08/30/08 150 W - + 12 - 12 Closed / Merged Fire Departments in North Carolina?

Thinking cap time. Research for a future FireNews article and probably web site, as dreaded up between Jeff H and myself at his NCSFA booth. What departments in North Carolina have closed, or renamed due to mergers?  Names, year started, year closed, station locations, and any other info. is great. Quick names, off the top of our heads:

Wake County - Western Boulevard (gone), Yrac (merged), Fairgrounds (merged), Six Forks (merged), Wake Forest #2
Meck County - Statesville Road (gone), Derita (gone)
Guilford County - Guilford College (merged), 50-210 (gone?),  Bessimer Road (gone)
Cumberland County - Rayford Road (gone), LaFayette Village (gone), Bonnie Doone (gone), Yadkin Road (gone), Manchester (merged), Lake Upchurch (merged), Lake Rim (gone).
Forsyth County - Winston (merged), Salem (merged)
New Hanover County - Seagate (gone), Winter Park (gone)

And many more, we are sure. All help appreciated!

It seems Yours Truly already has a web page on this, http://www.legeros.com/history/nc/depts.... First thing to go is the memory…
Legeros - 08/30/08 - 09:25

You can add Western Wake Station 2 (YRAC/Cary Rural) closed as well. June 30, 2007
CFP 7021 (Email) - 08/30/08 - 09:48

50-210 in Guilford? I thought it was alive and well in Johnston.

I know at some point there was discussion about a department in Wayne County, Pinewood, I think, but I just saw the other day that one of their trucks was involved in an MVC.

Name change? Cape Carteret is now Western Carteret.

Merger? North Raeford and Tylertown in Hoke County merged. I think it is still called North Raeford. I also think that there was a merger of sorts on Oak Island a few years back. I know Yaupon Beach VFD is till there, but was about Long Beach Public Safety? I think they and someone else was absorbed into Oak Island Fire Rescue.

Gone? Several years ago the Village of Pinehurst fired the volunteers and started their own, hired people, etc.
DJ (Email) - 08/30/08 - 10:10

Let’s try 10-A Fire Department in Guilford County, not 50-210. In Buncombe County, Biltmore Village had a FD that might have merged with AFD. There were probably some military base fire departments that are no more, such as Camp McKall (spelling?). Some of the big hospitals had fire departments, such as the Morganton State Hospital and even Dorothea Dix. Heck, even St. Augustine College had a fire department in the early 1900s!
Legeros - 08/30/08 - 10:34

Bridgeton in Craven County had a FD, believe they merged with/into Tri-County (right name?) FD. The old fire station/town hall building was still standing as of some years ago.
Legeros - 08/30/08 - 10:49

Mecklenburg County: Sharon VFD (Near the South Park Mall) became Carmel VFD and Carmel VFD merged with Carolina VFD due to Charlotte annexations, Woodlawn VFD disbanded due to Charlotte annexations and is now a Mecklenburg County Medic Station on Nations Ford Road, Derita had a very short stint with the Charlotte Life Saving Crew before being disbanded, Hickory Grove VFD became Robinson VFD, Moores Chapel and Wilkinson Boulevard VFD’s merged and became West Mecklenburg VFD, Pinoca VFD merged with West Mecklenburg, Oakhurst VFD closed in the 70’s and donated their equipment to the newly formed Idewild VFD, Statesville Road VFD closed due to Charlotte annexations, Providence VFD relocated into Union County due to Charlotte annexations. Providence shared their old firehouse with the Charlotte FD for many years and is now CFD Station 9. The original Station 9 was closed in the late 70’s?? It was located near CPCC?? Rumor is that Gilead, Mallard Creek and possibly Long Creek will become satellite firehouses for Huntersville. Who is left for now: Carolina, Cooks, Cornelius, Davidson, Gilead, Huntersville, Idewild, Long Creek, Mallard Creek, Newell, Pineville, Providence, Steele Creek and West Mecklenburg

Gaston County: East Gastonia VFD which was located on East Ozark Avenue disbanded in the early 70’s due to Gastonia annexations, Rhyne VFD disbanded due to Gastonia annexations, Chapel Grove VFD and South Gastonia VFD merged and became Crowder’s Mountain VFD, Chestnut Ridge VFD merged with the Tryonota VFD, Catawba Heights VFD became Mount Holly Station 2.
Apache1 (Email) - 08/30/08 - 13:56

