10/30/10 123 W, 4 I - + 8 - 6 Vehicle Fire From Many Angles

The WTVD news helicopter was nearby Friday, when a sport-utility vehicle caught fire on Interstate 40 near Aviation Parkway. See a slideshow of crews extinguishing the fully involved vehicle fire. 


WRAL also posted a traffic camera image of the fire, as well as video footage of the scene. Good timing on the part of the camera crew. Wonder if they stage around there, awaiting the inevitable rush-hour incidents. Looks like four fire units, probably Cary, Morrisville, and Western Wake. Lanes blocked in both directions. 

Now that is scene safety.
Spanky - 10/30/10 - 11:54

Considering I hear one of the choppers hovering every morning over I40 & US 1/64 near where I live I believe as long as the weather is good they are flyin’.
Of course this ex-TPB Producer & Traffic Reporter remembers the days when we still had local traffic reporters out on the roads and up in the sky.
The good old days of 450.5875Mhz.
I know Mike remembers this as well. :-)
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 10/30/10 - 23:43

My year as a traffic reporter out of college was strictly road-based. I got air sick if I went up!

Then I abandoned radio altogether and joined the Raleigh Fire Department.
Legeros - 10/30/10 - 23:55

Even though I love my I.T. Gig these days I do miss the camaraderie of the old T.P.B. with Ben Alexander, Vanna Fox, Bryan Bliss, John Champion, Mike Coats, Dave Alexander, etc. We had a good crew and we had a bunch of folks that would listen to us cut-up on the 450.5875Mhz Two-way repeater! And I always respected those that did the job before me like you and Wally Dement. It ain’t easy listening to 8 different scanners plus monitor the two-way radio, plus enter traffic info into a computer plus do traffic reports! Here is a link to a scanned in article the AP did years ago on yours truly & TPB: http://bit.ly/MarshallTPB
Sorry to divert the topic Mike :)
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 10/31/10 - 00:35

East bound and West bound shut down for a car fire hmmmmmmm. Why not just come down the lane that was closed already and keep traffic flowing. just a thought.
Canman - 11/01/10 - 16:52

@Canman One Word: Safety. A situation like the above hits close to home for me as I had a friend who was an IMAP Driver who was killed years ago when a motorist that was not paying attention and yacking on his cell plowed into the back of his bright yellow IMAP truck while he was dealing with a minor fender bender on I40 at Harrison Ave. http://bit.ly/cZGgXp Roscoe was in the drivers seat of the IMAP truck getting ready to radio back that he was finished with the situation at hand. He never got the chance. Yes, a vehicle fire is not the same thing but I don’t want any of our bravest in any line of Public Safety put into risk with some of the drivers we have these days.
In my book: Making sure all involved get home safely is worth the inconvenience of traffic delays.
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 11/01/10 - 17:02

Still don’t understand BOTH directions
Canman - 11/01/10 - 17:08

@Canman- look at the pictures. As with any limited access highway incident, there are multiple units coming because no matter what the callers say, you never know which lane it is in. To the left are vehicles that arrived and positioned themselves for a fire attack and support of the other units. Sadly, we cannot do this safely all lined up on the shoulder. If it blocks the lanes, well, it’s a price everyone has to bear in the name of safety. Also, you never know what people are carrying in their vehicle these days.

Nothing like the surprise of a pair of 20 lb. propane cylinders cooking off at the same time. It’s pretty freakin’ spectacular.
DJ - 11/01/10 - 17:41

The vehicle involved is in westbound lanes. IMAP arrived first and tried to extinguish with a few dry chem extinguishers but was unsuccessful. They shut down all westbound lanes. MFE-1 was first fire unit on scene. They entered off aviation going eastbound then went opposite traffic back towards the fire which was between the off ramp and the bridge. At this point all westbound and 3 eastbound lanes are shut down by the first 2 vehicles there. The gas tank in the vehicle ruptured and ignited across multiple lanes as it spilled. CFE-1 arrived and began applying foam. WWP-196 arrived right behind CFE-1 and also began applying foam. WWE-191 arrived and nurse fed MFE-1 who was out of water. Once initial water supply was established, a lane of Eastbound was reopened… Hope this helps explain the apparatus placement
Witness - 11/01/10 - 21:16

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