02/03/12 98 W - + 6 - 5 Run Numbers for 2011

As started in this reader mail thread, here are some run numbers from last year. Post or send yours, and we'll update as we go. Other cities and counties around the area or region are welcome to join!

Stony Hill operates on a fiscal year: FY 2010-2011 = 507; FY 2009-2010 = 519. The data for the CY must be from the county…??
A.C. Rich - 02/03/12 - 12:51

According to an email that I recieved the other week, Apex ran 2391.
AFD FF - 02/03/12 - 12:57

My error… Stony Hill = 490 for the calendar year 2011.
A.C. Rich - 02/03/12 - 13:13

Mount Holly Fire/Rescue-1525 runs. E33 from sub-station ran 711 of these.
rocket33 - 02/03/12 - 16:02

Where is Mt Holly?
Mike - 02/03/12 - 17:31

Google is your friend. Mount Holly, NC, is in Gaston County.
Legeros - 02/03/12 - 19:46

Does anyone have the top 5 run numbers for eng companies in Raleigh for this past year?
Mike - 02/03/12 - 19:58

Cary ran right at 8000
runs - 02/03/12 - 20:12

Wake County EMS had 80,086 ambulance runs

Raleigh’s busiest engines: E3 (2574), E12 (2442), E11 (2213), E1 (2018), E15 (1919)
Legeros - 02/03/12 - 20:38

Where is a place I could find that shows the amount of career staff his department has and specifics there in?
Staff - 02/04/12 - 11:37

Which specific department?
Legeros - 02/04/12 - 11:39

Knightdale Public Safety ran 1175 for the year
KPS - 02/04/12 - 21:45

Fairview ran 1287 for the year
FFD - 02/07/12 - 19:43

New Hope ran 1,629 for the year
Doppler - 02/12/12 - 10:12

Simply out of curiosity I’d like to see the run numbers for Durham Highway, Falls, Western Wake, and New Hope with the calls into the city limits excluded.
Rescue Ranger - 02/12/12 - 13:17

Yes, such parsed run numbers would be interesting, as would slicing and dicing across all department data for 2012. Would make a lively discussion on many fronts and angles, as system-wide observations were made and conclusions drawn. The challenge is the number of stakeholders and their hierarchies of needs/wants/biases and such. (I am presently not a steakholder, though I might be holding a hamburger for lunch a little later.) Maybe a “bring your data” roundtable some day, some where. Do it in person, and have a time doing it.
Legeros - 02/12/12 - 14:18

Western Wake was a little under half or so auto aid to Raleigh to my recollection. About 300 calls. The other 400ish were in the county. Not as accurate as you may want but if someone within has more detailed information please correct me.
ww - 02/12/12 - 22:26

@ww- Curious to know what the amount of calls that were run into Morrisville and Cary? I know that your call volume with Cary has gone down quite a bit now that Western Wake statoin 2 is out of CAD.
Spanky - 02/13/12 - 06:27

Station 15 ran 1998 calls if you add HM-2’s calls
Hand - 02/13/12 - 20:29

Western Wake ran maybe 10 auto aid calls to Cary now that station 2 is closed, most auto aid district was given to Morrisville and Swift Creek. As for the number run in Morrisville, does it really matter. The pager goes off, the truck hits the road. But if we are to look at it from this angle for ww then we should do the same for all. How many of Morrisvilles 1500 were to apex, cary or durham. how many of swift creeks were to garner fariview raleigh and cary. How many of fairviews were to fuquay garner cary etc. It is unfair to pose that question since each county station is a part of the system as a whole. We respond to each others areas because thats what the run card dispatches. Or perhaps units were tied up. Those 400 county calls were legitimate runs, not a closest unit “race” . Look at everyones run numbers. Are we to question specific stations for a reason. Stony Hill 490, how many were in Wake Forest or Bay Leaf. Im not picking anything here with you spanky, just saying the question is irrelevant. If you didnt receive ww then it would just be added call volume for apex or durham highway
ww - 02/14/12 - 17:58

@WW- I can see where you might have gotten that I was trying to start some kind of “you should not exist” B.S. I was really only wondering. I actually think the west side of the county works great together since there is a lot of mutual aid training and general respect amongst the departments (this includes City of Durham since they run with Morrisville a lot). I must be honest and say I don’t think the closet unit response is a “race” though. I think it is a legitamite automatic aid response. I know Morrisville responds closet unit to Cary and Durham quite a bit. Cary even pseudo dispatches Morrisville via the alpha numeric pager if Cary gets the call first since there is such a lag time between the two dispatch centers. Really was just curious, no disrespect.
Spanky - 02/14/12 - 21:47

No disrespect taken, just justifying existence and also shining light on call volume sources.I agree that the West side uses its mutual aid neighbors quite well. East side could take some notes. Share the sand box and take some notes from others
ww - 02/15/12 - 17:52

Anyone have any clue how many calls eastern wake ran
ew - 02/15/12 - 17:54

for those wanting specifics on Western Wake’s call volume from 2011 here you go:

District 19: 238
City of Raleigh: 355
Morrisville: 85
Cary: 21
Apex: 1
RDU: 1
Other Wake County/Non-Municpal: 10 (this would be Swift Creek, Durham Highway, etc)

Total 711 Runs

A lot of calls that are within the City of Raleigh are areas that were annexed in the past such as I-40 between Harrison and Cary Towne. In other parts of I-40 it gets a Cary FD, WW, Morrisville response based on location and then it’s a guessing game to who’s district it’s actually in until we all get there and sort it out. The rest of the calls into the city were areas identified as Western Wake being able to provide a closest unit, thus helping the citizens receive the most prompt service they can.
shevais - 02/20/12 - 16:00

If WW wasnt there then think of how long it would take for a fire truck to get to some of these calls and how long it would take for another mutual aid dept. to get to Cary, Mo-ville, or where have you. Keep up the good work WESTERN WAKE.
911 - 02/20/12 - 18:20

Does I-40 have any Fire-tax value?
No Tax Value - 02/21/12 - 22:46

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