02/28/11 285 W - + 12 - 9 Cary Fire Station 8 and Other News

Speaking of new fire stations, Cary Fire Station 8 is planned to include a permanent police substation. As last week's News & Observer story reported, the town has fast-tracked funding of a temporary substation in the same area. And possibly in the same shopping center as the Wachovia bank branch that experienced the hostage situation on February 10. As this project page notes, the fire station will be located at 408 Mills Park Drive. Three apparatus bays and 13,700 square-foot. Two stories, we've heard.

Starting tomorrow, Truck 7 becomes Rescue 7 and Truck 6 becomes Ladder 6. The changes are part of a new CAD and records management system (RMS) that's going live on March 1. The former is a 2008 Pierce Velocity heavy rescue/service ladder/mobile air/everything unit. The latter is a 2008 Pierce Velocity aerial ladder, 105-foot with a 1,500 GPM pump. They're location at Station 7 and Station 6, respectively. But since that's way too easy to figure out, maybe it's time for some Philly/Raleigh style renumbering. Ladder 1, Ladder 2, Ladder 3, Ladder 4, etc. Any takers?

Speaking of apparatus, bids are about to open for a 100-foot aerial platform and a heavy rescue. The latter is the replacement for Rescue 2, one of two 2000 Ford F-550/KME light-duty trucks that have seen heavy duty. The new ladder will replace one of the current ladders, which will replace the reserve 1995 Mack/Craft Body Works service truck. That one's also used as a reserve rescue. CFD has also placed Technical Rescue Support 1 or TRS 1 in service. That's the tractor-drawn unit, with a Volvo tractor pulling a Great Dane trailer. The confined space and trench rescue equipment was formerly carried in separate, small trailers. See pictures of these and other Cary fire trucks.

I noticed while reading a wral article that Cary had up to three house fires reported within a short time span today?!? Anyone have any ideas what the run cards looked like?
Adam - 03/01/11 - 01:33

To confirm for the story, IT IS the same shopping center in which the “suicide by cop” incident took place (this is my neck of the woods). But, it’s also the same area in which crime has taken a noticeable upswing (two bank robberies, a few assaults, robbery of a person, just to name a few), with several suspects being traced back to a specific “apartment” complex. Cary PD has taken many pro-active steps to combat the issue, one being the sub-station at the shopping center.

The second is an initiative to increase working relationships with property managers, checking backgrounds of tenants in government assisted housing, and a few other checks and balances within the program known as “Project Phoenix”.

I’ve also noticed a beefed up presence of Cary’s traffic unit in our area. With us being in the major pathway between Durham, RTP and the thriving Apex/Holly Springs area, the traffic unit has been having a field day. I welcome it, and glad to see CPD is putting steps in place to help us out over here on the West side.

I’ll hop on the “Philly/ Raleigh” numbering system, if you want to call it that. It seems once you hit the Mason/ Dixon, the numbering schemes shift from “station based”, to “company based”. To name a few departments that use the company based numbering system; D.C., Baltimore, Wilmington (DE), Philly, Jersey City, Newark, Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, FDNY. When a company (truck + crew) is put in service, it is given a number, and that’s the number it will have for its’ existence. This helps trace history and develop tradition within the company. So, using D.C. for example, Rescue 1 is Rescue 1 no matter where it is moved or housed and no matter if they’re riding on a 2002 or 2010 rescue unit. And when I say Rescue 1, that means more-so the crew, than the apparatus.

I“ve noticed the confusion when, say, Engine 30 is given Engine 5’s apparatus. People ask, “does that mean we become Engine 5 now”? No silly goose, you are just being issued a new “piece” or “rig”, Engine 5 is the crew/ company, the rig is just their mode of transportation. This is the reason for when you hear some Yankees speak on their career fire service history, they may say “I was in Ladder 5”, versus “I rode on Ladder 5”. The “being in” portion relates to “being in” the company.

My opinion, I like the sequential numbering system. Our city is still growing, and companies (mainly Ladders and Rescues) will probably be shuffled around again. It keeps from having to renumber all of the equipment on your rig, as I saw when I rode on the Seagrave and American LaFrance as Truck 8/20. We had equipment labeled with 15’s (Seagrave was T15 at one time), T-1 (ALF was T-1), T-8 and T-20.

I guess the big question will be, if they move E-13 or E-1 out to the Harrington Grove Firehouse, will it go on the air as E-29 or will it be E-1/E-13????

