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Having spent some time this week with the bloggers behind such short 'n' snappy site names as Firegeezer, Statter911, FireNews, and The Fire Critic, the need for a better name for this blog has become all too apparent. So what would you name this thing, that's shorter but still as relatively descriptive as Raleigh/Wake County Firefighting Blog? Some ideas, suggestions, and amusements are below. What's your best suggestion?

How about Raleigh/Wake Fire or Capital Fire
Mike - 07/24/11 - 11:32

Like the word Captial! Ideally the name would be a good brand as well. Unfortunately, the word/name Legeros isn’t exactly universally recognizable. (But we’re working on becoming famouser!) Raleigh/Wake/Capital meet the requirements for geographically descriptive. Need the word Fire to be descriptive of content. Need the word Blog to be descriptive of format. Keep ‘em coming!
Legeros - 07/24/11 - 11:51

Triangle of Fire…or Fire Triangle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_triang..
Mrs. Blogger - 07/24/11 - 12:17

Capital City FIRE, Triangle HEAT (I could see some cool branding with this one) or CapitalCity Firenews
Mr. 911 - 07/24/11 - 14:25

The problem with calling it Triangle, Capital or anything like it is that Mike covers stories from around the state and nation, as evidenced by the posts on the front page right now. It also encompasses ALL emergency services and not just fire. It also goes into road trips, fire history, area department overviews, photography, concert, movie and album reviews. That being the case, as an obviously true reflection of your tastes and interests, I think that Legeros.com, is the most appropriate. Its the only fire blog I know of that encompasses all these things into one place. Now if the topics and links were more directed towards just Fire, I could see a representative name. The same logic goes if it were geared towards just Fire, just Police, just EMS, just Raleigh or just NC. But it doesnt. Its a somewhat schizophrenic blog in, again, the sense that it pulls from everywhere. Hell, there’s a post about Slayer (!!) on here. That being the case, I feel Legeros.com is the most appropriate. This blog is in itself a perfect example of what the Home page says, “This above all: to thine ownself be true.” He has, and it is. And we all love it. My 2 cents. SCMODS.
Jake - 07/24/11 - 14:44

I don’t think it matters that Mike posts on a large variety of topics. Firegeezer doesn’t focus solely on “fire” or “geezers”, Rhett strays away from “fire criticism” every now and than, and we at ELAFF rarely post about “leather accessories” anymore. The Capital Fire Blog or NC Fire Blog would work because that is generally the central focus here…even if Slayer pops up from time to time. The “Legeros Blog” could work, but I don’t think it is necessarily the most appropriate, as Jake stated. I also don’t think it is as attention-grabbing to the emergency/buff folk, which tends to be whom most of the posts are directed toward. The blog names Mike listed above are catchy, memorable, and shout “emergency services”. That is just my opinion. Regardless of what the name is, if this blog keeps running, I will continue reading.
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 07/24/11 - 15:16

Jake - 07/24/11 - 15:33

Thanks for the mullet memory, Jake.

In fact, I will be blogging about the perils of online reputations at a future time. For now, you can laugh both at and with me.
Legeros - 07/24/11 - 15:42

Just some quick ideas

2redline - 07/24/11 - 18:02

TarheelCentral Fire News
RNLN - 07/24/11 - 21:32

To sort of play off of RNLN’s post….how about just tarheelfirenews.com just my thought
Wayne - 07/24/11 - 21:37

I think it should be something simple.

Your name is very recognizable. Those who don’t know it will after visiting the site for the first time.

LegerosFire.com is probably ideal. Short, simple, to the point. It brands your last name (important) and the topic…FIRE.

I don’t see why anything else would be in the running.

LegerosFire.com…you can add a tagline such as Firefighting Blog and and emphasis on the Raleigh/Wake County area.
Fire Critic (Email) (Web Site) - 07/24/11 - 22:40

Since capital is a bit generic I offer up “NC Capital Fire Blog” or “Carolina Capital Fire Blog” although I kind of like Wake Up, Fire
D.Cates - 07/24/11 - 22:50

I think this is pretty obvious:


Your name is unique enough as it is, and a large percentage already recognize it, but if you don’t modify it with the word “FIRE”, you are really missing the boat.

Whatever you do, don’t be cute with …onfire, or …uglyshirtfireguy.com, or willblogforfood.com.

LegerosFire.com does what you want.

My $.02.
chet w - 07/24/11 - 23:00

I like the above suggestion.
Jake - 07/24/11 - 23:09

Hi Mike:

When we started, Bill did NOT want to use our names, so Firegeezer and FossilMedic were born. If we were starting today, would probably go with our real names. But Schumm and Ward are not as snappy :)

You have name recognition, so Legeros should be part of the title.

LegerosLoudShirtFireHistorianPhotographer.com is hard to remember.

LegerosOnFire may provide a interesting image, but you do more than fire.

LegerosShootsFire … ah, too specific?

LiveApartmentFire already taken http://liveapartmentfire.com/

Good luck!

Mike Ward (Email) (Web Site) - 07/24/11 - 23:35

This one is a no-brainer:


And by the way, if you use any form of the phrase “FireNews”

#1 – I own the TradeMark on those terms in NC.
#2 – See #1 above; I’ll sue you.
#3 – I’ll poison your tomato plants.
#4 – I’ll tell Brunacini to stop sending you his worn out shirts.
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 07/24/11 - 23:44

With the addition of fire at the end, my vote is for LegerosFire.com.
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 07/25/11 - 06:35

Dead Horse….since thats what is beaten most of all….lol
Dead Horse - 07/25/11 - 15:30

Mac - 07/25/11 - 17:31

Remember personal info?

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