08/12/08 497 W - + 15 - 12 Temporary Fire Stations

Holly Springs has opened a temporary Station 3. They've leased a house at 41014112 Friendship Road, and placed Engine 3 in service there. Operational as of August 1, the station has a metal shelter for storing the apparatus. It's protecting new annexation areas until a permanent facility is erected just down the road on Friendship Road. (Updated 8/20)

Wake Forest is also operating a temporary Station 3. Located at a house at 1412 Forestville Road, the station has housed a day-time engine since some time last year. The town plans to construct a permanent facility on that site in the future.

What other temporary stations have been used around Wake County, in years or eras past?

What others have been used?

How does this happen? Apex #2 is 2 miles away, and is staffed 24/7. You’d think the county would step in and say “enough is enough, there’s no reason for this”.
Silver - 08/12/08 - 20:17

You can also perceive the action as good news for all parties involved. One very close mutual aid engine on either side. Sounds good to me!
Legeros - 08/12/08 - 20:34

Holly Springs has land annexed in the area. They had a recent ISO inspection and with unprotected area they were faced with possibility of going to a 10 rating. At least this is my understanding. With our station 2 being so far out from town and with a 3 man engine, having Holly springs this close may prove to be positive. We will wait and see
Apex Batt Chief - 08/12/08 - 20:46

Sorry, Mike, but it doesn’t sound good. It sounds like a complete waste of taxpayer’s dollars. Silver is right. Enough is enough. A major overhaul is needed. We need one countywide dept. A few stations need to close. Sorry, guys, but the good ole days of “Beau’s hangout” is over.
RescueRanger - 08/12/08 - 21:58

For what it is worth, the county does not have much if any control over a municipality’s decisions if they are within their corporate limits. In Wake County, there is only so much “they” can do since there are so many municipalities with their individual objectives (and fire departments). This is not bad thing though, but achieving a “County-wide FD” would only encompass or affect the following departments who are virtually 100% county tax funded (about 1/2 of the county): Stony Hill, Bayleaf, Falls, Durham Hwy, Hopkins, Fairview, Swift Creek, New-Hope, and Eastern Wake.
(Note – Rolesville, Wake Forest, Garner, and Wendell are still individual corporate bodies that contract to their towns for services, and the towns essentially provide the vast majority of their annual corporate budgets)

There is a lot of departmental diversity in Wake County that some do not totally understand. However, the proper use of taxpayers’ dollars can always be debated… What one governmental body considers proper for its citizens may be considered a waste by others. In my opinion, if fire services can be expanded to any area, it is a benefit for the safety of other responding firefighters and the overall safety of the community. Thanks and be safe !!
A.Rich - 08/12/08 - 22:29

I agree with you Silver, however, the county has no authority over where towns and municipalities build their fire stations. One example of this is when the Town of Cary built station 7 next to Morrisville Station 3. I think we would both agree that the Morrisville Station desperately needed updating to house staff for 24 hour coverage. The Town of Morrisville and the county did not see a benefit from spending that kind of money when the Town of Cary was going to annex and build an updated fire station that is now housing three 24 hour companies including Morrisville Engine 3.

As far as the Holly Springs and Apex Fire Stations being so close, I know that ISO will give you credit for a contract with a rated agency. So therefore, Holly Springs could have contracted with the Town of Apex for coverage and they would have held onto their ISO rating. Again, look at the relationship between the Town of Morrisville and the Town of Cary. Cary has an area around the airport that is a lot further away than the land in Holly Springs from their fire station. Cary contracts with Morrisville for coverage in this area. This saves the citizens of the Town of Cary millions of dollars when you consider the cost of the station, equipment, and manpower.

One other point to consider, why not house Holly Springs Engine 3 in Apex Station 2? This could have been a win / win situation. Maybe the Town of Holly Springs did not want their resources so far out of town. Maybe someone from Holly Springs could give us some insight on their thought process.

How much harder will it be for Apex to get a fourth person on their truck now when they have mutual aid so close? Why does Apex need four people when Holly Springs is three minutes away? Same problems now exist for Holly Springs. If the stations were a little further apart, say four miles (Woods Creek / Old Holly Springs Apex Road area, 4 to 6 minutes), then the justification would be there for the additional staffing, and there would be better coverage over a greater area of the county and the municipalities involved.

Letís look at the other side of Cary. Fairview rebuilt their station 1 on the edge of their fire district, and 1 mile from Cary Station 6, when they could have relocated to a more central location of their fire district. How about another option, why not merge Swift Creek and Fairview when Fairview was rebuilding and put the new station in the center of both districts. Keep the old Fairview station 1, have the Swift Creek Station, Fairview Station 2 and the new central station. WOW, what a four station department that would have been! Better use of land, stations, and equipment than the mergers in the north side of the county and would have been a larger department as well. I think we all will agree that the people in the Penny Road / Olde South Road area would have liked that money spent in this manner instead of rebuilding a station on the edge of a fire district.

I wish that more of the powers to be would look at these types of scenarios to save the tax payers money and give us all better coverage. It does not make sense to have two fire stations two miles apart. That is the main reason the county is starting to close fire stations. The departments in western Wake County are having enough trouble getting county funding without the towns starting this kind of spending.

Now before you start bashing me for my opinions, or ask why donít I do something more active to fix the problem, I did put my name in the hat for the vacant position on the fire commission, however, I was overlooked for someone else on the east side of the county. I guess since there are only two none municipal related departments (Fairview, and Swift Creek) on my side of the county, we donít need as much representation. I have also been in contact with my local department and have been bending the ears of local leaders for my department as well.

