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Here's a heck of a good fire video as found by Dave Statter on Statter911. Apartment fire in Geneva, NY. Combination department(s), with firefighters first arriving in personal vehicles. You can watch it here, but you'll want to go to Dave's site for reader commentary. His site's one of the best for responses and reactions to fire footage.

My favorite part is the guy running around yelling the “F” word while trying to tell people to get out. That screamed professionalism.
Marcus - 05/17/11 - 21:57

That’s actually a pretty good question, Marcus. Is profanity toward citizens (or peers) in such circumstances universally unprofessional? Or is there/should there be leeway in the heat of such moments?
Legeros - 05/17/11 - 22:20

All and all watching this video, the fire got put out pretty quick once the trucks arrived on scene. That begs the question however, if everyone goes to the scene, who brings the trucks?

My biggest problem in the video is the PASS alarm activating for 4+ minutes and was still activated at the end. That is supposed to be a firefighter down!!! If we get complacent, then someone dies… Just that simple. Treat each PASS activation as a firefighter down, and if it is a pack left unattended, TURN IT OFF!!!

Language in the heat of the moment directed at anybody is not accepted where I work. Do we make mistakes, sure. Think of it this way, if we can’t control our language in the heat of the moment, then how can we control the scene?

My two cents…
Donaldson - 05/17/11 - 23:10

The language question then makes me think about law enforcement. Cursing is probably taught as a technique for establishing dominance in confrontational situations. Or at least, that’s how I start thinking until I realize… most of my perceptions of “what happens in those situations” comes from popular culture!
Legeros - 05/18/11 - 06:51

No, cursing is definitely not taught in law enforcement (at least not in the academy). The current chief gets very upset about any cussing, anywhere, anytime.

However, you quickly learn on the street some people simply don’t respond to normal language and don’t listen to tone of voice. With some people, you have to include an F-bomb to say “I’m not just asking politely, that’s an order!” It’s kind of like using your kid’s middle name.

Besides, isn’t the F-word in New York the equivalent of “heck” here?
rfburns - 05/18/11 - 07:23

In my opinion, there is a little too much confusion happening here. You cannot tell me that there is any type of true accountability system happening, as I saw several people engage without even forming crews or giving tags to an accountability officer. (Maybe it all happened off screen?) There will be people that say that accountability is a waste of time and the fire went out, etc. but accountability when POV’s are involved is a huge issue. How about getting the apparatus to the scene? If half of the people running around the parking lot had stopped at the firehouse, maybe a truck could have arrived to calm that guy down who was dropping the "f" bomb at old ladies! Good job getting ladders up and getting water on the fire after the arrival of the apparatus. There ladders would have gone up faster had they formed cohesive teams instead of freelancing like a lot of them were. The guy who superman’s his shirt off and eventually dons just a turnout coat is my favorite character, after of course Johnny "F-Bomb"! While the end result was good, the means to get there could use a little tuning in the realm of safety. I have been on a volunteer department, and have POV’ed myself; accountability must be enforced for the safety of your people, no matter how bad they want to instantaneously "help". Your help is wasted when you die and we didn’t realize you ran into that building by yourself, freaking out like it was your first call. While you must move efficiently, that does not mean spastically.
Bob P. - 05/18/11 - 09:16

I need to edit my post… “There” should be “Their”... I hate it when people do that!
Bob P.'s Editor - 05/18/11 - 09:25

Marcus hit on the head. Why the F-Bomb? That never puts the fire out, it’s doesnt save lives or curb violence or stop crime.
You are just showing complete ignorance by running your mouth especially when there’s an Emergency.

Oh and yeah…did anyone happen to see the guy in the red turn out coat helping pull a ladder with shorts on? See video at the 4:30 mark.

There is zero room for that in the hot zone of any major working incident.

The best place for that person is to be out of the way….I dont care who you are. You are not safe.
If you are gonna wear a coat or boots and or a helmet…get your pants on and take off those tennis shoes.

Police officers don’t wear their weapon on a few and select calls. They wear it al the time. Thats their proctection
so why aren’t we wearing our protection at a major incident? Especailly a working fire?
Monster Energy - 05/18/11 - 10:04

Bob is exactly correct and this video just reaffirms my prior statements about the differences between vollies and career. Yes, the minimum standard training is the same. However, the difference between the two comes from the consistent training and experience that the career side receives. Maybe now some of y’all will understand where I base my opinion.
RescueRanger - 05/18/11 - 10:07


This article reminded me of this blog entry. On the one side, you have officers being disciplined for using profanity. On the other side, you have the comments on the story almost overwhelmingly saying that you can’t function on the street, dealing with the dark side of society, and not use language they understand.

Now, I’m not saying there was any reason for profanity in the fire situation that started this blog entry. I just think that sometimes, profanity is required to get through to the more difficult members of society.
rfburns - 05/26/11 - 22:45

Remember personal info?

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