Alamance County: 87 South and Eli Whitney became one
Brunswick County: Long Beach FD and Yaupon Beach FD were suppose to merge as one and become Oak Island, Looks like Yaupon backed out
Buncombe County: Beaverdam merged with Reems Creek, ENKA FD was closed by the BSAF Company in 1987 and the Enka-Candler FD formed out of this closure, Beacon Mills FD became Swannanoa FD
Cabarrus County: Fieldcrest Cannon FD is now Kannapolis Station 5, Royal Oaks FD is now Kannapolis Station 3 and Winecoff FD closed to become a Kannapolis Station
Catawba County: Viewmont VFD closed due to Hickory annexations, Fairbrook VFD closed???, Maiden rural merged with Maiden FD
Craven County: Bridgeton FD closed in 1999
Cumberland County: Bonnie Doone is now Fayetteville Station 9, Lafayette Village is now closed, Lake Rim is now closed, Manchester VFD was dissolved by the county, Fayetteville CFR merged with Fayetteville FD, Raeford Road closed due to annexation, Yadkin Road merged with Bonnie Doone, Cedar Creek now closed, Lake Upchurch is part of Stoney Point
Forsyth County: Triangle is now closed, South Fork VFD merged with Clemmons, Mount Tabor VFD merged with Vienna, Forest Hills???????
Guilford County: Battleground merged with Summerfield, Deep River closed in 2005 due to High Point annexation, Guilford College now Greensboro, District 14 closed in 2005, District 13 is or is becoming part of Greensboro, Jamestown merged with Pinecroft-Sedegield, Friden FD?????
Hoke County: Tyler Village merged with North Raeford in 2005
Hyde County: Ponzer VFD was formed in 2007
Madison County: West Madison became Spring Creek
Mcdowell County: Hankins-North Fork formed in 2000
New Hanover County: South Wilmington VFD closed???, Seagate closed in 2005, Winter Park closed in 2005, New Hanover County CFR????
Orange County: Chapel Hill Public Safety?????
Rockingham County: Draper, Leaksville and Spray now Eden FD
Rowan County: Mount Ulla Bear Poplar FD and Caldwell FD merged with West Rowan
Rutherford County: Shiloh, Danieltown and Oakland became SDO FD
Union County: Monroe Public Safety?????
Apache1 (Email) - 08/30/08 - 17:46

Mecklenburg County update on closures:

Carmel VFD was located at 6325 Carmel Road / Merged with Carolina in the 90’s / 1959-?
Derita VFD was located at 2715 West Sugar Creek Road / Closed in the 90’s
Moores Chapel VFD was located near Moores Chapel Road and Blacksnake Road / Merged with the WBVFD in 1984 / 1954-1984
Wilkinson Boulevard VFD was initially located on Wilkinson Boulevard at Old Steele Creek Road, they relocated to Little Rock Road near Wilkinson Blvd / Merged with MCVFD in 1984 / 1943-1984
Hickory Grove VFD was located at 6115 Hickory Grove Road / Became Robinson in 1988 / 1953-1988
Statesville Road VFD was located at 3315 Lake Road / Closed in the 80’s
Pincoa VFD was located at 5330 Hovis Road / Merged with West Meck in the 90’s
Oakhurst VFD was located at Sharon Amity and Monroe Road / 1952-1975

General Information:

Cornelius is also known as the Cornelius-Lemley Fire District
Davidson is also known as the Davidson-North Star Fire District
Huntersville is also known as the Craighead Fire District
Matthews is also known as the Matthews-Morning Star Fire District
Pineville is also known as the Pineville-Morrow Fire District
Woodlawn VFD was located on Nations Ford Road at now Medic Station 2
Sharon VFD was located on Park Road across from the South Park Mall / Became Carmel
Apache1 (Email) - 08/30/08 - 18:21

To add to Apache1’s first post, CFD Station 9 was formerly located in Dilworth near Freedom Park (1901 East Bv).
Luke - 08/31/08 - 02:05

Great info, Apache 1! Here’s a Meck summary, with more info. found on Internet:

CARMEL. 1960s-1994-95. Merged with Carolina VFD. Station at 6325 Carmel Road.
DERITA. 1950-1994-95. Continued operation as rescue squad. Station at 2715 West Sugar Creek Road.
HICKORY GROVE. 1953-1988. Became Robinson FD. Station at 6115 Hickory Grove Road.
MOORES CHAPEL. 1954-1984. Merged with Wilkinson Boulevard VFD. Station near Moores Chapel Road and Blacksnaek Road.
OAKHURST. 1952-1975. Station at Sharon Amity and Monroe roads. Donated equipment to newly formed Idlewild FD.
PINOCA. 1949-1994-95. Merged with West Mecklenburg FD. Station at 5330 Hovis Road.
PROVIDENCE. 1954-?. Shared station with Charlotte FD.
SHARON. 1959-1960s . Became Carmel FD. Station located on Park Road, across from South Park Mall.
STATESVILLE ROAD. 1957-1989. Station located at 3315 Lake Road.
WILKINSON BOULEVARD. 1943-1984. Merged with Moores Chapel VFD. Station at Wilkinson Boulevard at Old Steele
Creek Road, then Little Rock Road near Wilkinson Boulevard.
WOODLAWN. ?-? Station on Nations Ford Road, now Medic Station 2.
Legeros - 08/31/08 - 07:47

Much of these great comments now updated here, http://www.legeros.com/history/nc/depts...
Legeros - 08/31/08 - 09:30


Please correct the typo relating to the Wilkinson Boulevard VFD. They merged with Moores Chapel, not Mallard Creek. Sharon VFD was located across from the South Park Mall, not South Park Road. Pinoca merged with West Mecklenburg, not Moores Chapel.
Apache1 (Email) - 08/31/08 - 09:40

Great corrections! Fixed. Keep ‘em coming!
Legeros - 08/31/08 - 09:42

Gaston County Updates:

Rhyne VFD was located on West Davidson Avenue at I-85. The two-bay garage is still on the site.
Chapel Grove VFD was located at 111 Camp Rotary Road at Linwood Road
South Gastonia was located on 321 South just south of Crowders Creek Road
The Crowders Mountain North Station is located at 215 East Virginia Avenue in Bessemer City. This house was a result of the Bessemer City Rescue Squad mergeing with the CGVFD and SGVFD. The Crowders Mountain South Station is now located at 480 Bethany Road
The old Chestnut Ridge VFD is still operating out of their original firehouse as Tryonota #2
The old Catawba Heights VFD firehouse is still in place on Belmont Mount Holly Road at Fire Department Drive and is now Mount Holly Station #2
Apache1 (Email) - 08/31/08 - 09:54

Gastonia Firehouse Relocations:

Gastonia Station 1:
Originally in 1901 was located at the old courthouse at Franklin Boulevard and South Streets
Relocated in the 50’s to 117 West Second Avenue at South Street
Relocated in 2002 to 260 North Myrtle School Road

Station #2:
Originally located on North Marietta Street on the site that the new courthouse sits on now
Relocated in 1989 to 510 New Way Drive after the old firehouse was damaged by Hurricane Hugo

Station #3:
Originally located at West Franklin Boulevard at Webb Street (Now used car dealership)
Relocated in 2002 to 717 Wellons Drive off of Union Road

Station #4:
Originally located on South New Hope Road across from the Orthopedic Hospital (Now a Organic Food Store)
Relocated in 2002 to 900 Armstrong Park Road near South New Hope Road

Station #8
Was originally ran out of the old Chapel Grove VFD Firehouse until the new house was built at 613 Carson Road in 2002
Apache1 (Email) - 08/31/08 - 10:10

Old NCSFA rosters find some interesting new names circa 1950s:

Ca-Val FD (Person)
Cross Cotton Mills FD (McDowell)
Julian Robertson FD (Rowan)
Oteen FD (Buncombe)
Route 10 FD (Mecklenburg)
Rowan Mill FD (Rowan)
Wallburg FD (Forsythe)
Legeros - 08/31/08 - 22:18

Grew up in Mecklenburg County, Never heard of the “Route 10” FD. Where was it located? Does the OSFM not have records of departments that have formed and closed in the past? What about the organization that issues charters? Some old timers in Gaston County once told me that the Peerless Mill in Lowell had its own fire brigade. It was reported that if a fire occurred in the plant or on the property (including the mill homes) that the fire brigade would report to the closest red box and stretch 2-1/2” lines from the closest mill hydrant and fight the fire. The towns department was formed in 1949 and did not respond unless requested. The only evidence that the mill hill existed is the old bridge and a portion of the dam that crossed the South Fork River. There are also old graves scattered throughout the woods. There is no documented evidence of this fire brigades existance except for by word of mouth.
Apache1 (Email) - 09/01/08 - 09:02

I have not (yet) mined the records of OSFM. Mill brigades were commonly noted on Sanborn Maps, as were schools, and other institutions. There’s 150-ish years of formal fire protection to be recorded in North Carolina by someone, someday!

