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  • Part I - Research From 2004
  • Part II - Additional Notes - 2016

Part I - Research From 2004


1911, fire destroys downtown business district. Reports the June 13 edition of The News and Observer: Heart of Apex Swept by Fire


1924, Town votes to install waterworks system (December 15, 1924) tm

1926, Eureka Fire Hose Company makes presentation to Town Board.  The town declines to purchase firefighting equipment at that time (June 21, 1926) tm

1927, disbursement paid to Eureka Fire Hose company for $1,400.00. Same likely for fire hose and a hand reel (February 28, 1927)tm

1927, J. H. Sears building burns. Fire occurs at night.  Raleigh Fire Department responds (April 1, 1927) tm

1927, Town board votes to send letter of appreciate and check for $50.00 to Raleigh Fire Department (April 4, 1927)

1927, A. B. Hunter recommends organization of fire company to Town board. Police Chief J. L. Castleberry is appointed Captain and and C. D. Maynard is appointed Assistant Chief (April 19, 1927)

1927, Town board passes resolutions concerning fire department:

  • J. L. Castleberry appointed Fire Chief, for period of two years
  • C. D. Maynard appointed Assistant Fire Chef, for period of two years
  • L. G. Jordan, W. B. Cash, George Maynard, E. C. Lewter, H. W. Lassiter, L. A. Lassiter, A. J. Martin, S. R. Miller, H. C. Benton, C. R. Clifton, W. L. Benton, T. H. Bunks, R. D Poe, and R. W. Tingen appointed as a fire company, for period of two years (May 2, 1927)

1927, Town board passes several resolutions concerning fire department:

  • purchase of an American LaFrance Type 10 triple combination "500 gallon pumping, chemical engine, hose motor car."  Price not to exceed $2,500.00
  • purchase 500 feet of 2 1/2" hose from Eureka Fire Hose Company. Price not to exceed $1.30 per food
  • purchase two 2 1/2" "cut off fire nozzles" at price of $29.35 each
  • purchase one fire alarm siren at price of $150.00
  • part of Municipal Building presently used by J. A. Jones to be converted into a fire station (August 8, 1927)

1927, Town board resolves to have fire alarm siren placed under water town with a switch at the central office of Southern Bell Telephone Company (October 4, 1927)tm

1927, Town board rescinds previous resolution regarding fire alarm siren.  Same is to be placed atop the Municipal Building with a switch at both Apex Service Station and the fire department (November 7, 1927)tm

1927, Whitson Benton appointed as night fireman and is to sleep in firehouse building and be paid $2.50 per month. Committee also appointed to build and furnish room for same (November 8, 1927) tm

1927, Town board hears report that the completed room for the night fireman is operational  (December 5, 1927) tm

1928, Sanborn fire insurance map dated October 1928 summarizes fire department as "

  • Volunteer
  • 18 men
  • one chief
  • one asst. chief
  • one paid man on duty night and day
  • one fire station.
  • one American LaFrance truck, triple combination consisting of one 600 gallon per minute pumper, one 40' gallon chemical tank with 150 1 1/2' hose, two 5 gallon chemical extinguishers, 1000' 2 1/2" hose
  • 500' 2 1/2" hose on hand reel
  • fire alarm system: alarm is phoned into Fire Department where electric siren located on roof is sounded. Alarm also can be turned on from filling station, corner of N. Salem and Thompson streets, which is open day and night.
  • no fire alarm boxes."
  • Map shows fire department in Town Hall building on southwest corner of N. Salem and street just north of Center.

1929, Warehouse and cotton gin burn.  The buildings are destroyed by a 6:30 a.m. fire that brings the Raleigh Fire Department to western Wake County. Discovered in a warehouse, which was "formerly the property of Mr. Sorrell" and now "belonged to a man who lives in the Eastern part of the State," the flames spread to a gin owned by Beasley and Williams after the wind shifts and blows sparks onto the neighboring building. Alas, the Raleigh firemen arrive after the buildings have burned down. Apex is located 14.83 miles from Raleigh. Reference: "News & Observer," January 25, 1929 (January 24, 1929).


