11/05/09 148 W - + 15 - 13 Facebook Discussion on Discussing Apparatus Accidents

Trying something new, we started a discussion earlier today on Facebook, on the topic of discussing apparatus accidents. The question, complete with misspellings in the original posting, was this: Should apparatus accidents be talked about or kept hush hush? Is there greater good from shared experience and safety tips; or is it more bad press and embarrassing than anything else?

Read the responses and join the discussion, which requires two things (a.) logging onto Facebook (which requires free membership) and (b.) sending a friend request to Mike Legeros (if you are not a friend already). Apologies to those who wish to remain anonymous and participate. And feel free to unfriend Yours Truly after the discussion runs its course!

In a perfect world, we'd have a separate Facebook account for this blog, and it wouldn't requiring friending for reading. We'll work on that.