01/01/08 103 W, 2 I - + 24 - 14 Artifact - Wake County Fire Station & Equipment Identification System

Here's an interesting artifact, the original county-wide numbering system that was apparently implemented by the Wake County Firemen's Association. The document is dated April 30, 197_. Methinks the year is 1979, but others can verify. To view a longer and modern list of Wake County fire station numbers, see this list on Carolinas Fire Page. Wonder which fire stations were #1, #2, #3, #10, and #35? They're absent from the old list as well. Gone by that time was Western Boulevard Fire Department. Same for Wake Forest Fire Department #2. That's two possible candidates. Maybe Forestry was one? Maybe Raleigh Central was another??

The one on the CFP is the ‘enhanced’ version that takes into account all of the newer stations. The list as shown is from late 1979. That was the year we put ‘29’ on the sides of our helmets at Yrac. I don’t remember hearing anyone really say as to why there was no 1, 2, or 3. However, I notice that RFD, NCFS, and RDU are missing.

As I remember, Apex, Bay Leaf, Fairgrounds, Falls, F-V, Hopkins, Rolesville, Six Forks, Stoney Hill, Wake Forest, Wendell, Yrac, and Zebulon were the only ones that signed onto the idea. Cary used a modified version, dropping the ‘5’ from everything, instead going with simply ENGINE 1, ENGINE 2, TRUCK 6, and BRUSH 9.

The rescue squads were already using something similar that coincided with the numbers assigned to the towns (and Six Forks).

Great find, Mike.

And no, we are not going to beat that poor horse, again. One of my New Year Resolutions- no beating of dead horses.
DJ (Email) - 01/01/08 - 22:14

Wonder if #35 was the Harris Plant Fire Brigade? They were tied to the county radio system, I think, as they used to participate in the monthly (?) radio checks.
Legeros - 01/01/08 - 22:22

Amazing how similar some of the data is to this list we did in August of 2007:


Isn’t there a Fire Commission meeting this month? At the last meeting they announced they would be working on this issue. Hope some progress has been made.
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 01/02/08 - 02:07

Looks very different from what EMS has implemented…has anyone completed the above spreadsheet out to include staff/officer positions as well for all the fire stations, both City and County? If so would they mind posting it here?

Thanks, Mike
[MTH] (Email) - 01/02/08 - 15:02

How about the first LINE OF DUTY DEATH right here in little old NORTH CAROLINA. My heart felt condolences goes out to the Oregon Hill Fire Department and their Families. I hope that everyone and their families have a safe and Happy New Year. Stay fire safe and PLEASE STOP AT RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS.
John johnson (Email) - 01/02/08 - 19:45

Ask silver about the Harris Plant # DJ. I am sure he knows.
yosilver - 01/02/08 - 23:06

^^ also slow down and wear your seatbelts! I hate to fear that his family will not get the full amount of death benefits because he wasn’t wearing it. Let us learn from it.
CFP 7021 (Email) - 01/02/08 - 23:22

It seems I can very vaguely remember hearing the Harris fire brigade talking over “Wake Fire 1”. If I had to guess, I’d say this was back in the mid-90’s, but I can’t recall the call sign they used.

If anyone has contact with Jimmy Nobles, he’d be the one to ask.
Silver - 01/03/08 - 11:32

I had always heard that Raleigh was alotted number 1
Mike - 01/03/08 - 13:56

The spreadsheet that was done in August is good, but needs to be updated and put into service. With the addition of missing and new units, the system could work.
NEff109 - 01/04/08 - 07:20

I think NEff needs to take advice from DJ’s post (more importantly last line of first post). It’s over and done with, we’ve discussed this time and time again, let it be…..
Silver - 01/04/08 - 11:24

OK…change of pace…anyone know where I can locate one of the old Wake County Fireman’s Association decals? The ones with the maltese cross and the picture of the county borders in the middle?
DJ (Email) - 01/04/08 - 12:10

Dj, I asked President Lane that question just last night. I beleive that he has the box with all of the association paraphenalia and was going to look and see. As to NEFF’s question, and not beating the dead horse (I concur), HAS anyone updated the spreadsheet and most of all, how will line officers within County departments be numbered? I am aware of how the City is doing it, ie. 101, 201, 301 for engines, 106, 1106, 2306 for ladders.
[MTH] - 01/04/08 - 13:29

If they are not a chief officer why do they need a number? Why don’t they go to the station and make sure that a staffed piece of apparatus gets out of the house? Or they could be Car whatever number.
Mike - 01/04/08 - 18:23

Is this just a really bad dream that keeps replaying over and over again?
Silver - 01/04/08 - 19:17

Mike – The Old ID system that you show above was done when I was an officer with the Wake Co. Firemen’s Association in the late 70’s, early 80’s. I still have the blue line copy at home. We tried to arrange departments alphabetically but also matched those departments with existing rescue squads to existing numbers. (Example, Bay Leaf traded 15 to Rolesville since Rolesville rescue was 1571.) We were trying to solve the ID problem on the radio with everybody having an engine 1. We wanted to be more specific on the fire scene. It worked but now Wake County has confused the issue again with duplicate EMS/Fire numbers. I guess we were ahead of our time. Some liked it, some didn’t. What has changed?
Hal Atkinson (Email) - 01/15/08 - 15:54

Remember personal info?

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