • Service History
  • Date Delivered
  • Date Dedicated
  • Date in Service
  • Date Disposed
  • Other Notes
  • Photos

Latest updates:

December 2023 - Removed HTML frames from site and pages. Added new 2023 Pierce aerial. New 2023 engines were added previously.
August 2021. Added a bunch of pics from Pete Brock, who photographed the entire fleet earlier in the year. Thanks for sharing, Pete!

Do you have additions, corrections, or other information to provide? Please mail me .  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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