09/06/09 119 W, 1 I - + 6 - 9 This Afternoon's Fire in Wake Forest

House fire at 404 Wild Duck Court in Wake Forest. Two-story, wood-frame structure with 1,609 square-feet. Arriving units encountered heavy fire inside, and in the rear of structure. White Street closed south of street at Secret Pond Drive, due to supply line from hydrant at that corner. Engine 1 and Engine 3 supplying hand lines. Dispatched 2:41 p.m. Controlled within an hour. Units on scene included E1, E2, E3, E4, L1, R1, B1, EMS 10, EMS 11, EMS 12, EMS 33, District 3, Truck 1. Also units from Youngsville and...? WFFD Ladies Auxiliary assisted with rehab. NBC17 reports a couple firefighters had minor injuries. Readers please add additional details. Photos from Legeros coming have been posted.

I dont know if you saw all the pictures from the Fire but what was a “SHFD” firemen doing at the fire. I know I was on the other side of the county but I never heard SHFD get dispatched.
Robert - 09/08/09 - 15:17

The Stony Hill Firemen were there to help with the “job”.
HAND (Email) - 09/08/09 - 22:04

Help with the “JOB” you mean the “fire”. I understand it is nice to have help but when you are not dispatched ( so in terms they jumped the call) and all that show up are to “ KIDS “ i don’t think it makes that department look good. And talking to others, No one heard Command request for SHFD so now I guess you can call what they did serious Free Lancing.
Robert - 09/08/09 - 22:43

Yes Robert, some of us (mostly damn yankees) call a fire a “job” or “catching work”.
Silver - 09/08/09 - 23:25

One, two, three pot shots. Thanks for playing, Robert.
Legeros - 09/09/09 - 05:29

who really cares which department shows up on a call, as long as the fire gets put out and the people all get out okay. furthermore the more fire fighters that show up on a call the quicker the fire gets put out especially in areas that are served by volunteer fire departments.
charlie - 09/09/09 - 11:57

Ultimately the IC decided it was alright and Im not going to question his decision. He was there, we were not. Im hoping said Firefighter was watching from the sideline, was recognized as such and offered to lend a hand. Thats not such a bad scenario AS LONG as he was accounted for and attached to a company. Just showing up, putting on your gear and a pack and running onto the fire scene..without stopping in at the CP? I seriously doubt that’s what happened. Charlie has it right in saying that we need to examine the context in which it happened. It does leave some questions about insurance and whatnot that cannot be ignored. When it comes to that, I have NO idea how it works, so I’ll leave that to the more educated on the subject.
KOM - 09/09/09 - 14:48

Wow… it seems some of you are loaded for bear! Well, here’s the facts. There was no “call jumping.” The two firefighters were nearby when the incident occurred. They were at the home of one of the FF’s mothers, who happened to live close by. They went to the scene and were taking photos, when they were noticed by two of the WFFD Captains. As the officers were apparently tired, they in turn asked the two SHFD firefighters to please help. So they did; and did so appropriately. Frankly, I am glad they provided assistance. We are safer in numbers.
Insurance is covered no matter what, however being dispatched is best. Consider this… if a FD has a need and you’re close by, capable, equipped, and ASKED TO HELP... duh!!... Please do so!!. Stony Hill was ready to respond if requested and moved a pumper to the Hwy 98 and Retail Drive area for a while to provide coverage. This move-up was not requested, but is the right thing to do.
I ask you all… why must we be condesending and inclined towards controversy? Mike offers a resource for us all to learn from each other. Knowing facts is LEARNING!
Stay safe
A.C. Rich - 09/09/09 - 16:38

I was there…live next door. Hats off to Capt. Mohn and the WF boys…great work on a tough “job” (I married a yankee)!! Agree completely with AC. Some people need to get a life. I was busy trying to keep my 10 year old son from packin’ up and doin-it…lol stay safe!
Hubbell (Email) - 09/09/09 - 17:26

...can I get a Hooah Bear?
KOM - 09/09/09 - 20:28

(crickets chirping) where’d everybody go???
jdh - 09/09/09 - 20:55

AC- Could not have said it better myself. As everyone knows, I am a paramedic and former firefighter. In my travels, I see lots of calls and incidents along the way. If it looks like it is under control, I keep going. If they look like they need some help, I offer. If they say yes, I’m there. If not, I’m gone. It’s that right “thing to do” thing that everyone pays lip service to but how many actually step up? In my experience, not many. It’s easier to sit back and take pot shots over something you saw from a distance or listened to from afar. This thread basically advanced because someone commented on something that they apparently did not know anything about. Imagine that.
DJ (Email) (Web Site) - 09/09/09 - 20:56

Thanks Dale – agreed! Dang Roddy, is he 10 now? We’re getting old… but we’re keeping it real!
A.C. Rich - 09/09/09 - 21:07

Thanks for the clarification A.C., as “Hand” and I discussed same at shift change too. Just goes to show, get the whole story before you go “ass“uming stuff (you know who you are). Looked like a stubborn job, that beat up some of the Wake Forest brothers. Seems your boys were at the right place, at the right time…

Roddy, that’s funny stuff…
Silver - 09/10/09 - 11:18

Eh’ Robert, pretty hard to hear the Stony Hill guys get asked to help when it’s done face to face, ain’t it?
Silver - 09/10/09 - 11:23