By the late 1930's,  there is no official fire department in Apex. The firefighting squad consists of anyone who hears the alarm and is willing to offer their services. The Town-owned American La France pumper has to be pulled to fires by the Clark Chevrolet Company wrecker. cbm

1938, nineteen men meet to address concerns about lack of sufficient fire protection in town.  One member's barn burned down because of "firefighting inefficiency." The town board has also advised that fire insurance rates are going to be raise if no fire department is formed.  cbm

1939, Apex Volunteer Fire Department chartered.  The charter members:

  • Charles A. Baucom
  • Bruce Benton
  • M. R. Breedlove
  • Coy Brewer
  • W. J. Harris, Sr.
  • R. J. Holt
  • Eugene Johnson
  • Guthrie T. Jordan
  • Ralph Martin
  • Carter S. Schaub
  • Romulus Stephens
  • Sidney Seymour
  • M. M. Teague
  • C. C. Triplett
  • Verne W. Turnstall
  • Dewey Walker
  • Roy Williams
  • Sherwood Williams
  • O. W. Yates Sr.

1939, first fire apparatus is dump truck purchased for $35.  Members remove the bed and sell same for $10, which is "immediately converted into beer."  The beer crates are used to sit on, while members plan how to remodel the dump truck into a fire engine. cbm

1939, first fire station is single apparatus bay in Town Hall at 235-237 N. Salem Street.


1940, apparatus delivery:  1940 Ford / Hunter pumper, 500 GPM, V8 engine, serial number #FA101, date: 2/28/40. Purchased new rt05jul56

1949, Apex Town Hall catches fire when a "piece of pipe in the stove that heats the courtroom" breaks loose from the flue, reports the December 11, 1949 edition of The News and Observer. The building also houses the town's two fire trucks, which have to be moved outside to fight the fire. "It happened about 11:35 o'clock" and "members of the volunteer fire department hurried to the scene, moved the truck into position and had matters under control in about 15 minutes." Damage is estimated between $1,000 and $2,000. (December 10, 1949)


1952, rural fire department formed.  Incorporated as Apex Volunteer Fire Department, Rural Service, Inc., a first for Wake County (September 22, 1952) sos

1953, Seaboard passenger train catches fire after striking Highway Department scraper at grade crossing in New Hill, six miles south of Apex.  Accident occurs about 7:50 a.m. and no one is injured.  Burning engine continues to Apex, where firefighters extinguish same.  Train continues to Raleigh, where waiting firefighters extinguish small amount of fire still burning underneath one of the engines. (May 6, 1953)

1954, downtown movie theater burns. Fire is discovered about noon.  Entire inside of theater burns out and quickly destroys a wood partition between the theater balcony and the storeroom over a feed store next door.  When the fire appears to threaten the business district, fire departments in Cary and Raleigh are summoned.  The Cary fire department sends newly delivered 1953 Seagrave pumper. With Cary and Raleigh's help, the fire is brought under control. (April 4, 1954)

1955, volunteers begin construction of new fire station at 210 N. Salem Street. Building measures 50 by 32 feet and is made of brick veneer construction. Building has 15 foot apron and three doors. Facilities are provided for "hose drying, mechanical maintenance and storage, and well as a meeting room." Present fire station is located in the Town Hall and provides space for only the "city-owned pumper truck." The departments two "rural trucks" are housed in sheds in the rear of the town hall notes the November 2 edition of the News and Observer. Funds are raised partly by "soliciting citizens served by the rural service of the department." Cost $20,000. (November 10, 1955). rt05jul56

1955, fire department members construct a third piece of apparatus: tanker built on a military surplus chassis. rt05jul56

1956, fire station dedicated at third annual Fireman's Day.  Festivities start at 10:00 a.m. with a parade led by the 94th Army band of Raleigh.  Also participating are "floats, pretty girls, a clown, military vehicles from the 30th Division, and firefighting units from Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, and Apex." (July 5, 1956) rt05jul56

