Die-Cast Fire and Emergency Vehicles


This site contains photos of current and former models collected by myself. 

LDV Command Van, Chicago O'Hare
(Code 3/1:64)

LDV Command Van, Milwaukee
(Code 3/1:64)

Indy 500 Fire Unit
(Johnny Lightning/1:64)

1979 Ford Haz-Mat Unit, Louisville, KY
(Racing Champions/1:64)

GMC Fishbowl Bus, Chicago

1948 Dodge Canteen
(Matchbox Collectibles/1:43)

Ghostbusters ECTO 1
(Johnny Lightning/1:64)

Ghostbusters ECTO 1



Rainbow 5
(Del Prado/1:43)

(Del Prado/1:43)


Rest of World

2003 Peugeot Electric Concept Car
(Del Prado/1:64)

2001 Man / Janus Tunnel Fire Truck
(Del Prado/1:64)

Renault Breathing Air

Renault Generator Truck

Street Sweeper

Mercedes Bus

Renault Roll-Off  w/Breathing Air Pod

Mercedes/Atlas Roll-Off

Berliet "Depollution"

Polyma Light Trailer




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