Be safe,

See you at the big one….
Outside of the box (Email) - 08/12/08 - 23:33

Oh here we go again….

You will have to excuse me while I go find a dead horse
Beach (Email) - 08/13/08 - 00:11

Well put “outside of the box”. Don’t get me wrong on this, if things go right, the brothers at Engine 2 in Apex will be safer with “back-up” on their heels (positive). For this to work, drilling together will be imperative. But, I do agree that a better location could have been chosen, as stated above. Two miles is a little silly, just like Apex #1 and #3 being so close (1 mile). It’s about maximizing your resources, and would be completely different if these companies are pulling in 3000 runs a year, but they aren’t. I’m not a taxpayer in Apex or Holly Springs, but if I were I’d be pretty pi$$ed that tax dollars are being spent like this.

LTC, you know just like I do that there are probably 2 other spots that firehouse (AFD 3) should have gone, before the existing spot. With mindset like this, what the heck, why not build RFD #29 at Avent Ferry Rd. and Gorman St.? I mean, the citizens will be safer, and we at 20 would have back-up a lot faster. The reason why it’s not going to happen, is because it doesn’t make sense!!! There are better, more practical locations for a firehouse, that would maximize coverage and would be better use of the taxpayers money.

I still remember the tiny stretch of US 1 that has “Town of Holly Springs” signs on it. How ridiculous that was, to own a piece of highway with no entrance or exit, and completely surrounded by another fire district. But hey, we’ve got our signs out there for all to see. The section was so small, if you were in the southbound lanes and staring at the sign, you could see the back of the other sign on the northbound side (clear as mud?).

Before you think about bashing, use your real name, or your credibility is shot.

Stay safe…
Silver (Email) - 08/13/08 - 00:50

Beach, you can find one in the vet hospital section(s) marked “countywide station numbering” or “smooth-bore nozzle usage”.....
Silver - 08/13/08 - 00:53

Original posting updated. The site location of Holly Springs’ future facility is not known, at least to this blogger.
Legeros - 08/13/08 - 03:59

I am not defending the decision to build the station so close to ours. We have taken lemons and hope to make lemonade. Instead of arguing with anyone about HS decision we are chosing to utilize. With the distance of their station from town and the distance of our station from town, and with the amount of time each company will spend in their respective town it should work well. Example if Apex #2 is in town for training and they get a call out there they could call for HS to check in with them.
Silver, I agree that Apex 1 & 3 are way to close. I hope that when we open #4 we may look at redrawing all of our district lines to make response more efficient.
Apex Batt Chief - 08/13/08 - 11:03

Back when the talk first started about building Apex station 3, the chief at the time wanted to impress the town officals. It wasn’t the greatest decision ever made to build so close to station 1.
Jeff - 08/13/08 - 14:37

Is Apex #2 county or municipality station? I am just curious because it falls in the same realm as Morrisville Station #3 which I believe is a county department primarily funded by county funds. I never understood why before and maybe now they will run back into the town of there is a call leaving the area they are supposed to be covering unprotected. Is this the same for Apex?
Just curious - 08/13/08 - 15:39

Apex #2 is a municipal dept. It serves in the county area by contract. There is a split of money with the town and county. Our advantage is that is the only are for our town to grow. They are running water in the area now and sewer will come soon, after that the growth should follow. The town already has expanded its ETJ that direction.
Apex Batt Chief - 08/13/08 - 15:48

Oh crap…here it goes. BTW, the horses were cremated and their ashes were scattered at an undisclosed location.
DJ (Web Site) - 08/13/08 - 19:32

Well the barn is now full, so it’s just a matter of time…........
Beach (Email) - 08/13/08 - 22:12

After speaking with a Holly Springs OFFICIAL, it was decided by their Town Council NOT to contract with the Town of Apex for fire coverage in the Friendship area. The two fire departments had already discussed the option of contracting, especially with Holly Springs’ man power shortage, but it was decided at a municipal (NOT COUNTY) level. Does eveything that happens make sense? Of course it doesn’t. Another interesting topic that you can blog about is how HSFD #3 will NOT be in the CAD, and AFD #2 will be responding to calls in this area as they always have. HSFD #3 will only respond to HS town limits in Friendship, unless requested to respond to county area (which AFD WILL do.) Just remember that municipalities are making these decisions and not the county, HSFD, or AFD. I will be leaving my name off of this post due to the possiblity of my employer being one of the aforementioned entities…
Informed-wish u were 2. - 08/14/08 - 00:26

That’s just it…it is a municipal decision. And in North Carolina municipalities can do just that- make decisions. Does not have to make sense to anyone but the ones making the decisions. And county boards can make decisions to, or leave them to someone else. It’s their perogative.

And it is up to the voters to decide if it was a bad decision or not. If they thought it was bad, then the ones that did it (or did not do it) will be voted out.

Of course, it does have to be something on the radar screen and it has to stay there. Kind of like schools, roads, taxes, etc.

Somehow, I don’t even think this will create a false echo.

Let the horses rest in peace.
DJ (Email) - 08/14/08 - 10:14

Beach (Email) - 08/14/08 - 10:31

I’ll say a “Hail Mary” and an “Our Father” for them…..gone but not forgotten…
Silver - 08/14/08 - 14:18

Multiple sources confirm that the new Holly Springs station is indeed in CAD, as well as other details that correct some of the most recent comments. To prevent the further spread of FUD— fear, uncertainty, doubt— I am closing this thread for the time being. Everyone’s operating with the best of intentions, but let’s get our facts straight(er). Contact me privately if you have questions, comments, etc. And we’ll try remembering any other temporary fire stations at another time…
Legeros - 08/14/08 - 22:29