1956, from minutes of board of directors meeting: "Civil Defense report was made by C. S. Schaub. We are to decide on our needs for the Fire Dept. Report was made on civil defense tower. Col Hardeson was seen about a ground observer corp. Home Demonstration club offered there (sic) services to furnish observers to help man the post. The town will cooperate with us in this project. Motion was made by C. F. Matthews & seconded by V. W. Tunstal to invite Durham Military Personell (sic) of the Civil Defense Corp to come down next Monday night Dec. 10, and inform us on our new adventure, Motion was carried with no opposition. The Stair way will be handle by the Building Improvement & Maintenance Committee, which consist of: C. C. Triplett, Chari. Virgil Ayscue, William Stephens, James Mason, Alton Ellis, E. C. Williams Jr., with the addition of C. S. Schaub. Committee decided to meet immediately."  (December 3, 1956) mm

1956, Fire chief is Ray Scott, assistant chief is O. W. Yates. fdws

1957, board of directors votes to purchase red lights for all personal-owned vehicles for $6.02 each. (January 7, 1957)mm

1957, station note: board of directors votes to begin construction of civil defense tower and steel staircase. (February 18, 1957)mm

1957, apparatus note:  board of director reports receiving surplus truck from county at cost of $25.00.  At next meeting, board reports that department will receive 25 "World War I helmets." (April 1, 1957) mm

1957, from minutes of board of directors meeting:  "The Fire district will be three miles out on each road from the Fire house, in order to get better insurance rating." (May 6, 1957)mm

1957, vehicle note, from minutes of board of director's meeting: "Fire Chief's car was brought over to the Fire house by James Mason from Clark Chevrolet Co. Several of the Firemen made a trial run on it. Clifton Bullock made motion, seconded by Nolan Cooke to buy Fire Chief's car and take out Liability insurance on car. Wade Baker made motion to buy insurance from Ted Seawell. Wade Baker made motion, Seconded by Alton Ellis to accept $275.00 from Nolan Cooke for the Fire Chief's car and pay him back starting 1st of July, $75, $100, $100 per consecutive month." Voted to purchase chief's car from Clark Chevrolet Co. for $275.00. (June 3, 1957) mm

1957, from minutes of board of directors meeting:  "Ray Scott attended a county wide meeting in Raleigh at Fire House #1. Each Fire Department is supposed to make a survey and inspection of every house in the Fire District as to defected wiring, etc." (October 7, 1957) mm

1957, board of directors votes to make Ladies Night annual affair. (November 4, 1957) mm

1957, Fire chief is V. W. Tunstall, assistant chief is G. T. Jordan. fdws

1958, board of directors votes to purchase Scott air packs. (May 5, 1958) mm

1958, board of directors votes to "start cranking trucks weekly." (July 7, 1958) mm

1958, Fireman's Day celebrated on September 7, 1958. wcfa

1958, Fire chief is Ray Scott, assistant chief is Wade Baker.wcfa

1958, by-laws are amended specifying 3-year term for chief officers. Fire district is also split into a Town and a Rural district with separate assistant chief assigned to each. fdws

1959, from minutes of board of directors meeting:

  • vote to purchase pumper for $150
  • vote to raise fee from $25 to $50 for answer fire calls out of town for non-membership paying citizens. (January 5, 1959) mm


1960, board of directors votes to house Town fire truck for a minimum annual fee of $500. Town board agreed to pay $600 annually. (April 4, 1960) mm

1960, Fire Chief is Ray Scott (May 7, 1960) cfd

1961, upon recommendation of insurance commissioner, board of directors votes to split department into rural and city departments:

  • two separate alarm systems
  • increase membership to 37
  • have one chief, two assistant chiefs
  • create traffic division
  • split membership between rural, city departments. (August 7, 1961) mm

1961, fire department membership:

  • C. S. Schaub (Police)
  • John O. Maynard (Police)
  • Rex Hare (Police)
  • R. J. Holt (Police)
  • Alton Ellis (Police)
  • Max Jones
  • John H. Maynard
  • Joe Mills
  • Verne Tunstall (Asst. Chief)
  • Ed Seagroves
  • E. T. Sears
  • H. L. Wicker
  • Al Seymore
  • Ollie Yates
  • Virgil Ayscue
  • Wade Baker
  • Charles Bennett
  • Billy Farrell
  • Bill Harris
  • Guthrie Jordan
  • James Mason
  • Van Prince
  • Charles Baucom
  • Norwood Banks
  • Ed Franklin
  • Preston Pearson
  • Charles Gray
  • L. A. Raynor.
  (August 28, 1961) mm

