02/10/10 87 W, 1 I - + 9 - 12 Central Fire Station, 1990

Here's a 20 year-old picture of Raleigh's Big House, from a 35mm color slide, from a set of station and apparatus photos recently found in fire department storage. Watch for the full set soon. Parked on the apron are three of the city's first four Pierce fire engines, two of three 1989 Pierce Arrow pumpers, and a 1988 Pierce Arrow 85-foot articulating platform. Back when they called them Trucks. The third engine was located at Station 9. The slide is dated October 1990. Photographer unknown. Click to enlarge:

E-mail came out to us today, announcing placement of the two new rigs when they arrive. Engine 13 will get one, and their existing engine will be re-assigned to Engine 28. Engine 11 will get the other, with their engine going to Engine 4. I guess we’re up to twenty-something Pierces now.
Silver - 02/10/10 - 22:51

This pic brings back a lot of fond memories! I was a new boy there when the first Arrows arrived in late 1989 (E-1, E-13). Man, those trucks were the envy of the department back then. Outside of the two EEI’s and the Pirsch, everything else was still Mack CF’s and a two ALF 900’s.
A.C. Rich - 02/11/10 - 01:15

They had that nice, deep sound too when accelerating…
Silver - 02/11/10 - 04:16

I know we are talking about RFD....but who was the first county department to get a Pierce? Who was it and when was it?
Buckwheat - 02/11/10 - 12:31

That’s a great question Buck, I’m going to guess and see if I’m right. Was it Swift Creek, Mike???????
Silver - 02/11/10 - 12:35

I think that Garner and Bay Leaf both had Pierce’s that were from around 84 or so.
Mike - 02/11/10 - 13:24

Swift Creek, Garner, and Bayleaf had early Pierces. Maybe they will chime-in with some details. Now, y’all be specific… there were several “Pierce” conventional cabs trucks around in the late 70’s-early 80’s. I guess we are speaking of Pierce customs(?). If my service testing memory serves me right, Bayleaf’s first customs were 1985 models. They can confirm. Really good and TOUGH trucks!!
A.C. Rich - 02/11/10 - 15:38

Good point A.C., because I think Swift Creek Engine 5 (?) in the 1994/95 time frame was a “Pierce” but had a Chevy or Ford cab (can’t remember). I do remember the sluggish gas, manual engine and the flames that would shoot out of the exhaust pipe when it would backfire.
Silver - 02/11/10 - 16:23

Cary had 2 1987 Pierce custom engines and a 1988 Pierce custom Ladder and an earlier Ford/Pierce (maybe 1982ish).
CFP 7021 - 02/11/10 - 16:31

If memory serves me right both Bay Leaf 252 and 256 (at the time) were 1985 Pierce Dash Custom Pumpers. (and yes AC, they were SOLID trucks)
Mike H. - 02/11/10 - 17:13

Say my records…

Swift Creek had a 1976 Ford/Pierce pumper, and a 1977 _____/Pierce pumper/tanker.

Cary had a 1982 Ford/Pierce pumper.

Bay Leaf had a 1985 Pierce Dash pumper, and a 1985 Pierce Dash pumper/tanker.

Garner had a 1986 Ford/Pierce tanker, and a 1987 Pierce Dash pumper/tanker.

Swift Creek had a 1987 Pierce pumper.

Cary had two 1987 Pierce Arrow pumpers.

And so on.
Legeros - 02/11/10 - 17:29

Garner had a 1984 Pierce Dash Pumper that was Engine 10 when my volunteer deparment bought it in 2006, it is still in very good shape and is one pumping truck.
car3550 - 02/11/10 - 18:07

Not trying to start anything and merely asking this question for my own clarification but I was under the impression with the new apparatus numbering system that went into effect all apparatus, engines included, would stay that number. I remember the email stating that this would eliminate having to renumber the hose, equipment, truck, etc. Is this not going to be the case for the new engines? Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly but wouldn’t the Wake X-roads house now house E13 and the Sawmill house now house E11/L1? Downtown house would become E1/E29/L4? Brentwood house E30/L2?
PeeWee - 02/12/10 - 23:22

No, you were a little mistaken. The new numbering system works like this; currently we (Ladder 1) are at the Northway Ct. Firehouse with Engine 4 (Sawmill Station, Station 4 or whatever you want to call it). If they were to take Ladder 1, and relocate the company to Engine 15’s quarters, we’d still be Ladder 1. Same goes for the rescue companies.

You have to think of it as it pertains to the “company”, not the physical apparatus itself. If they were to give us a “new” ride at Ladder Company 1, let’s just say Ladder Company 2 gets a new rig and we get their hand me down, we’d still be Ladder Company 1 no matter what truck we were riding.

As far as numbering hose goes, it’s just an inventory number. Let’s say your last number on your 5” was 100, you’d just start with 101 on your new rig. When it comes to tools, I think you’ll see companies keeping their tools and tranferring them to the new rig, no need for renumbering there either.

Wake Crossroads is Engine 28, and will always be regardless of how many new rigs they get. Same with E11/L2. They’ll always be those companies, in that house, regardless of the apparatus. Unless of course, L2 gets relocated someplace, but they’ll still be Ladder Company 2.

You aren’t the first person that had this interpretation, so I know you aren’t being a trouble maker!!

Stay safe…
Silver - 02/13/10 - 02:35

I have always heard that Swift Creek’s 1976 Ford/Pierce pumper was the first Pierce fire apparatus in Wake Co.
Griggs (Email) - 02/13/10 - 11:56

Remember personal info?

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