10/20/10 284 W, 2 I - + 9 - 14 Raleigh City Council Approves New Fire Station (Updated)

As this WRAL story reports, the Raleigh City Council yesterday approved a recommendation to negotiate a design and construction contract. The architect is Williard Ferm Architects, PA of Raleigh. They designed the city's three prior three fire stations, Stations 26, 27, and 28.

Fire Station 29 will be located in the 12000 block of Leesville Road in northwest Raleigh. That's near the Harrington Grove subdivision, and also near the Durham County line. As the story notes, capital funding was budgeted in 2009 for planning, design, and construction. Groundbreaking is scheduled for early spring 2011.

Below is the actual agenda item from yesterday's City Council Meeting agenda document:

9. Consultant Services
9.1  Fire Station 29 Design and Construction Administration
The City has received request for qualifications (RFQ) from 11 firms to negotiate a design and construction administration contract for a new Fire Station Number 29 which will be located near the Harrington Grove Subdivision in Northwest Raleigh on Leesville Road. Funding is budgeted in 2009 for planning, design and construction. The Facilities and Operations Department, Fire Department and Public Works Construction Management Division staff reviewed the qualifications and recommend the following firms to be considered in this order:

Williard Ferm Architects, PA, Raleigh, NC
KCI Associates of NC, Raleigh, NC
MS Consultant, INC, Garner, NC

Authorize the City Manager to negotiate the contract with the consultant firm, Williard Ferm Architects, PA, for design and construction administration in the order listed.

Late afternoon update. Here's a map of the area to be covered by the fire station, derived from this official map of the city limits, and with station locations approximately or exactly marked. Note the map is dated July 2010. See more city maps. Click to enlarge:

Now the big question; is 1 or 13 going out there? Or, is the original plan from way back coming into play (an engine and ladder budgeted, with the ladder not necessarily going out to 29). Anyone in the know?
Silver - 10/20/10 - 11:22

1000 ft away from Bethesda Station 2 and 2 miles from Durham Highway Station 1…sounds like a great use of tax payer money.
Dumb - 10/20/10 - 12:53

Unfortunately usually someones’ feelings will get hurt. Durham #13 is 1.4 miles (per Google) from Bethesda #1. Now CoR Engine 29 will be close to Bethesda #2. Same with one of Parkwood’s firehouses and Durham #16….

I see your point, but, in this instance the residents in these areas pay City of Raleigh taxes and expect fire protection from same. It’s not meant to shut anyone down or start fights. Personally, I think the CoR has done a good job at helping out Bethesda #2, Durham Highway and others (auto-aid contracts) versus shutting them out. Think of it this way, a home in this area of the city catches on fire and you as the City Fire Chief rely on Bethesda #2 to cover this area. but Bethesda #2 is out on a fire alarm in RTP (in Durham County). As the City Chief, do you think you did your job?
Silver - 10/20/10 - 13:54

Dear Dumb, The City of Raleigh is responsible for covering its taxpayers with Raleigh fire trucks. Raleigh must keeps its current ISO grading; in other words, they have to have a station every so often throughout their city proper. Another fact that you may not be considering (or may be jealous of) is that municipalities do not simply plop a station down on the map haphazardly. There are studies done as far as population growth and annexation futures that play into station locations. Quite simply, Raleigh will eventually annex the areas of both of the departments you mentioned, sooner or later. I know that it may anger you, but covering any city or town limits with a “volunteer” station does not equal the same coverage as the city or town department does. I know that there are paid folks at both the stations mentioned, and I am sure that they do a fine job. Most municipalities are not willing to depend on departments that may have different rules and staffing levels in order to represent them to their citizens. Another big obstacle to your every-fire-department-is-equal mentality is that the two stations you mentioned, along with all the other Wake County stations, do not have the same set of standards for hiring, promotions, or even certifications necessary to be a responding firefighter as I know Raleigh does. (Dead horse territory!) While I too want the closest unit to respond, I want the people on that unit to meet certain standards, which in this county, has yet to be addressed. The plain and simple fact of the matter is this: Raleigh citizens pay for a Raleigh truck, and the knowledge and standards that come along with that truck.
Bob P. - 10/20/10 - 14:06

Well said Bob
Apex Batt Chief - 10/20/10 - 15:47

Bob P, good explanation. The problem is, even after the city has annexed everything around, the county will continue to fund the volunteer station because closing fire stations is just wrong.
Same ole Same Ole - 10/20/10 - 16:18

so for those who are not 100% familiar with #29 response area…what would that be? Into Durham County? By how much or not?
What about Wake County? Could Durham Highway basically fade away much like Six Forks did except they merged with Bayleaf but you get the point.