1961, two bays added onto north side of fire station. Many citizens make donations for the station, including Dr. O. S. Goodwin, who supplies enough lumber for the entire roofcbm

1961, fire chief is Ray Scott, assistant chiefs are Wade Baker (town) and Verne Tunstall (rural) fdws

1962, board of directors reports radiation detection equipment received, to be kept in station. (April 2, 1962) mm

1962, board of directors reports mobile radios placed in service. (June 4, 1962) mm

1962, fire department funding includes sale of "membership cards," sold for $15 and providing property owners with one year of unlimited service.  For non-members, the fire department charges $75 per hour.  Additional sources of income include $125 a month from the county and $600 a year from the town, paid as rent for storing the town fire truck.cbm

1963, apparatus note: board of directors reports American LaFrance fire truck delivered.  Fire department borrows $10,000 to pay for same.  Board votes in next meeting to see old fire truck for $3,500 or not less $3000.  In June, board of directors reports Pembroke Fire Department expressed interest in purchasing Chevy fire truck. (February 4, 1963)mm

1963, Green Hope Elementary School on Highway 55 near Carpenter gutted.  Fire reported about 1 a.m.  Responding departments are Apex, Morrisville, and Yrac.  Damage is estimated at $400,00 for the 172-pupil school.  Arson is suspected due to suspicious car seen minutes before fire is reported (August 15, 1963) no

1964, board of directors discusses telephone warning system from Southern Bell.  Five year contract required with 21 to 63 phones as part of hook-up. Initial installation $50, additional installation $10 first phone, $1 each additional phone.  (May 4, 1964) mm

1964, fire chief is V. W. Tunstall, assistant chiefs are James Mason (town) and Carter Schaub (rural) fdws

1965, station note: board of directors discusses removing observation tower from top of fire station, leaving stairs and door in place. (November 1, 1965)mm

1967, apparatus note: 1968 Chevy / Howe pumper placed in service and dedicated at supper.  Chassis purchased from Berringer Chevrolet in October 1966.  Alexander Welding builds tank and installs 350 GPM pump and plumbing for $2,900 in January / February 1967.  (May 15, 1967)mm

1967, fire chief is James Mason, assistant chiefs are G. T. Jordan (town) and Bill Harris (rural) fdws

1968, station note: board of directors votes to build second floor to fire station and get bids. (August 5, 1968)mm

1969, board of directors appoints committee to discuss plans in case of riot. (June 2, 1969). mm


1970, fire chief is Ray Scott, assistant chiefs are Gerald Howard (town) and Bill Harris (rural) fdws

1971, board of directors participates in discussion of forming rescue squad with assistance of Apex funeral directors and $125 per month from the county. (January 4, 1971)mm

1971, station note: land behind fire station offered at public auction.  Fire department has high bid at $800. (February 26, 1971) mm

1971, board of directors votes to start charging for water delivery: $15 per load for businesses and $10 for residential.  (July 5, 1971) mm

1972, freight train derails.  Accident occurs at 5:15 p.m. when several of 124 freight cars plunge over embankment from Seaboard Coastline tracks.  No injuries are reported, no leaks are discovered, and nearly all cars are salvaged.  Cause is not immediately known. (Monday before March 1, 1972)

1973, station note: board of directors recommends renovations to station including:

  • new a/c unit ($50)
  • 3 to 4" water line ($125)
  • sewer line ($75)
  • 550 gallon oil tank ($90)
  • Pipe fittings ($15)
  • Backhoe work ($25)
  • Cutoff valve ($45)
  • Additional 20 - 25' concrete section to rear of building ($800)
  • Lumber and materials ($100)
  • Total cost: $132513.  (August 27, 1973) mm

1973, station note: board of directors votes to pave back parking lot. (August 27, 1973)mm

1973, fire chief is Gerald Howard, assistant chiefs are Gene Harris (town) and John O. Maynard (rural) fdws

1974, apparatus note:  board of directors votes to purchase new tank for tanker.  Cost: $3,884 for tank, $37.50 for installation, $100 for piping and hose reels. Board later votes to sell old tank to Holly Springs Fire Department for $75. (April 1, 1974)mm

