Vanished Raleigh

Photographs by Elizabeth Reid Murray
See also Hidden Raleigh and Historic Raleigh (in Postcards)
Courtesy Elizabeth Reid Murray Collection at  Olivia Raney Local History Library in Raleigh, North Carolina - See file name for library reference number
Central Prison, Morgan Street, looking southeast, from curve of Morgan Street, 1971   Central Prison, Morgan Street, looking north from Western Boulevard, 1971   State Prison with new buildings in foreground, 1983   Boylan Avenue Bridge, "Gallows Hill", 1978
Switchhouse below Boylan Avenue railroad bridge, viewed from bridge looking northwest, 1970   Southern Railroad Station, 1974   Gas tanks, W. Cabarrus Street, looking northeast from corner W. Cabarrus and Florence streets, 1971   Gas tanks on Cabarrus Street, 1974
Rockwell Plant   Westinghouse Plant, Highway 1 North   Raleigh Cotton Mills building, 614 Downtown Boulevard, then Browns-Rogers-Dixson, distribution center for Philco Products, 1971   Raleigh Cotton Mills building, 614 Downtown Boulevard, 1983
Memorial Auditorium on South Street on last block of Fayetteville Street. Building faces north. Photo looks south from Fayetteville Street, 1969   Memorial Auditorium, 1975   Looking north on Fayetteville Street from Civic Center site, 1975   Fayetteville Street looking south, 1975
Fayetteville Street, 1961   Looking southeast from top of Holiday Inn on Hillsborough Street, 1969   Looking southeast from top of Holiday Inn on Hillsborough Street, 1969    Downtown from the air (small plane) from about 1200 feet; from west of center, looking east, 1971
Looking southeast across Fayetteville Street, 19th Century buildings. Left back corner is Justice Building, 1971   Fayetteville Street, 1972   Artsplosure on Fayetteville Street Mall. Second block, looking southeast, 1980   Fayetteville Street Mall Dedication, 1977
Wake Farmers Cooperative Inc., N. Salisbury Street, feed mill, west side, 1971   Wake Farmers Cooperative Inc., N. Salisbury Street, feed mill, from porch of Albemarle Building, 1971   Wake Farmers Cooperative Inc., N. Salisbury Street, feed mill, looking northwest from Lane and Salisbury streets, 1971   Civic Center, 1978
Seaboard Office Building (rear elevation, toward Salisbury Street), from Lane Street, looking southeast, 1971   Seaboard Railroad office moving, 1977   House moved from Hillsborough St to new site, 1977   Dr. James R. Rogers house, 130 Hillsborough, at McDowell Street, 1973
Beckwith House in first block of North Dawson Street, behind Rogers house, 1973   State buildings on Caswell Square, (former?) Deaf and Blind Institution, 1970   Hotel Park Central at 223 S. McDowell Street, front view, from south sidewalk of W. Martin Street, looking northeast, 1970   Globe Clothing Store Building, closed. Looking northwest across Wilmington Street, 1980
Heilig-Levine Bldg. Looking northeast from across intersection, 1980   Barber & Fowler Building, built 1909, 100 block of E. Hargett Street [correct address is Martin Street?], north side, 1973.   Corner of South and McDowell streets, 1972   Early Office Building 208 South Street, looking northwest, from corner South Street, 1971
Lewis-Smith House, 1974   Hawkins-Hartness House 310 N. Blount, west/front facade, looking east, 1972   Leonard Medical School, 1972   Dodd-Hinsdale House Hillsborough Street, south/front facade looking almost due north, 1972
Capital Apartments on New Bern Avenue, front of building. Looking north from state parking lot at corner of  E. Morgan and S. Blount streets, 1980   Abbott & Pearce Service station on Hillsborough St., at south terminus of Glenwood Avenue. Looking looking directly south, from middle of Glenwood Avenue, 1971   Oak City Laundry & Dry Cleaning at 436 S. Salisbury Street. Looking northwest from diagonally across intersection of Salisbury and Cabarrus streets, 1972   Andrew Johnson Hotel, northwest corner of Salisbury and Martin streets, 1976
Raleigh skyline, looking northeast from Harrington and Lenoir streets, 1974   Bethel Church, looking northwest from corner of Blount and Morgan streets, 1979   CP&L Building excavation on Fayetteville Street, looking east, 1976   Downtown Boulevard looking north, 1972
Cameron Village, 1961   Cameron Village   Cameron Village Underground, 1960s   Cameron Village Underground, 1960s
Cameron Village Underground, 1960s   North Hills Mall, 1968   North Hills Mall, 1968   Crabtree Valley before shopping center opening, 1968
Wake Memorial Hospital   Rex Hospital on Blue Ridge Road just prior to dedication on September 20, 1980. Viewed from from across Blue Ridge Road   Milburnie Dam / Raleigh Beach   Lassiter's Mill bridge, 1973
Mill at Falls of Neuse, east of Falls of Neuse Road and north of river, 1968   Falls of Neuse dam construction, 1978   Falls of Neuse dam construction, 1978   Shearon-Harris nuclear power plant construction
Raleigh-Durham Airport, 1954   Raleigh-Durham Airport, 1971   Raleigh-Durham Airport, Closer View, 1971    



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