Attention all units, nit-picking will now be done face-to-face.
LJM - 09/10/09 - 12:33

Yeah, hats off to the WFFD guys. That fire was real stubborn. It looked like a simple attic fire upon arrival but ended up being in a false space in a rear dormer that was basically inaccessible. They did a great job from start to finish.
Mike - 09/10/09 - 12:50

So was the house really one story, as tax records said? I thought it two, from outside appearance. Meant to ask that earlier.
Legeros - 09/10/09 - 17:58

OK… I apologize for injecting again, but these guys were covered by the organization’s insurance. Trust me, I do know that one for sure.
A.C.Rich - 09/10/09 - 22:56

Would this work in Cary or Raleigh…Ride up and start fighting fire just because they have a little fire showing. And shouldn’t Car 3 have requested that help and not a Captain. Just wondering incase I am around Wake Forest or Stoney Hill who I need to ask if I can go "tame the beast" with my buddies. But if so, anyone who wants to e-bay some airpacks can ride in my pickup on our days off and go fight fires all over the county. We can even call my truck Wake County FireHunter 1. Call me at (919) 555-1234 for anyone that wants to apply.
Firedawg09 - 09/10/09 - 23:04

A.C. that is right! If you are asked to help you are covered! First off sometime insurance programs will deny the claim especially if you are dealing with a municipality! They have stricter guidelines on what they cover or they elect to have the NCLOM handle it! But for the most part the volunteer chiefs and their insurance agent write the specs on what and how they want coverage! Don’t forget this one some of you have never heard! If a police officer asks for your average Joe help did you know by LAW that you are able to help him and if you whoop someone’s tale you are covered under that agency! That is true i asked! anyway i am glade that all our brothers went home safe!!!! lol J
Jason Lane - 09/10/09 - 23:22

Firedawg, that’s funny, but you seem frustrated somehow and may not completely understand. Are you a young or inexperienced person in the fire service? If so, it’s OK… I’ll try to help you. First, it’s Stony Hill. Next, our worker’s comp covers an injury if the activity is authorized. Authorization is not just in the form of “being dispatched.” Wake County does have a county wide mutual aid agreement that all FD’s sign off on – and it does not specify dispatch, it indicates “request.” As for my organization, if you and your buddies show up in your truck and we need help, we will use it. It’s up to you if you participate when asked and also what your organization will allow (i.e. who pays your insurance). Does this mean that we should ride around the county looking for calls? Certainly not. However, when help is needed, and you’re there, I hope you offer to help (brotherhood). Raleigh and Cary… I can’t comment on their position as I am not their chief(s), however the same situation can be applied if the FLSA stuff is addressed (FT employees that are off-duty) . Any more questions from anybody? I’ll do my best to answer them. Regardless of perspective, I stand behind the decision my guys made on the scene (PTB-FTM).
A.C. Rich - 09/10/09 - 23:50

Where does that condescension and inclination toward controversy, aptly cited by Chief Rich, come from? Why is discussion and (hopefully) learning lead by impoliteness, antagonism, and hostility? Maybe it’s just generational. That was the tone from those who came before. The old guys were (seemed?) grumpy and mean, which taught the new guys to be grumpy and mean. Fair enough, I guess. So if that simplistic explanation holds water (ha), then who was the first one? The alpha man, er, fireman. Now there’s a historical question! Maybe it was just a nice guy that, ages ago, had a bad day. And his mood didn’t change.
Legeros - 09/11/09 - 06:58

I can think of a few times that I was at my firehouse off duty (city firehouse), the buzzer hit, and I simply asked the officer in charge “you guys want an extra”? Are we covered? My understanding is yes, we are.

On the flip side, if I’m tending to business downtown and stop by the Dawson St. Firehouse (not mine) and they clear the house, I’m not going to grab some other Brother’s gear off the rack just to take in some work. I’ll be glad to catch the doors though, then maybe go snap a few pics.

It’s about recognition too. I know a few Cary guys, and live in Cary. If a house is burning in my hood, will I offer a hand, say, changing bottles? Damn right I will. If they say “no thanks”, will I be upset? Nope.

These guys were recognized by Wake Forest members to be able bodied workers, so they put them to work. Next topic…
Silver - 09/11/09 - 08:22

Calls off duty? If a fire comes in at shift change at my house, you’ll have more than just 4 trying to pile in the truck to go.

I concur with Silver that if I’m at another house, I’m not going to grab any other gear to take in the run.
Rides An Engine - 09/11/09 - 09:00

What I meant by “calls off duty” Rides, is like if I was swinging by the firehouse, at 2pm, on a Saturday of my 4-days off to pick something up, and the buzzer hits for a fire.
Silver - 09/11/09 - 09:53

Who gives a rats behind who was on the call. The fire was put out and can’t no fireman tell me that they wouldn’t have done the same thing. I love to fight fire just like the next one and if you were put in the same situation as the two Stoney Hill fireman you would have done the same as they did. The ones that have a problem with it are just jealous that their department don’t burn like others. Get over it and move on. Silver and A.C. you might as well quit fussing with em’ cause they think they’re always right.
JG - 09/11/09 - 15:18

Not fussin’ JG, I’ve done the same thing! Sorta’ miss my vollie days, saw more fire then!!
Silver - 09/12/09 - 10:29

Remember personal info?

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