1975, apparatus note:  board of directors reports tank truck donated to department by L. G. Jordan Oil Company. (April 7, 1975)mm

1975, station note: board of directors votes to complete paving of back parking lot. (May 5, 1975)mm

1975, apparatus note: board of directors votes to purchase brush truck from state surplus.  (September 8, 1975) mm

1976, apparatus note: board of directors votes to purchase weapons carrier from state surplus for parts.  Cost $350. (September 13, 1976) mm

1976, fire chief is Gene Harris, assistant chiefs are John O. Maynard (town) and Gerald Howard (rural) fdws

1977, board of directors discusses expansion of fire department, agrees to stay within city limits, discusses locations for additional fire station.  Building steering committee formed for research.  Votes to purchase land beside fire station for expansion of building. (January 3, 1977.) mm

1977, board of directors reports final bid for fire station expansion is $30,000. Per earlier meeting, contractors to do exterior work and members do interior work. (September 5, 1977) mm

1977, board of directors votes to use gravel roof on new building.  Cost $532, should last 20 years.  Also votes to "run a turkey shoot." (November 28, 1977) mm

1978, apparatus accident. Engine #3 is returning to town for more water when a woman, worried by the smoke, pulls her car into the oncoming lane of old U.S. 1. The driver swerves and the 1963 Ford/American LaFrance strikes her car and flips.  The firefighter is ejected and nearly killed.. (April 1, 1978) oh

1978, apparatus note:  board of directors votes in special meeting to purchase Bean fire truck with equipment for $52,000. (April 10, 1978) .mm

1978, apparatus note:  board of directors report fire department receives $16,000 from insurance agency for wrecked fire truck. (August 28, 1978) mm

1979, apparatus note:  board of directors votes to wrecked Ford / American LaFrance pumper and "two woods trucks" for $1500. (November 5, 1979) mm

1979, fire chief is Gene Harris, assistant chiefs are Ross Denson (town) and Johnny Johnson (rural) fdws

1970's, two drive-through bays added. Two rear bays are (later?) final additions.


1982, fire chief is Gerald Howard, assistant chiefs are Ross Denson (town) and James Ragan (rural) fdws

1982 (?), apparatus purchase: 1982 Chevrolet / 4 Guys tanker, 2000 gallons with 200 GPM pump.

1984 (?), apparatus purchase: 1984 Chevrolet Top Kick / 4 Guys tanker, 2000 gallons with 400 GPM pump.

1985, fire chief is Tom Maynard, assistant chiefs are ? (town) and ? (rural)  fdws

1985 (?), apparatus purchase: 1985 Ford L / 4 Guys rescue truck.

1986, private plane crashes.  Piper PA-28-160 crashes in heavily wooded area after deteriorating weather prompts return to point of origin and subsequently prevents landing at alternate airports.  Plane runs out of fuel.  Three serious injuries sustained (June 16, 1986) ntsb

1986, private plane crashes.  Pilot is practicing takeoffs and landings in newly acquired aircraft.  After engine sputters and quits, pilot loses control of the craft and strikes a hangar before hitting the group.  Plane catches fire and is destroyed, damaging part of the hanger.  Weather conditions suggest easy formation of carburetor ice during low-power phase of each flight. One fatality.  (September 26, 1986)ntsb

1988, fire chief is Tom Maynard, assistant chiefs are Bill Stevenson (town) and Wayne Rhodes (rural) fdws

1988 (?), apparatus purchase: 1988 Ford C / Quality pumper, 1250 GPM, 750 gallons.


1991, apparatus note: board of directors votes to sell "large tanker" for $1,000. (October 5, 1991) mm

1991, fire chief is Bill Stevenson, assistant chiefs are Mark Edmunds (town) and
? (rural) fdws

1992, private plane crashes on private grass airstrip.  Cessna 172N collides with ditch and noses over after aborted landing.  One minor injury (October 7, 1992)

1993, Bill Stevenson hired as first paid Fire Chief. fdws

1995, Cooper Tool Group on Lufkin Road burns. Late evening fire takes more than an hour to control (no) (Monday before March 15, 1995)

1995-1996, apparatus delivery: 1995 HME/Rescue Master heavy-rescue. Demo unit, delivered late 1995 or early 1996. Upon delivery (which includes new rescue tools), fire department assumes role of rescue services from Apex Rescue Squad.oh