How much of their area is not hydranted? or is it all using Raleigh’s water system.

Not quite up to speed with those on the North side.

Not trying to stir any ——...just curious.
Buckwheat - 10/20/10 - 17:09

This page on the city web site has a map of the city limits, http://raleighnc.gov/search/content/CorM..

Using this most-detailed version of the available maps, http://raleighnc.gov/content/ITechGIS/Do..

I have updated the above posting with a map showing the northwest corner of the city, and the approximate location of Station 29. Plus the two city stations nearest, Station 23 and Station 24.

Regarding hydrants, I believe the entire area has them, no?
Legeros - 10/20/10 - 17:23

Also, the WRAL story has some amusing reader comments, a dozen-plus so far, http://www.wral.com/news/news_briefs/sto..
Legeros - 10/20/10 - 17:29

Silver and Bob P. are absolutely correct. And I’m sorry to hurt some feelings but being both a vollie and professional firefighter I think it’s asinine for anyone to think a volunteer station can provide the same level of service as Raleigh unless the rare instance of a duty crew comprised of off-duty Raleigh (or any other professional dept.) firefighters occurs. Those taxpayers pay for the professional service provided by Raleigh and should receive it.
RescueRanger - 10/20/10 - 20:12

RescueRanger, I have respect for you with most of the posts you have on here, however, I would have to say that the phrasing of your last post was rather rude. To say that volunteers cannot provide ‘professional’ service like a full-time paid firefighter can is not true. I know many volunteers who take their role very seriously, and to say that only a full-time paid firefighter off duty could properly staff a vollunteer house is quite misled and rather offensive.
Brian - 10/20/10 - 21:15

I have to agree with Brian. I have been both a volunteer and a paid member and have had worked side by side with volunteers that would run circles around a full time paid(professional as it was put)firefighter. I recieved every cert I have as a volunteer and proud of that and would like to think I functioned and put the same fires out or provided the same medical service for free as I did getting a salary without a citizen knwoing who was a professional or not. I have always stood up for the volunteer firefigher because like many other of our brothers and sisters, that is how we started in the fire service.
20 + year firefighter - 10/20/10 - 21:40

Bob and Silver offer logical points on municipal obligations, however (we) should re-evaluate this perceived definition of “professional.” To separate and otherwise categorize volunteers and career by the word “professional” is actually… well, “asinine.” Yes, there are variations between organizations, but does that make them less professional? RR, can you please define what is meant by “any other professional department” and “professional service” for me? ...or is this simply a wording choice error?
A.C. Rich - 10/20/10 - 21:42

I agree. Nothing more to say.
A.C. Rich - 10/20/10 - 21:47

Buckwheat- There are only a few little spots that 29 could take from Durham Highway ( that is in the county) and all do not have hydrants for the total of Durham Highway its about a 50/50 split on what has hydrants and what does not.

Rescue Ranger- I agree with Brian, there are alot of Vollie Depts that have great vollies that due take their job seriously. As for Durham Highway i run with them alot and they might be made up of alot of the younger crowd but by far they are very strong.Plus DHFD has a 3 man fulltime staff that run the first out truck that have to have all the same requirements that raleigh has for their guys. I am pretty sure but i think DHFD can provide the same level of service as Raleigh can. I know alot of guys in Raleigh and all i trust what they say and when you talk to them about calls they have ran with DHFD they talk very highly of DHFD. Is there depts out there that dont have the same thoughts and actions? YEA! but me looking in from the outside i think the North region has a whole for vollie depts are very strong.
A Paid and Vollie - 10/20/10 - 21:50

Sorry to have offended so many as it wasn’t my intentions. However, I still stand by what I posted. I feel the level of experience is what differentiates between a career (my new choice of words) or vollie department. I gained more experience in my first 5 years with Raleigh than I did in my 18 years serving as a vollie. There is no doubt that 99% of vollies give it their 110% and their heart is truly in the work. But, again, it’s asinine to think a vollie department can provide the same level of service [when $#!* hits the fan] as a career department. The experience level is just not there. The city council knows this or else they’d save the city tons of money by using “closest unit response” and not sending a Raleigh engine company with a vollie department that’s closer to the call in the city. Station 29 is a prime example of this with it’s location being a half-mile away from one vollie department and 2 miles away from another.
RescueRanger - 10/20/10 - 22:11

