02/10/11 73 W - + 6 - 3 Hosed, Episode 1

This one'll be making rounds. Found it on the Firehouse forums. The description calls it "A comedy series about a volunteer fire department in Effingwoods NH. In this episode Ben (Juston McKinney) and Smitty (Gary Valentine) respond to a fire call. This episode co-stars Lenny Clarke (Rescue Me)." They also have a Facebook page.  Optional discussion topic: firefighters in popular culture, and how that affects citizen perception.

Duda (Email) - 02/10/11 - 10:06

Wow, Lenny has lost a lot of weight!!
Rescue Me fan - 02/10/11 - 20:31

That’s about right for vollie departments at least the ones I’ve ran with recently in Wake county of the past few years. This is exactly why I made the comment in the other thread about it does matter who’s name is on the truck when it’s your house that’s involved. The public DOES care and they DO pay attention.
RescueRanger - 02/10/11 - 20:52

Well I believe this homeowners problem is the fact that there is no truck. But never the less, still a very funny skit.
Watson - 02/10/11 - 21:00

Two posts above mine…
Idiot - 02/10/11 - 22:44

It has nothing to do with if they are career or volunteer, it’s about being professionals and acting like it. We are our own worst enemy and jackass comments like RR don’t help our cause or brotherhood. Grow up.
ncff - 02/11/11 - 00:20

Please keep the comments coming, this is very entertaining!!!!!
J.W. - 02/11/11 - 14:57

We both have to work with eachother and we BOTH definitely have flaws we can improve on. Career Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighters alike. Lets just be civil, get the job done and go home the same way we left, regardless of what’s printed on your paycheck. We all put our pants on the same way folks. Totally agree with Idiot and ncff.
We all do the same job - 02/11/11 - 19:30

Let me first say, that video was funny! Now, why do we have to take a light hearted comedy and turn it into an insult on all volunteers? I dont know who “Rescue Ranger” is but I am a paid municipality FF who works part time for a volunteer department, of which I got my start in the fire service. In my 15 years, 9 of which were paid, I have come across unprofessional firefighters who did not know nor care to know thier job in BOTH settings! I also happen to know alot of volunteers that I would choose to be on my line any day of the week. Rescue Ranger, I would challenge you to look around Raleigh Fire Department and see how many of our well respected personnel are associated with volunteer departments. Chief Hocutt, Capt. Wilson, Capt. Rich just to name a few! Dont judge all by the actions of a few. Again funny video! I like the part where he tries to sell him windows, and that I’ve seen done by both volunteers and paid!
Rhodes - 02/11/11 - 22:02

I thought it was funny. Rhodes you are 100% correct. I don’t know who RescueRanger is because he won’t use his name. The best thing to do would be ignore comments like the one he posted. I guess you could assume he rides a Rescue and you could make comments like "just make me some Gatorade" or "When you get on scene check with the ladder officer to find out what he wants you to do". That doesn’t really help the situation. No stab meant to my Brothers on the Rescues. I’m just saying. Some people just need to grow up.
Hand - 02/11/11 - 22:27

Most of us are or were volunteers at some point… or really wish that we were volunteers at some point so we could more accurately comment on discussions. I believe a blend of these two cultures is essential and allows many to possess a more holistic perspective on the “fire service.” But please remember, we are all entitled to our opinions. Challenging discussion is always good and it helps us all LEARN from each other; often on matters beyond FD stuff!
A.C. Rich - 02/12/11 - 01:01

I apologize if I offend some of you. I understand why you would take offense to my opinion. However, along with the idea for this “show” I did not fabricate my opinion. Mine and the show’s ideas came from somewhere. I know that not all vollies are like the two guys depicted in the short film. But unfortunately there will always be a group of vollies who are “red light chasers” and will constantly give the volunteer fire service a bad name.
My current assignment with Raleigh has me running with a couple neighboring volunteer departments. I have to explain to the others on my crew who don’t have any volunteer experience why some of the vollies act the way they do. Quite frankly the vollies embarrass some of us on our crew, myself included. And yes, the public DOES realize what name is on the side of the truck. On more than one occasion I have had a family member or bystander on the scene ask me what department do “those guys” belong to. I have also had citizens make comments to us that they “hope our tax dollars aren’t paying their salary”.
I’m sorry, guys. Sometimes the truth hurts. Yes, we are our own worst enemy. Yes, all it takes is one bad apple to ruin a bunch. But this is not only mine but other’s perception of the volunteer service. Is it everybody’s perception? Of course not.
@Rhodes – I completely understand where you are coming from. Every department has their bad apples especially in today’s politically-correct society. You will have firefighters who want to make it a career get turned down for a job position for “number increasers”. Most likely they will be the bad apple who will make an entire crew look bad. Fortunately for most of them they’ll only be with us for a few years so it opens that spot back up.
Think of it like this, statistics show if a person receives good customer service from a business they’ll tell 2 people. If they receive bad customer service they’ll tell 10. You’ve got to have more accountability for your people on the scene. If one or two acts like a jackass the public will tell others. It’s hard to have this accountability in the volunteer world because the person can just quit. But without it your image is tarnished.
RescueRanger - 02/12/11 - 13:46

So what have you done to train with the volunteers that you don’t like running with for your above stated reason? Maybe some training and mentoring would make a difference. Maybe they just don’t know. I mean, if you have to work with them, then maybe you should treat them as part of the team, train together and make it work. But that won’t occur with career guys that have your mindset. Have you ever been a vollie? Your correct, some spoil the bunch, however I will flip it around on you. There are several Raleigh Fireman I wouldn’t have on a truck with me ever. They don’t know their job, they are paycheck fireman, and they really don’t care about the citizens they serve. Just the other day I witnessed a Raleigh crew show up to a fire alarm activation in a commercial structure with no turnouts. Really? I guess its cool if your paid huh? I am on both sides of the fence, paid at a municipality and I vollie. I see both sides brother. Should these “professional” fireman reflect on the rest. No. Should a few bad vollies reflect on the entire service, No. I give you this advice. Get off your high horse and realize they are trying to do the same job as you. Come together.
@RR - 02/13/11 - 11:28

What I find interesting is that despite the subject, many blogs here end up in this paid vs. vollie pissing contest. I think that if both sides would actually check their egos at the door, then this would be a much more effective and worthwhile blog discussion.
Observer - 02/13/11 - 13:07

WOW! I like the show! Awesome! I thank God for my start in the fire service as a volunteer! It motivated me to become a paid firefighter! If it were not for the volunteer experience most of the paid firefighters would not be here today! Agree both sides of the service have bad people, I work in Raleigh and I am very proud to say it! I have been in the service for 18 years and still consider myself as a new person to the service. I have been on two volunteer departments and worked par time at another. All I will say is both TEAMS have members that are just here to SAY, “I am a firefighter”! With that, said lets focus on the good young members and try to help them grow into great firefighters, because they are our future! By the way, I do not volunteer anymore due to having kids and wanting to be at home more on my days off! My hats off to the volunteers who still juggle time between family, job and the demanding time put in at the volunteer house! So be safe brothers and remember to kiss sugar mama before you leave for that next call or tour at the station it could be your last run! Happy Valentine’s Day boys!
Jason Lane - 02/14/11 - 00:07

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