1997, private plane crashes into lake.  Boeing Stearman N2S-4 is observed flying south to north over lake at altitude of about 30 feet.  Aircraft climbs slightly to clear a bridge, the returns to same altitude.  Plane enters but does not successfully recover from a loop, striking the lake nose-down.  Two fatalities. (April 20, 1997)

1997, Station #2 completed at 3045 New Hill-Holleman Road (October 1997) fdws

1999, private plane crashes.  Beechcraft 23 strikes tree during climbout.  Pilot is uninjured, but two passengers sustain serious injuries.  From NTSB report:  "pilot had taxied the airplane to runway 09, and planned a short field takeoff. He ran the engine to full power, released the foot brakes, applied full right rudder, in anticipation of the airplane yawing to the left, and applied back pressure on the yoke. As the nose rotated, the stall warning horn sounded and the airplane drifted to the right. The pilot applied left aileron, but never released the right rudder pedal. The airplane continued to drift right until it struck a tree, turning the airplane hard to the right, and striking the next tree with the spinner of the propeller. The airplane came to rest opposite the direction of takeoff, against a cluster of trees, supported by the left wing." (March 25, 1999) ntsb


2000, private plane crashes.  Mclarty VANS RV-4 collides with trees after take off.  Two fatalities.  From the preliminary NTSB report:  "brother of the deceased pilot stated his brother conducted and engine run-up and magneto check. The engine sounded a little rough but smoothed out. The airplane was observed on the takeoff roll, became airborne and started a shallow left turn over the trees. He heard a sound like the engine back fired, observed black smoke, and watched the airplane until it disappeared from view behind the trees. He ran to the crash site and saw the airplane adjacent to road. The airplane had collided with trees and was located on the opposite side of a ditch." (May 14, 2000) ntsb

2001, Ray Echevarria hired as Fire Chief. fdws

2002, Apex Board of Commissioners approve consolidation of fire departments. Town to absorb all volunteer department assets and assumes all debts. Town agrees to keep volunteer department's downtown station open for at least ten years (Tuesday before February 6, 2002)

2002, private plane crashes. From preliminary NTSB report: At 1153 eastern standard time, a Piper PA-34-200T experienced an in-flight break-up. The personal flight was operated by the private pilot with instrument meteorological conditions [prevailing] at the time of the accident. The pilot and passenger received fatal injuries, and the airplane was destroyed. Witnesses in the area reported hearing airplane engine noises, then seeing the airplane come out of the fog straight down, with one wing coming down separately and debris falling after. Initial examination found the wreckage scattered approximately three-quarters of a mile throughout a wooded and residential area. (March 31, 2002) ntsb

2002, apparatus delivery: HME Silverfox pumper placed in service as Engine #2. 1500 GPM Hale Single Stage pump. 800 gallon tank capacity. First-out pumper, county district (April 2002)

2002, Station #3 completed at 736 Hunter Street.  Full-time staff and administrative offices officially moved from Station #1 to Station #3 (September 27, 2002) fdws

Part II - Additional Notes - 2016

2002 - Apparatus delivery: 2002 Spartan Gladiator/Quality, 1500/750. fdws

2002 - Mark Haraway hired in June 2002 as Fire Chief.

2003 - Apparatus delivery: 2002 Ford F-350 XL brush truck, 250/?. Skid unit from old Brush 5, a 1986 Ford. Placed in service in January 2003.fdws

2003 - Apparatus delivery: 2003 Sterling Acterra 8500 eliptical tanker, 500/2000. The tanker from old Tanker 8 was remounted on a new chassis. Delivered January 22, 2003. Placed in service that weekend as Tanker 1.fdws

2004 - Apparatus delivery: 2004 E-One Typhon rear-mounted aerial ladder, 1500/500/75-foot. Delivered August 13, 2004. Placed in service as Ladder 3 on August 16, 2004.fdws

2004 - Apex FD joins NC USAR Task Force 4. Joins with Troutman and Thomasville fire departments. Later, in September 2006, town of Morrisville approves fire department joining TF1.oh