The better thing to do would have been to relocate 23 to a new station on Leesville Church Rd. It’s a stub road with no traffic problems (but who knows about land issues), easy access to 540, right there at the Strickland/Leesville intersection, a bit closer to the Harrington Grove area, and about 1.5 miles away from the current location. The roads out there are terrible in terms of emergency response. Its difficult to get there from 24 (ladder 6 primary and E-24 secondary). It’s a bit of a hinterland for 23 at it’s current location, and an E-29 will be pretty isolated, they won’t ever cross back south of 540. Two whole neighborhoods as a territory…yipee! Having spent many years running in that territory, I’d have moved 23, but no one asked me or anyone familiar with the territory that I know of. I just ride the back seat. That’s not meant to sound disgruntled at all, but there were 12 people with firsthand knowledge. Maybe the city is eying the land west of Shady Grove Rd. I did hear something about a subdivision up the street from Bethesda at some point.
23 vet - 10/20/10 - 22:27

@23vet; Brother, just because you ride the back step doesn’t mean you have dumb ideas.

“Professional”; I’ve met vollies that were 100% pro’s and career members that were so un-professional it was sickening. However, I do see what RR is sort of talking about. Nothing
against vollies (I was one for 12 years and sort of miss it) or anyone else at all, but when it comes to the City of Raleigh taxpayers, they expect a City of Raleigh rig to provide initial service and a City of Raleigh Firehouse close by, and it’s going to continue to happen folks. Like stated above, it’s growth and this area is growing like a weed.
Silver - 10/20/10 - 22:56

From my perspective, I think the level of service is not Raleigh FF vs Wake County FF, but rather a RFD engine/ladder company vs. a Wake County engine/ladder company. The question isn’t whether or not a WC FD can provide qualified people, but whether all WC FDs can provide the same level as RFD all the time. With each WC FD being organized and run independently, Raleigh officals just cannot assume that the same level of service can be provided as their own can provide.

Also, I think it is a huge misconception that RFD will not take over an area without hydrants. Like everything else, it comes down to money…if and when RFD is paid enough money by the county for coverage, you will see them go into these areas. Just my opinion.
John Pershing - 10/21/10 - 06:30

No offense taken there RR. I understand your concerns. In addition, speaking of cost effectiveness, the replication of responses to medical and single unit incidents is not very affordable overall, whether city or county. Also, if closest station response is considered by the City of Raleigh, the contract the city pays to the county FD can dictate performance standards and solve the issue. John is right. RFD previously proposed a ridiculous and unrealistic amount of money for the contract coverage in the non-hydrant areas. That’s why the closure initiative was pulled by the Fire Commission (for now) as the city’s quote was more expensive that the current costs for the existing targeted County stations. This proposal will surely be revisited though as revenue is now being sought by the city.
A.C. Rich - 10/21/10 - 09:16

Sorry for the “spam” warnings AC and others. There are odd words and word combinations that prevent select comments from being added. Mail me directly and I can add myself, or recommend that you alter your word choices and resumbit. Just keep trying!
Legeros - 10/21/10 - 09:18

Thanks Mike! This is a good discussion.
A.C. Rich - 10/21/10 - 09:25


I understand your position to a degree. There are poorly trained volunteers in this county and across the world as well as those that could go and sit right beside any of the city of raleigh firemen and perform at their level if not above. I personally have seen Raleigh firemen do things on scenes that are absolutely wrong and dangerous to patients, other firemen and themselves. The city of raleigh has a responsibility to provide fire service to its citizens absolutely but to say what if Bethesda is out on a FA in RTP or DHFD is on a call elsewhere isn’t a valid argument in opinion. What if Engine 29 is out on a call elsewhere? Once 29 goes in if the contract for the Harrington Grove area is up DHFD won’t be responding second due but 23 from a much longer distance but that is another issue for another day…bottom line is just because you get paid by the city to do your job doesn’t mean that you can do that job better than someone who gets paid to do it by someone else or doesn’t get paid at all. Experience you say is an issue, sure, maybe a quarter of the companies in the city run enough calls or fires to justify that statement.
Dear RR - 10/21/10 - 11:19

