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FireNews repotted this week that construction has started on a permanent Fire Station 19. The $2.7 million facility will be located in a business park in north Fayetteville that's under development off Andrews Road. The current station is on Andrews Road, and has been operating since 2009. The station will also serve as a police substation.

Google doesn't find any drawings of the new station, but the Fayetteville Fire Department web site has this picture of the current one. Note that attached garage probably does not lean to the right. That's the effect of a wide lens.


Now for a question that's always wondered Mr. Blogger. Why do some departments construct temporary stations, while others wait until a permanent building can be built? In the second scenario, doesn't contract fire protection usually accompany same? Guess the numbers must crunch to desired effect? What other reasons come into play? And what other departments have operated temporary stations to good effect?

Various reasons I suppose… temporary quarters can result from rapid annexation where the “city service” is now required but the jurisdiction’s CIP funds aren’t in place or sustainable for the construction. ...or there are the inherent economical effects where annexation does not yield the projected tax revenue. There are many different reasons indeed, but the bottom line is: “no money for construction until later.” Planning is the key and even though the best efforts occur, “Mr./Mrs. Economic Downturns” do not really plan in concert with us.
A.C. RIch - 12/12/10 - 12:58

And finding somewhere to deploy a “temporary” location is oftentimes not a simple process. EMS worked for nearly 10 years to find a location that could house an ambulance (with inside parking) while meeting all the required codes and standards in the Durant Rd area. At least 3 good plans were developed during the 2000s that would have worked, however at the end of the day, it required a pretty significant investment (whether it was an upfit of an existing building or placing a modular building) and navigating the ordinances and codes (you can’t put a modular building on any vacant lot in our community) proved each to not be a good investment as a temporary measure. Fortunately, the CIP process provided the necessary facility to provide a permanent solution for delivering service 24 hours per day in the area.
Olson - 12/12/10 - 14:50

Anyone from Fayette-nam on here? If so, give us the juicy basics about your department please;

- Squad trucks? What do they do, how many staff them? – Rescue companies, are they manned or cross-manned? – I know at one time, truck companies only had one or two members, is that still the case? – What do you send on a house fire assignment? – Latest news involving the FFD? – You guys seem to catch work down there, how many workers so far this year?

Fill us in, neighbors to our South!!
Silver - 12/12/10 - 15:31

Fayetteville Fire Dept has grown a lot in the past 6-7 years due to annexation. We have 16 engine companies, 5 Truck companies, 4 squads, 2 Rescue trucks and one Crash station that runs two crash trucks at the airport. At this time we have 16 stations and 3 battalion with the hopes of 5 more stations in the next five years. Our truck companies have a minimum manning of 3, our squads run with 2 firefighters on them they are at the stations that have high volumes of EMS calls. That way it helps keep the engine companies in service for fire calls. They are at Sta. 1, Sta. 5, Sta. 7 and Sta. 17. The 2 rescue trucks are crossed manned they for the most part our used as squads unless the call comes out as a tech rescue such as a pin-in or high or low angle rescue, if that is the case then the personal off of the engines that are housed with them will also go.

We are in the process of going through accreditation witch should help with getting extra manning and put more engine companies in service. We have 2 new engine companies on the way that are due in after the first of the year along with 2 new squads. The new engines are going to be E-5 and E-17 and one of the new squads is going to S-17 and Iím not sure where the other one is going.

As far as how many working fires we have had this year I do not know right off hand but I will look it up when I get back to work.

As far as what we send to a alarm it all depends on what type of call it is for a normal house fire we get 3 eng, 1 truck , 1 rescue, 1 squad and a batt chief. Now if it is a high risk fire like a apartment complex or a nursing home there will be more equipment sent.

Now the temp station that is pictured is at the far north side of the city. That station was put in place to help cover that area. Before the station was put in place it was covered by E-7 the response to some of the area had long response times due to how far it was.

If anyone has any other questions about the Fayetteville Fire Dept. feel free to ask or you can check the department web site out at http://www.. Bravethefire.com
Paddy - 12/12/10 - 19:47

Paddy, thanks for the info! I wanted to ask you a few more questions about your heavy rescues, shoot me an email please.
Silver (Email) - 12/12/10 - 22:10

Station 19 is going to look and have the design plans as Station 15. Check station 15 out on the Fayetteville Fire Dept webbsite.
Eng3ine - 12/25/10 - 00:06

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