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Six Forks EMS 121 creeps forward on Glenwood Avenue, responding to a motor-vehicle accident at Arrow Drive with Engine 16. Congested artery with no shoulders, and we're not describing the photographer.

regardless of the traffic conditions, I thought the law was you move out of the way for emergency apparatus running lights and siren. yes, it is a congested artery and they probably need to do something to fix this traffic congestion problem around crabtree sooner rather than later.
charlie - 10/03/10 - 18:17

That is the law, yes, but it’s almost never enforced, because any LEO that sees the offense is usually en route to the same thing the ambulance is. Oh, how I wish I had time to follow EMS and fire and write tickets to the people that won’t yield!
rfburns - 10/03/10 - 20:34

For fun, here is the excerpt from NCGS 20-157a – “...the driver of every other vehicle shall immediately drive the same to a position as near as possible and parallel to the right-hand edge or curb, clear of any intersection of streets or highways, and shall stop and remain in such position unless otherwise directed by a law enforcement or traffic officer until law enforcement or fire department vehicle or public or private ambulance or rescue squad emergency service vehicle shall have passed.”
A.C. Rich - 10/03/10 - 20:58

And in this particular pic, traffic is being funneled into a single lane due to apparatus blocking and the accident vehicles. Photo Boy crossed Glenwood and doubled back on Arrow to get close.

Then, after cones were extended to block two outer lanes, a couple drivers got creative and detoured through the gas station and through the scene. The crew on scene was not amused by the creativity of the motorists.
Legeros - 10/03/10 - 21:07

Caption “Speak up, I can’t hear you on my cell with all the traffic noise, where do you want to go to eat?”
2redline - 10/03/10 - 21:11

Be honest, can you really hear sirens and horns unless the unit is righ on top of you? My 2010 Accord is damn soundproof. And on those rare occasions where I am not aware of approaching emergency vehicles, they surprise the heck out of me. And I am rarely blasting music. Though the voices in my head are another matter entirely…
Legeros - 10/03/10 - 21:22

Hear the sirens? Funny you should ask. Based upon anecdotal experience on my part, and an actual ‘scientific experiment’ I helped conduct, there are ‘limits’ upon what folks can actually hear. Of course, cars are more sound proof these days. And the stereos are louder and of better quality.

So, on ambulances I have used with the eQ2, I have found that if I use it like a regular ‘Q’, meaning ‘letting it wail’, the traffic lanes part before me. I watch my partners play with the siren like they are trying to communicate with a space ship from some far galaxy, and folks don’t move. So why is that, you ask?

Something about the sound waves. The steady tone (letting it wail by holding the button down) tends to carry further. The regular wail cycle carries almost as far. When you switch to ‘yelp’ or, heaven forbid, that messed up ‘phaser’ sound, the sound waves seem to not travel as far. My own experience is when an emergency vehicle comes up behind you, if you are sitting still, you really don’t seem to hear the ‘fast’ tones until they are about two or three car lengths away. Now, imagine that you are traveling down the road at the posted speed limit (like that happens), the distance seems to get closer.

Almost always, if an LEO comes up behind me with the siren on, if I am moving in traffic, I never hear the siren on yelp or phaser until they are less than 20 yards away. And I don’t ride with the stereo playing that loud. I have seen numerous times the same thing with ambulances in traffic. Play with the siren and no one hears you. Set it on wail, or lay down on the eQ2 manual button, and traffic hears you from a distance.
DJ - 10/04/10 - 09:37

“Oooooh! Look at the shiny, bright lights!!!”
Joffre - 10/05/10 - 15:54

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