01/28/09 163 W, 4 I - + 11 - 8 Bell Revealed!

We've seen the first photo before, a 1930 view of the Revenue Building with old Station 1 in the left side of the frame. The version we saw before was small. Details were easy to miss. Having obtained a full-sized version of the picture, enlarged views of Station 1 and the fire station tower are shown below. The images reveal the fire bell, atop the tower and entirely exposed. Did it sit without shelter since 1914, the year it was moved there from Metropolitan Hall. TBD. Or maybe never known. For now, we may need to change our language. The bell was not necessarily "in" the tower, but atop it! Another neat detail is the false front opposite the tower, on the fire station. No third story there. Photo courtesy North Carolina State Archives, from Carolina Power and Light (CP&L) Photograph Collection (Ph.C.68). Read more about the history of the bell. Click to enlarge:

North Carolina State Archives Photos