01/28/08 21 W, 1 I - + 12 - 8 Chevrons on Front!

From a reader, here are some wild-looking Pierce platforms recently delivered to Montgomery County, MD. Click to enlarge:

More chevrons from MD, these in Howard County.

DJ (Email) - 01/28/08 - 20:01

CFP 7021 (Email) - 01/29/08 - 20:42

I like it…..I guess it comes down to “safety or show piece”?
Silver - 01/29/08 - 21:48

Well…since I don’t like seeing my mama’s oldest boy getting hurt, I guess I would have to go with ‘safety’.
DJ (Email) - 01/29/08 - 23:06

show piece and safety! just like garner’s gorgeous new ems vehicle – i had a hard time containing my excitement at seeing these this morning! bring on the japanese led lights they use on all trucks in japan – makes japanese highways very safe at night when you can see the complete outline of every eighteen-wheeler on the road – like driving through a pachinko parlor or through las vegas (i am not kidding) seriously, the chevrons make things so much safer and they also happen to look great!
corner hydrant - 01/29/08 - 23:19

Not too bad… wouldn’t say I’m a fan of them though. That’s not to say I’m not a fan of ‘safety’ but… what is next? Painting the entire truck in that paint scheme? Most of our wrecks around town are enroute to the call/returning from a call, with the few exceptions. If people still miss all the LEDs and noise, I’m not sure what else we could do… except maybe start installing sensors in vehicles that are tripped by the sound range of a siren that automatically turns the radio off and rolls down the windows so they can hear us. Oh, it would be nice if it automatically adjusted their mirrors OFF of their faces, so they might actually be able to see out their back window! Just a thought.
Luke - 01/29/08 - 23:24

every little bit helps I guess… I’m a HUGE advocate for fire scene safety, especially on the limited access roadways. Bring on whatever can help us out!
CFP 7021 (Email) - 01/29/08 - 23:41

if i remember correctly, in japan, all emergency vehicles have really loud megaphones announcing their arrival, asking people to move, etc – anyone in japan reading? is my memory serving me right?
corner hydrant - 01/30/08 - 00:26

Luke, I guess my argument is that you can have that polished chrome bumper that looks great in parades, or, you can have markings on your vehicle that serve a purpose but some might consider “tacky”. Personally, coming from someone that works a portion of interstate, I’ll pick the safety side…
Silver - 01/30/08 - 00:32

well, i was thinking the leds are more necessary for 18-wheelers since it’s so difficult to gauge their size at night – chevrons are a must (i just happen to think they look great!)- now, i’m really curious if emergency services can and do take over the airwaves in japan(??) in earthquakes, they do – highway radio is on a certain frequency and comes on with updates for the entire national highway system whenever you are in range of it’s signal (a really great service announcing shutdowns, conditions, accidents, etc) – now, the navigation systems in cars turn into tv at the stop sign or whenever you’re stalled in traffic (this was years back), so i wouldn’t be one bit surprised if emergency services could take it over for emergency announcements – would be really interesting to get some feedback from japan to see what’s going on there these days
corner hydrant - 01/30/08 - 01:02

The chevrons appeal to me because of the safety factor (that happens as you get older- I’ll save the extra chrome for my personal ride) and they also appear to a certain ‘tacky gene’ in me. Afterall, I remember the tacky stuff we wore in the 70s and 80s (including the hairstyles on the picture from RFD that Mike posted).

It would be really nice if we could take command of airwaves within a certain distance of our vehicle, or set off a sensor in side of another vehicle that a.- interrupted cell phone conversations, b.- shut down the stereo, c.activated a light around the side view mirros to call attention to us, and d. blacked out the rearview mirror, since it is seldom aimed out the back window, anyway.

Of course, 40mm gun turrets would be a nice option, as well.
DJ (Email) - 01/30/08 - 09:21

I seem to remember a system a number of years ago that was used that would cut into your stereo with important announcements over I believe the RDS system. I do remember reading that it could be used (with the proper transmitters) to alert drivers to oncoming emergency vehicles as well. I guess that technology never panned out. Wouldn’t it be nice if these GPS and navigation systems in vehicles could somehow be linked to technology that would announce the direction of travel of oncoming emergency vehicles. Pipe dreams I guess!
CFP 7021 (Email) - 01/30/08 - 10:38

Oh, the technology is here…just no demand for it. But I have heard of a device being sold in NYC that will disrupt cell phone calls within a specific radius. I would gladly pay out money for one of those!
DJ (Email) - 01/30/08 - 10:45

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