Components of the USAR team was originally created as a private organization incorporated in May 2000, named North Carolina Strike Team One, then renamed North Carolina Task Force One in May 2001, and renamed NCTF-1 in November 2002. The original board of directors (and presumably member agencies) were from Clemmons, Statesville, Thomasville, Troutman, and Winston-Salem.ncsos  

2004 - Apparatus deliveries, part of the USAR implementation:

  • 1990 Chevrolet step van, red.
  • 1992 International/3D medium-duty rescue, ex-Forsyth County Rescue Squad. White with dark blue striping and silver roll doors.
  • 1990s Ford E-350/____ modular ambulance-turned-communications unit, operated by NC CERT. White with blue/green striping.oh

2004 - Water rescue team created, which includes swift water rescue technicians and (later?) public safety divers.

2005 - Apparatus note: 2002 Ford F-350 XL brush truck converted to dive/water rescue support unit. The pick-up bed was replaced with a crawl-in utility body. Rescue 2. The conversion was made in September 2005.fdws

2005 - Apparatus delivery: 2005 Pierce Contender pumper-tanker, 1500/1000/20. Delivered December 21, 2005. Placed in service as Engine 2.fdws

2006 - Apparatus disposed: 1984 Ford/Quality pumper removed from service, and donated to Waveland FD in Mississippi, which lost all of its equipment and stations in Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. (January 12, 2006.)fdws

2006 - Apparatus sold: 1998 E-One ladder sold to Calabash Fire Department.fdws

2006 - Apparatus delivery: 2006 E-One Cyclone II rear-mounted aerial platform, 2000/?/95-foot. Delivered May 31, 2006. Placed in service June 2006 as Tower 1.fdws

2006 - Major incident, explosion and fire at EQ Industrial Services on Investment Boulevard. Results in evacuation of 17,000 residents and extended haz-mat operation over a number of days. October 5, 2006.

2007 - Apparatus delivery: 2007 Ford F-550 XL Super Duty/Seagrave brush truck, 250/?/10. Delivered April 2007. lw

2009 - Station #4 grand opening at 1615 E. Williams Street on September 15, 2009. The first day of the station fully staffed was September 21. Houses E4, L4, R4, plus planned Apex EMS unit. Police operate office on one side of building.lw

2010 - Apex EMS merges with the town and becomes part of the fire department, on/around March 22, 2010. They split from the fire department the following year, and remain a town-operated agency.

2010-2011 - Apparatus delivery: 1995 Freightliner prime mover plus three-axle extended cargo trailer, former racing transporter. Cost about $42,000, which is donated by the Apex Community Auxiliary, and group that supports Apex EMS. The truck is purchased for use by USAR Task Force 4, and is unfitted to carry rescue equipment.

2011 - Apparatus delivery: 2011 E-One Typhoon rescue pumper, 1500/750. Emergency replacement for Engine 3, 2000 E-One Cyclone pumper. Demo unit that's equipped as both an engine and rescue company. Delivered Friday, October 28, 2011. lw

2011 - Apparatus retirement: 1992 International/3D rescue is disposed, and sold via GovDeals after purchase of the E-One rescue pumper.oh

2012 - Apparatus delivery, Plast-Tech Industries foam trailer, three-axles, carries 1,700 Class B ARAFFF foam, has 1200 GPM pump capacity, 1000 GPM foam monitor. Pulled by fifth-wheel towing unit. Delivered May 2012. lw

2013 - State dissolves TF4 along with a number of other teams around the state. Apex FD remains a state swift-water rescue team resource. oh

2014 - Apparatus note. Military surplus brush truck conversion placed in service at Station 2 around August 1, 2014. Truck was obtained in 2013 from the state forest service. Retired and offered for sale by June 2016. lw

2014 - Apparatus delivery: 2014 Spartan ERV MetroStar-X Legend, 1500/750, delivered November 14, 2014. To be assigned to Engine 4.lw

2014 - Keith McGee hired as Fire Chief, replacing retiring Chief Haraway. December 2014.

2016 - Apparatus delivery: 2016 Spartan ERV Metrostar, delivered September 8, 2016.lw
Fire Chiefs

See Wake County Fire Chiefs (pdf).


See Wake County apparatus register (pdf).


Raleigh Fire Museum photo albums.


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