Took longer than expected, but I was waiting for the “well what if 29 is out on a run” argument. The Fire Chief of our Department has an obligation, adequate fire protection to this area of the city. That’s it. He can DIRECTLY effect and control the level of service (training, manpower, etc.) provided to that area of THE CITY, with the other departments not so much.
Silver - 10/21/10 - 14:11

Silver has stated the exact reason why the City wants a fire station there. The City can control what happens with fire services in that area. Of course through the fire chief that the city has hired and feels confident that can carry out the needs of the city for fire protection. If the City wants to build another fire house so be it. Let them, the city just wants to provide the service every other citizen of Raleigh has. Approriate fire service at the level the City provides. Now before anyone jumps on the opinion that the City doesn’t provide anything different then Bethesda or Durham or DHFD. Lets sit back and think about it. Does the City have control over any other fire department? Can the City dictate what any other fire department does? Is the training at Fire Department X the exact same as the city? The answer to those few questions and many more that can be asked is no. Only the City of Raleigh can perform fire services the way the City of Raleigh does. There is no other answer to it. Even if each individual out there thinks the City is lacking or could have a better fire service. Then so be it that is your opinion and keep it to yourself. The City does a fine job at protecting their Citizens, again its their Citizens. If the city feels they need another fire station for the City then let the city build it. It will in the long run provide for more jobs in NC. We all know what our unemployment rate looks like.
Finally - 10/21/10 - 16:55

Station #29 is being built to address planned population expansion. The city is obligated via ordinance and state law to provide fire protection to their jurisdicton. So, is it really a case of what the city wants, or is it law, or is it the confusing case of what the citizens expect coupled with what WE expect. Now, how we define citizen expectations will vary because we define it through our eyes. Do they (citizens) really care who comes? Probably not, just so it is fast, courteous, and productive.

Also, some of the previous questions offered by “Finally” may be actually answered as “YES.” For example, if (for some reason) the city decided to contract, they could dictate performance levels to the other department via the contract. Be it what it is, contracting is a short term solution until the city infrastructure is in place to support the expected services. I’ve been at RFD for over 21 years and have seen several stations open. All of them have taken a piece of the rural area away. It is the same story, just a different location. This is nothing new – Trust me.
A.C. Rich - 10/21/10 - 18:31

I agree with A.C…this is nothing new. However, that doesn’t make it any easier. I can understand why the FDs in which these new stations will effect fight it so much. They essentially see the end coming. It is a sad but true reality of growth. Only the strong survive, and in the case of Wake County, the strong are the municipalities. Whether or not it happens in our lifetime or in the next few years, county stations that are located in unincorporated areas will continue to merge with others and eventually go away due to growth. Just how it is folks. The boroughs of NY I’m sure were all once individual FDs, but now its all one. But I can’t blame them for fighting it, even though it is inevitable.
KP - 10/21/10 - 20:51

will E29 respond into Durham county. IF not then Bethseda will keep there station 2 open so it can respond into areas not covered by rfd, in durham county. Bethseda already rolls mutual aid with the city of Durham with L413 into east durham, and their ambulances respond along with the city of durham’s E13 on medical calls.
what Raleigh should do with E29 is dispatch it as well as auto aid closest engine to a structure fire call in E29’s first due area, Especially with Bethseda’s E421 being a quint.
charles - 10/22/10 - 02:24

To AC’s point about historical trends, here’s prior post showing the city annexation history plus current city fire station locations, http://legeros.com/ralwake/photos/weblog..

Over the decades, the growth of the city has impacted the adjoining rural fire districts, and at times necessitated the relocation of rural fire stations. As well as the outright closure of one rural fire department.

Station 8 sits a couple blocks east of where the Western Boulevard FD was located at the corner of Western and Nowell. When the city annexed that area in 1960, and the original Station 8 opened at the corner of Method and Western, the WBFD district suffered a big shrink. It disbanded, and its members reformed as the Fairground FD, later named Fairgrounds FD, plural.

Station 9 sits basically across the street from the second location of the Six Forks Road FD, and just up the road from their first location. Station 9 opened in 1963, a year after SFFD moved farther north to their third location in the building that’s now Wake County EMS Station 3. They moved a fourth and last time in 1974 to Lynn and Lead Mine roads, to the building that’s now Bay Leaf Station 3 and Six Forks EMS Station 1. That’s the year Station 15 opened on Spring Forest Road, and presumably started serving some of the Six Forks FD district to the northeast.

