08/21/11 132 W - + 3 - 6 Be Advised, Blog Posting About Radio Redundancy

Found a neat new fire blog, courtesy of Google Alerts. The latter sends me a mail whenever the keyword "Legeros" is indexed by the search engine. (Hey, at least maintenance of my ego is automated!) Yours Truly was mentioned in a posting on Excessive Leather Accessories For Firefighters, in a topic titled Radio Traffic Redundancy. Be advised, it's an amusing read. (As an armchair listener, who is never tasked with using radios while clad in PPE and operating on a fireground, I probably don't deserve much of an opinion on this one.) The site and its well-written postings are by an entity named Lt. Lemon. He or she has posted a few comments here. Who is this mysterious, citrus-named blogger? No idea at this time.

My peeve: “reference same”.
rfburns - 08/21/11 - 20:57

LoL….. Citrus…..
Thanks for the ELAFF shout out!
Capt. Chaos (Web Site) - 08/21/11 - 23:05

“Be advised” is one of the worst! Also “if you would” and “if you will” used to be common on police channels alot. We have a few officers who say, “Central, I have a 10-27 NC OL.” My reply is, “So do I, tell me about yours.” Alot of Fire/EMS responders will say, “Central, we’ll be enroute” or “we’ll be on the scene.” I’d love to say “Just when will you be on the scene.” Harnett County KILLS me with the use of the word “Direct” instead of “10-4” or “received.” I just want to ask them what the hell they’re directing – traffic, a wedding, etc. Also the improper use of “Copy Direct” is RAMPANT. If I tell you something, you don’t copy direct. If I tell someone else something that involves you, then you may copy direct (overhear) my transmission with someone else. I have given patient information to EMS units and their reply is “Copy Direct” – duh I just told you! I just heard one a few minutes ago that kills me as well. A firefighter called in motor vehicle accident in which a vehicle was in the ditch. He said, “the patient is 10-4, the patient is out of the vehicle, there are no PI’s we need SHP only” Well then they’re not a PATIENT!! The improper use of establishing command versus assuming command also is widespread. If you are first-in you establish command. If you take it from someone else, you assume it. My all time favorite is a now deceased Selma PD dispatcher who dispatched a call for a fight. The officer said, “PD can you advise a description of the suspects?” The reply was, “Be advised, the subject advised that he couldn’t advise, be advised.” He said it all in one sentence – LOVED IT!
Jason T (Email) - 08/21/11 - 23:23

Thanks for the plug, Mike!

Jason, your comment is hilarious! The “we’ll be” phrase annoys me, as well.
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 08/22/11 - 06:30

Also, don’t forget Captain Chaos. He is actually a different person (there was some confusion about that when he began posting), which is evident in his differing writing style and opinions. The ELAFF Facebook page, where things began, has been running for about a year and a half. We just recently moved to a standalone blog, and added the Capt. to the line-up, hoping to reach a larger audience. We are still working out the process of publishing regular articles. Thank you for the compliment on my postings, and thanks again for introducing your readers to our blog.
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 08/22/11 - 08:26

Thanks LL. But does the Captain wear his cape when he blogs? I enjoyed his performance in Cannonball Run:

Legeros - 08/22/11 - 08:40

(Picture added in-line by adding an exclamation point to the end of the URL. Just discovered this.)
Legeros - 08/22/11 - 08:42

That ‘stache does look familiar…
I’ll let the Captain comment on his inspiration…because I, honestly, have NO idea.

As for discovering the ability to add pictures to comments…it could be a very useful tool. It could also make for some VERY interesting responses…it just depends on the user.
Lt. Lemon (Email) (Web Site) - 08/22/11 - 08:52

Oh man oh man…great write up Lt Lemon! Thanks for the much needed laugh on what has been a “Manic Monday”! And thanks to Mike for giving the heads up on the ELAFF site!
Marshall Sherard KE4ZNR (Email) (Web Site) - 08/22/11 - 20:17

Remember personal info?

/ Textile

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