An NCSFA roster from the 1950s lists only Route 10 as an FD. It is listed above the entry for Wilkinson Boulevard, which compels me to conclude that the roads are the same, and maybe was an early name/part name of WBFD?
Legeros - 09/01/08 - 09:07

About Route 10: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NC_10
Legeros - 09/01/08 - 09:09

Further research does not indicate that Highway 10 went through Mecklenburg County. The NCSFA roster perhaps incorrectly listed Route 10 FD as associated with Charlotte, and perhaps were referring to the 10-A FD outside High Point. It was renamed the Hasty FD after a reorg in 1980.
Legeros - 09/01/08 - 14:23

That makes more sense. I haven’t found anyone who can attribute 10A to WBVFD.
apache1 (Email) - 09/01/08 - 14:49

Leaksville Rural and Draper Rural in Rockingham County are still in existence; Station 210 and 220 respectively.
K Hall (Email) - 09/01/08 - 15:05

Spray Rural Fire District was split between Leaskville Rural and Draper Rural. Leaksville Rural has built their own station west of Eden off NC 135. Draper Rural is still housed inside Eden City Station 2 but they are looking to build their own station in the near future.
K Hall (Email) - 09/01/08 - 15:09

Did Leaksville, Spray, and Draper each have municipal FDs still operating at the time their municipalities merged to form Eden, and thus Eden FD?
Legeros - 09/01/08 - 15:13

In Wayne County their once was a fire department named Fork and was split into 2 districts. They dissolved sometimes in the 70s or 80s and 2 fire departments started, Rosewood Fire Department and Oakland Fire Department. Old pictures in their stations show the trucks with Fork on them.
car3550 - 09/01/08 - 16:41

I remember seeing the Fork Fire District signs on US70 as you were leaving Goldsboro and entering Wayne County. They had a two bay station on NC581. As you were heading south from US70, it was a short distance past the railroad tracks on the right. It was similar in desgin to the original Elroy station, which is located on US70 east, between Goldsboro and the current Elroy station.
DJ (Email) - 09/01/08 - 17:44

This building, no? http://www.legeros.com/history/nc/images..

Fork Township FD was formed in 1959, then renamed in 1988 as Rosewood FD. That is, as corporation records show. Oakland FD was formed in 1960, says corporation records.
Legeros - 09/01/08 - 19:13

Added some longer text histories to http://www.legeros.com/history/nc/depts...

And plan to keep adding. Also, learned WBFD in Meck County was the first rural FD in the state, organized 1942. Or so it seems.
Legeros - 09/01/08 - 20:38

Hey, Mike. That’s it, however, back when it was the fire station, it had a flat roof. Seems like I remember seeing the Oakland Fire District signs back in the 70s, along with the Fork ones.
DJ (Email) - 09/01/08 - 20:59

I read somewhere and it may even be on their patch that the South Salisbury VFD was one of the first departments to be chartered in the state. The WBVFD was most definitely the first rural department to form in Mecklenburg County. I have heard many tails of the WBVFD responding throughout all of MEcklenburg County until other areas formed departments. The Cherryville FD was the first department in Gaston County (Late 1800’s). Gastonia in 1901. Catawba Heights and New Hope were the first rural departments in the county (1953). Lowell came about in 1949. The last two departments to form in Gaston County was the East Gaston VFD between Mount Holly and Stanley (1973) and the Chestnut Ridge VFD in 1984.
Apache1 (Email) - 09/01/08 - 21:16

Mike, I figured it up last night and almost every department in Gaston County but a few have had more than one firehouse. Lowell-2, Spencer Mountain-2, Alexis-2, Stanley-2, East Gaston-2, Lucia Riverbend-2, Community-4, Catawba Heights-2, Mount Holly-3, Mcadenville-2, Cramerton-2, South Point-2, Belmont-2, New Hope-2, South Gastonia and Chapel Grove-2, Ag Center-2, Dallas-2, Cherryville-2-3. Documenting all of the prior locations will be a task.
Apache1 (Email) - 09/01/08 - 21:21

South Salisbury VFD was incorporated in 1951. Chartered perhaps many years earlier? Don’t know.