Congrats to Cary on the designation changes as well as the new rigs coming down the pipe….will they sell the F550 or keep it as a reserve?
Silver - 03/01/11 - 12:42

Run card for a building fire will be 2 engines, 2 ladders, 1 rescue and 1 chief. Second alarm will bring an additional 1 and 1. Silver, I hope they sell the little rescues to a plumbing company because that’s all they are good for. Mike, also in the spirit of correctness, Rescue 4 is being replaced with this bid opening? Rescue 2, budget willing, will be replaced next year.
CFD run card - 03/01/11 - 13:38

Hey CFD run card, on the first alarm isn’t there three engines with the third being pulled from a county station ( Western Wake, Swift Creek, Morrisville, Fairview, or Apex)?
911 - 03/01/11 - 14:06

@CFDruncard Hahahaha, good one.

So does this mean Cary will be running with three Rescues? Also, does Cary still run the Rescues/Trucks on medicals? Or, have the Engines taken over running first responder calls?
Silver - 03/01/11 - 16:10

@911, yes there is an automatic aid engine added to all structure fire dispatches in Cary, this did not change this morning.

As for the run cards last night, there were 3 building fire dispatches going on at the same time, or within the same time frame. I’ll try to remember what they were, hopefully I didn’t miss anything.

The Cedar Creek call (lightening to chimney w/no fire) was: E4, E5, L5, T7, R4, WW… E4 and R4 held the call after investigation.

Beasley Court was: E1, E2, L1, R2, T6(?), with MFD

Vermel Ct (district 4 near Ceder Creek) was: E3, E5, L3, T7, AFD

There were multiple move-ups and fill ins including Swift Creek placing an Engine at #3, and Morrisville covering #5 and #7.
shevais - 03/01/11 - 16:11

@ Silver,

Yes, 7 Engines, 3 Rescues, 4 Ladders and 2 BCs

And yes Rescues run medical calls, from their houses. Engines run them out of houses with Ladders.
shevais - 03/01/11 - 16:13

14 companys thats nice especially with the minimum staffing you all require. There is no lacking of personel or shall I say manpower. What was Cary’s run total last year?
911 - 03/02/11 - 09:29

I notice this is another CFD station with a police substation. How well does this type of arrangement work?
John Pershing - 03/02/11 - 14:59

Ballpark was around 7300 runs last year. Am I close Shev? The sub-station that we had at station 5 worked out well, we never saw any of the cops unless they wanted to shoot the breeze or if they needed a rest room with a lock on the door – LOL. It’s really no different than station 7 with MFD, definantly what you make of it. You can hang out and treat them just like they’re one of us or you can be unsociable and have a miserable time. Personally, I enjoyed my time with MFD at 7. When I was there I couldn’t really tell a difference between CFD and MFD employees, we all worked and trained together. Works well for some, not so well for others.
Jacot - 03/02/11 - 16:30

Cap you’re right on, run totals for last year looked like this:

7368 runs, 2736 Fire based, 4596 EMS, 51 other
shevais - 03/02/11 - 20:52

I agree with Captain. It is what you make of it. When I was assigned at MFD station 3, MFD and CFD ate together, share station duties together, train together, and the name on our shirt made no different. There is a high level of respect for each other for being a firefighter and person, not an employee of a certain municipality. I will tell you though, the CFD guys LOVE telling the MFD guys there is a car seat waiting for them, and thinking better them then us.
Spanky - 03/03/11 - 16:26

Forgot to post that MFD is building a new station one on Town Hall Drive around the corner from the current station one. There is talk that our station three is also being planned in RTP.
Spanky - 03/03/11 - 16:29

Looking at fire station locations in western Wake County, who covers the unincoporated areas between 751 & 55 and between O’Kelly Chapel & US-64? The souther part is probably Apex distric and the western part is probaly North Chatham district. Cary station 7 (Mo’ville 3) is already the closest station for some of this and the new station 8 will be closest to most of this area. Any mutual aid agreements? What about Parkwood and Mo’ville?
CFP743 - 03/03/11 - 19:39

the unincorporated areas are split between Morrisville and Apex. There are automatic aid agreements with Apex, Morrisville through normal county dispatches, as well as agreements with Cary running station 5 and station 7 rigs out there. If you really want to see the districts the new Wakegov.com iMaps program has the ability for you to view both Fire Insurance Districts AND Fire Response Districts. I know I’ve heard Parkwood and Durham City running into Morrisville on the north side as well.

Green Level West Rd pretty much splits the district between AFD #3 and MFD #3.
shevais - 03/04/11 - 12:46

What is the ground ladder compliment on T7? (the pierce city service truck)
Greg - 06/28/11 - 18:07

Remember personal info?

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