10/14/10 62 W, 6 I - + 11 - 7 The Accident Scene - Then and Now

By way of comparison to the vintage pictures posted previously, here's a modern accident scene. Engine 9 and EMS 3 yesterday at the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Lead Mine Road. Some apples to oranges to the vintage pictures, notably the absence of spectators. How many other things are different, then versus now? Click to enlarge:

Differences? First of all, there is better scene control. Not only of the spectators, but we usually try to form safety zone. Plenty of personnel (resources). Safety vests. Protective clothing (at least helmets). Look at the photos from the Holly Springs crash. Look at all of the personnel (fire and EMS) in protective gear. Back in the day, even the fire folks rarely put on gear at an MVC. Spill control? I can’t count how many times I slipped on something, because fluids were not washed up until after the patients were tended to. And although it is not a popular decision at times, fire and EMS are not afraid to shut down a roadway for our safety. Even a busy one. Back in the day we would not have thought about doing that. Of course, we did not seem to care about our safety back then, either.
DJ - 10/14/10 - 22:20

These pictures make we wonder about the city’s policy on wearing shorts. When is a scene “hazardous enough” that shorts aren’t appropriate? The old joke used to be “if someone gets hurt, be sure to put their gear on them so that they’re covered”.
Shorty - 10/15/10 - 08:25

When extrication is being performed.
KP - 10/15/10 - 14:58

I’ll second that shorty… Without pissing anyone off I will say that I’m shocked at the apathy for safety at accident scenes demonstrated recently by the city. There, Iím sure that worked- but really think about it, wearing shorts is a privilege and certainly nothing you are entitled to. So, a sure fire way to have that privilege revoked is by taking the chances demonstrated above (not wearing gear) and something happening (cut leg, tracking fluids back to the house on your shoes). So letís be honest, the city set the trend in the county for wearing shorts…I personally enjoy that privilege and would hate to see it disappear because of an incident, or the mere perception that firefighters are enjoying staying cool so much that they feel there is no need for bunker pants (minimum). I hope this is not another trend that will be set, Raleigh FF’s please remember that a lot of the volunteers in the county and other county firefighters look up to you and you should take it as a compliment when they want to do the things they see you city boys doing. Please think about what kind of example you are setting. And donít give me that crap about there not being any hazards or safety issues on this accident scene, for Petes sake your putting absorbent down on an unknown liquid- and maybe even walking through it…with your SHOES that you also wear home. You really want to track blood, gas, brake fluid, coolant, or whatever that stuff is all over the floor and carpet your children play on?

I’m sure I pissed a few of you off but thatís good, means I got your attention. Remember all of us are leaders to some extent; captains to your crew, firefighters to your new recruits, and one department to another. Your actions will always speak louder than your words, and Iím sure youre reading this saying ďits just shortsĒ but is that not where it starts? Next month it may be foregoing the tools on a fire alarm, the airpack on a car fire (saw that recently too!). This isnít the first time ive seen this with RFD and will probably not be the last, hate me now but thank me later for what might/ might not happen on the next run when you WEAR YOUR GEAR. If you wanna be pissed then be pissed at yourself, and remember change starts with YOUÖ.no true brother /firefighter is going to criticize you for being over- dressed. Feel free to email me and cuss me out but think about what your pissed about first.
J.Boggs (Email) - 10/15/10 - 22:37

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