Some of the earliest rural FDs, now gone, include WBFD in Meck County (1942), Seagate in NH County (1946), Sedge Garden in Forsyth (1949), Guilford College (1949), and Pinoca in Meck County (1949).
Legeros - 09/01/08 - 21:26

A couple corrections.
Cabarrus County: Winecoff VFD is now Kannapolis Station 4, Poplar Tent VFD closed due to Concord annexations, Pitts School VFD? is now Concord Station 5.

Catawba County: Fairbrook VFD is now Hickory Station 5, and Viewmont VFD is now Hickory Station 6 with there old station just off Highway 127 North.

Forsyth County: Forest Hills VFD moved to Stokes County as a substation for a VFD there.

Guilford County: Fire District 14 is now Greensboro Station 56.

Rowan County: Mount Ulla Bear Poplar and Centenary VFD’s merged and became West Rowan VFD.

Stanly County: Oakboro City VFD and Oakboro Rural VFD merged into one department.

Union County: Unionville VFD Station 2 is now Monroe Station 5 with some Unionville trucks there I believe.

There is still a Wallburg VFD in Davidson County just below the Forsyth Co line.
[bcfd424] - 09/01/08 - 21:48

I forgot one in Catawba County. The Startown VFD merged with the Newton FD on July 1, 2001. Old Startown station is now Newton Station 3 located at 4197 Startown Rd.
[bcfd424] - 09/02/08 - 12:52

Mike, Ref Eden Fire Depts

Before Eden was Eden, there wer 3 villages: Leaksville, Spray and Draper-all had their own FD’s.
When the 3 towns merged to form Eden, they became Station 1, 2 & 3 respectively and later built a Station 4 in the central area.

At that time, Leaksville, Spray and Draper had a city dept, and a rural dept housed in the same bldg, but separate apparatus.

Leaksville Rural recently built their own station outside the city. Draper rural is still housed at Eden Sta 2 in the old Draper area but have land to build on in the future.

Spray Rural(closed) was housed at Station 3 in the old Spray section. That district has been divided between Leaksville Rural and Draper Rural. I “think” the Spray apparatus went to Draper Rural in the agreement but is still housed at Station 3 as a “substation” to Draper Rural.

Hope that helps

To add to someone elses reference to Forest Hills in Forsyth Co, from what I gather from my neighbors in Stokes County, that dept’s apparatus and some personnel became part of South Stokes FD when Winston Salem annexed most of the Forest HIlls’ district and South Stokes absorbed the rest…I think Forest Hills’ district crossed the county line
K Hall - 09/04/08 - 10:47

From a comment to this FireNews blog posting, http://firenews.net/index.php/editor/blo.., the town of Hazelwood’s fire department merged into the Waynesville Fire Department, around July 1995. It became WFD #2.
Legeros - 09/14/08 - 08:17

In a similar vein, the towns of Long Beach and Yaupon Beach in Brunswick County merged and formed Oak Island on July 1, 1999.
Legeros - 09/14/08 - 08:20

Mike- Yaupon Beach VFD is still a seperate entity. They are building a new station as of 7/4/2008. Just as you enter the village, there is a temproary station on the left and from time to time a YBVFD vehicle is in front. That weekend there was a brush unit and Suburban, both lettered YPVFD. Don’t know what the politics and such was in all of that, but a couple of friends down there confirm the still seperated and independent YBVFD. There are I believe two OIFD stations. Long Beach, at one time, had a Public Safety Department (combined police and fire).
DJ (Email) - 09/14/08 - 12:57

Prior to their merger, the police departments began working together April 1, 1999. The fire departments stayed apart, for whatever reason. The OFD web site notes that YBFD provides contract fire protection to the town.
Legeros - 09/14/08 - 17:26

To K Hall on Forest Hills in Forsyth. They were formed in the 50’s in an area near the Smith Reynolds Airport and covered a district around that area. I do not think that they ever covered an area in Stokes County due to the distance. You may be thinking of Rural Hall and the King Fire Department. Actually the fire department was organized with ties to a civic club named Forest Hills. The Old station still sits on th original site on Cherry St and has equipment in it.
With respect to Yaupon, they are still a seperated entity for fire protection and will probably remain so for many years to come until some political issues are resolved. Consolidation of the 2 towns did not remove any political barriers as they were supposed to.
js (Email) - 10/17/08 - 15:15

There is even a current effort underway (I don’t know exactly how long it has been underway) to seceed YB from OI. It is the same, I guess, with any merger of any entity. Old loyalties and traditions run deep.
DJ (Web Site) - 10/17/08 - 21:29

Remember personal info?

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