11/30/07 63 W, 1 I - + 20 - 11 Company Level Accountability

The Raleigh Fire Department is enhancing its company-level accountability with Velcro-mounted reflective markers that are attached to self-contained breathing apparatus. One marker is attached to the rear, and is visible from behind the person. The second marker is attached to a shoulder strap and is visible from the front of the person. Pretty cool.

Houston FD has been doing this for quite awhile.
Mike - 11/30/07 - 22:47

To be followed soon with helmet front pieces. No more patent leather, hooray!!!!
Silver - 12/01/07 - 09:23

This is a really good idea, congrats to RFD on the helmet front pieces your soon to be getting.
Andrew - 12/01/07 - 15:38

I like the markers on the pack alot. What are the helmet markers going to look like? Any links or descriptions?
Engineer (Email) - 12/02/07 - 09:08

It’ll go like this; colored front pieces (red, black or green) for the ladders, engines and rescues (respectively). A number will be in the middle with “ENGINE”, “LADDER” or “RESCUE” across the top with “RALEIGH” along the bottom.
Silver - 12/02/07 - 22:20

so the front stays with the company if you are transferred?

or more like the FDNY style with changeable inserts?
CFP 7021 (Email) - 12/02/07 - 23:01

I thought rescue’s were designated by a blue front.
Andrew - 12/02/07 - 23:03

Sounds like a good looking helmet front, and helps build a little more company pride. Too bad everyone keeps getting moved around so often now.
Engineer - 12/02/07 - 23:27

Shev, I wasn’t asked for input. Personally, I feel like interchangeable numbers (velcro or pinned) would’ve been easiest, especially for when you’re detailed. When you get transferred you have to leave the old one for the incoming member. I ordered my own identical front piece, so I can keep it as I move around in my career.

Well, you’d think blue would’ve been the color, as most other departments use blue as well (and Raleigh personnel assigned to “RESCUE” in the old days wore blue helmets). However, it’s my understanding that the people (uniform committee) who picked green thought there might be some confusion with EMS if they used blue, I guess because EMS has blue trucks? (do they have blue helmets?).

Either way, I’m glad we’re focusing a little more on companies, versus stations or individuals.
Silver - 12/03/07 - 13:15

yeah come to think of it EMS does have blue helmets… hmm… cool

ahhh company level pride, there’s a novel concept
CFP 7021 (Email) - 12/03/07 - 22:46

WC EMS and SF EMS have blue helmets, and the EMS drivers at Holly Springs have the blue 880s. At present WC EMS has Reflexite helmet fronts with “EMS #” on the front, but that may be changing, since the Reflexite doesn’t seem to hold up. I don’t know about the rest of the contract agencies in Wake.
DJ (Email) - 12/04/07 - 10:36

I wonder how long before everyone else in the county follows suit?
Mike - 12/04/07 - 23:42

You would be crazy not to… seems like a good way to cheaply and effectively know which company you have where at a glance. A start has been made with some companies around the county with Unit numbers on reflective stickers on the backs of helmets…

another good way is on the globe x-treme to put the names on the flaps that are below the SCBA. I believe the new county morning pride spec will be the same way.
CFP 7021 (Email) - 12/05/07 - 00:07

Are those SCBA labels homemade or purchased?
FF - 12/05/07 - 20:22

Silver - 12/05/07 - 21:52

Found them. It would be great to have it County wide

FF - 12/06/07 - 23:53

That would make a lot of sense. Have four different companies on a scene all properly labeled as “E-1”. I couldn’t resist.
Lt203 - 12/07/07 - 00:35

Let’s not try to resurrect THAT horse again…
DJ (Email) - 12/07/07 - 09:49

Amen DJ!
jetexas - 12/07/07 - 11:42

Round and round we go….although the ride was fun, I’m starting to get dizzy now.
Silver - 12/07/07 - 12:29


(appling electrodes)

Monitor is ON…printing strip…


This horse is D E A D…

DOA, DRT, FUBAR, AART (already at room temperature).

C’mon guys…let’s find something else to beat to death…over and over….
DJ (Email) - 12/07/07 - 14:34

Sorry guys. The temptation there was just more than I could resist. Another example of a potential coordinated effort for firefighter safety thwarted by a lack of a coordinated effort. Not another word. Engine 1 in service.
Lt203 - 12/08/07 - 00:59

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Legeros - 12/08/07 - 06:48