Station 17 sits a stone’s throw from the original Durham Highway FD fire station on Davis Circle. The city station opened in 1984. By that time, DHFD was operating their second station on Pinecrest Road. It opened in 1976. Don’t have data on when responses from the Davis Cricle station started dropping off. But it was closed in or about 1992.

Station 23 occupies the second Durham Highway FD fire station on Pinecrest Road. It opened as DHFD in 1976, and as RFD in 2000. Durham Highway opened their third location on Norwood in 1992.

Other Raleigh station areas, and annexations therein, have likely or certainly affected the districts of other rural fire departments that ring the city, Bay Leaf, Falls, New Hope, Swift Creek, Western Wake, etc. Don’t have data on fire district changes over the decades. Memo to self: try to find that some time.

Don’t have data either on any contracts that these rural departments might have been fulfilling for the city, during these decades. Memo to self: try to find that as well.

Signed, History Boy.
Legeros - 10/22/10 - 08:06

And really, these are the same situations that have presented themselves in other North Carolina cities, big and small. We blogged before about Charlotte’s annexation history, http://www.legeros.com/ralwake/photos/we... And the same patterns have happened in Wilmington, Fayetteville, Greensboro, High Point, and so on.
Legeros - 10/22/10 - 08:22

@ Raleigh Jon – From what I had read and seen, the plans were for ACC to extend all the way to Carpenter Pond road at one point…this was coming from Glenwood and TW Alexander side, NOT the Precision Drive side. It was part of some super road plan, moving TW Alexander all the way to Hwy 98 and so forth. Also for Leesville Road to turn before the last 2 houses at the 4 way stop, making a bigger intersection out that way, and joining the back part of Harrington Grove (where the second half of North Exeter Way sits. They cannot connect the two pieces due to the protected land). Alot of this has fallen the way side, some of it since Mr. Page wont sell the farm, and since the economy tanked.

Someone else mentioned the city looking for land out in the Durham County side of Shady Grove Church Rd. That was a plan at one point, more of the land swap deals… building a subdivision north of the Leesville / Shady Grove intersection, on the west side of Shady Grove. City of Durham didnt want to expand the water supply that way, and City of Raleigh agreed to take it. Once again, hard to tell if this will ever happen due to the economy.

Progress, good or bad, is a way of life. Like my hair line, some things will fade away, and like my gut, some things will grow. I remember being assigned to Engine 23 and riding the 82 Mack. I was there the day Raleigh annexed Harrington Grove and the rest of Dominion and Woodlawn. I remember drawing the first maps by hand of Brier Creek so we knew how to run our 15 minute responses to Globe Center. All in all, I have seen many many changes in this area of Raleigh and Wake County in 11 years.

The bottom line is, we all have to deal with change, and accept it. I live in Harrington Grove. And if I get 421, Pumper 1, or E-29… as long as I get competent and professional service, that is what counts. The safety and security of my family and my neighborhood are the important factors. Lets not loose sight of that boys and girls, we are here to save lives and property, and serve the public… regardless of who they are or where they live.

Stay Safe.
A.S. Meier - 10/22/10 - 15:16

Well said Andy. Hey, I do have one question for all – totally off of the subject… Why do we post the “@” in front of someone’s name when replying? I guess I need to do that before I violate some blogging rule of order… Just a dumb old redneck here…
A.C. Rich - 10/22/10 - 15:23

With me being in the hiring process for Raleigh now, I wonder if they are gonna include these personnel in this hiring process or if they are gonna staff it with another truck or engine (eng 13). Also, I still havent heard how many are gonna be hired? Has anyone heard a number on this process?
John Dowens - 10/22/10 - 16:46

A.C., hahahaha, I get it from Twitter. When you reply to someone, or you're directing comments at someone, you use the "” to show same. No big deal…

@John, nobody knows how many will be hired. Just give 100% on the testing!! Take it that they’re hiring one, and you’re trying out for one spot!! Do your best, that’s all I can say. We’ve heard so many rumors about hiring it’s silly to post them.
Silver - 10/22/10 - 18:51

Gotcha John! Didn’t know, but now do!
A.C. Rich - 10/22/10 - 22:28

...I mean Jeff (was reading John’s post)... I’m getting old… Good night Gracie! (and good luck John).
A.C. Rich - 10/22/10 - 22:30

Actually a joint shared station with Raleigh and Bethseda would be a great idea, maybe even throw in a Durham City apparatus as well. the arrangement seems to be good for Cary and Morisville, who share a station, and for Raleigh and Durham Highway.
Charles - 10/23/10 - 04:45

While Durham Highway and Raleigh “share” 23’s house, I really don’t consider that a true “shared concept”. Cary and Mo-ville definitely a good example. Not a fan though, if “town A” is out and a call comes in close to said firehouse and “town B” doesn’t answer up. Heard that’s happened at some places. If that is truly the case, then what the hell is the point of sharing?
Silver - 10/23/10 - 12:52

I’m with Silver, not being a fan of shared stations. It works, sort of, but it mostly works for the ‘bean counters’. Everyone on both sides has to be absolutely committed to making it work, including everyone in the station. All it takes is one ‘problem’ (on either side) and it becomes, well, sort of like the distant relative that came to stay and won’t leave.
DJ - 10/23/10 - 13:25

DJ, presumably fire and EMS sharing works though? Or at least better than fire and fire sharing?
Legeros - 10/23/10 - 13:47

We’ll just leave it at my previous statement. It works when everyone is absolutely committed to making it work. But if one person, and it only takes one, is not committed, or just plain out doesn’t like it, well, it causes some uncomfortable feelings and situations. EMS and fire works sometimes, but other times it doesn’t, for the same reasons.
DJ - 10/23/10 - 20:40

Jeff, you are correct its not really a shared station situation, what DH does is lease the station to the city with wording in the contract that will provide DH responds to the same areas it did while occupying the pinecrest rd station. In other words instead of E18 or E17, DH would fill in that response as the second or third engine as the call requires.

As far as DH “fading away”, don’t see that happening too soon since the areas north of strickland are in the watershed (no commercial) and DH sta 1 is the best situated station to cover those areas ie. Wood Valley, Boulder Creek, Hawthorne and many others. Raleigh has no current plans to annex these non-hydranted residential areas.

Andy – Thanks for the kind words, DH had protected Harrington Grove and Dominion Park since they were built I can remember painting the hundreds of hydrants in those areas.

Mike – The Davis Dr station closed in 1989

Dale – you know you miss DH
Dillon - 10/24/10 - 09:23

Closed in 1989, one year after the Raleigh tornado. Do I recall that the building was blown down, or damaged? Station 17, across the way, had it’s roof lifted off, if memory serves. As the story goes, there was a mound of dirt beside the station, left from some construction. This protected the building and the sleeping firefighters inside.
Legeros - 10/24/10 - 09:28

Mike, your right the staion was damaged (doors mainly) we currently have that station behind DH Sta 1 as a work shop/storage area/fitness room. Also there was an adult book store across Davis Circle that had signifigant damage causing several magazines to be blown on the front apron of DH!!
Dillon - 10/24/10 - 09:41

Adult magazines? I am not familiar with that term…

Let me dig up a couple photos of old Station 1, when we’re back in Raleigh. Any excuse to post historical photos is always a good one.
Legeros - 10/24/10 - 09:56

Does anybody know whether or not they will eat lunch at Back Yard Burger? I love that place.
Matt Farley - 10/25/10 - 18:08

They should be allowed to go to Back Yard Burger, Bethesda goes there and station 29 would be closer.
Chris Sandler - 10/26/10 - 16:14

If it’s in their first due, why not?
Silver - 10/26/10 - 17:04

I’m confused by this question on eating out in the territory…do some departments not allow this??
KP - 10/26/10 - 21:12

Yes, and some “old school” bosses still feel like it’s a bad thing to go out to eat. My thing, turn it into a public relations event. I know of a crew that posted up at Goodberry’s (in their first due) and gave two “show the fire truck” tours. The kids, and adults, loved it!! Plus, it didn’t take much effort and they educated the adults on a few things too.
Silver - 10/26/10 - 22:25

better IMHO to be out in the community and the first due, be visible, show the tax payers that you exist. Take the time to do district training, learn about your buildings before you have to go there on an emergency. Take the time to interact with your bosses (taxpayers) and show them what they’ve provided to us to allow us to serve them in their time of need.
CFP 7021 - 10/26/10 - 23:59

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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