02/29/12 66 W, 1 I - + 8 - 18 New Rigs For Richmond

Four ladders, two rescues, and one pumper for the Richmond Fire Department, all from Pierce. The four ladders-- designated quints-- are a pair of 75-foot and 105-foot aerials. The trucks are Pierce Arrow XT's of 2011 and 2012 model years. Full specs and posed pictures in this VAFireNews.com story. Photos below from the Pierce Flickr site.

Congratulations Richmond! I know that the RFD has been using the quint concept for several years now, so why was a engine ordered?
Watson - 02/29/12 - 15:10

Glad to see a pumper purchased. Richmond used to be a large well-balanced fire department with over twenty engine companies and nine ladder companies before it was devistated with budget cuts, personnel cuts, and the move to the “total quint concept”.
Curtis Teague - 02/29/12 - 19:20

Watson yes Raleigh ladders are quint by defination! but we do not use the quint concept as replacing our engines! they are ladders assigned at stations with engine companies!
Jason Lane - 03/03/12 - 00:42

My understanding is that both Richmond and St Louis are going away from this quint concept. They are doing it slowly as they replace aged out equipment
Watson - 03/03/12 - 09:20

Here’s a neat recent Firegeezer posting about the start of the quint (and maxi-pumper) concept, http://firegeezer.com/2012/02/14/what-sy..

Here’s a prior blog post about a book about the referenced RAND research in that column, http://www.legeros.com/ralwake/photos/we... I bought a copy and read same. As I recall, it was pretty interesting/compelling.
Legeros - 03/03/12 - 09:37

Mike and Jason Lane,
I have not checked the boards in the past couple of days and do not know what comment was made about Raleigh’s ladders. The only post I have made was on February 29th, asking about why Richmond is buying engines (are they phasing out the Quint concept?). All other posts from “Watson” were not from me, I just wanted to clear up any misunderstanding or ill words that may have been shared by someone using my name.
The real Watson - 03/03/12 - 10:55

Thanks for noting, Watson. Perhaps there are two of you? We’ll put Sherlock on the case!
Legeros - 03/03/12 - 11:18

Watson, I think Jason saw RFD in your comment and instantly thought Raleigh FD not Richmond FD. It was clearly a misunderstanding.
Mike - 03/03/12 - 12:17

Richmond is contemplating a move away from the total quint concept. A department study written by Fitch & Associates should be published soon. The rank and file members would welcome a move to what St. Louis is now using. St. Louis is operating engines/quint/rescues in a combined system. Believe they have different names for the 75’ ALs and their 100’+ ladders/towers. Richmond has an additional 2 105’ quints and a rescue engine on order. Three quints will be ordered at the start of the next budget year. The current fleet is in terrible shape. The quint/rescues/frvs that were purchased back in 97/98 are literally falling apart. Keep in mind each of the 20 stations are assigned an quint and engine which the 4 man crew will respond with based on the call type. i.e. the engine on med calls and the quints on fire calls. The 3 rescues operate the heavy rescue and the special operations vehicle they are assigned i.e. hazmat/tech rescue etc. A move to a combined system would enable the department to cut the number of apparatus in service and save a lot of money. The new apparatus are an add-on to a Suffolk Virginia order. I spent some time last weekend on the new Quint#21. Nice truck but terrible turning radius.
Noah - 03/03/12 - 18:41

my bad sorry! thanks Mike! yeah should have read a little slower! Mike I found a old red rescue jump suite that the rescue crews had up to the early 90’s. It is bagged and tagged for Chief Walt. I thought it would be a nice addition to the mus!
Jason Lane - 03/03/12 - 20:41

You’re the best, Jason! Thanks for thinking of us.
Legeros - 03/03/12 - 22:33

Noah, I’ve been out of the fire service for YEARS and YEARS and except for what I’ve read on this site and links Mike posted, I don’t know nothing about the Quint Concept.. Your posting is a little confusing to me, I’m getting feable minded and cain’t quite figure out what Richmond is doing now, what St. Louis is doing and what Richmond wants to do.. Are you saying Richmond now has 20 stations with a "Quint" and an "engine" and that there is only 1 crew assigned to the station, and that the crew uses which truck the call warrants? I’m so confused..Can you clear it up a little for me??
Galax,Va - 03/04/12 - 09:40

I have done a punctuation and spelling pass on Noah’s comment, and it has been rendered more readable.
Legeros - 03/04/12 - 09:58

Partial explanation of quint concept, from Richmond FD site, http://www.richmondgov.com/fire/QuintCon..

Firehouse.com forums discussion of same, http://www.firehouse.com/forums/showthre..

And random Google find, a EFO paper by a Wilson FD member on the modified quint concept, http://www.usfa.fema.gov/pdf/efop/efo282..
Legeros - 03/04/12 - 10:02

Thanks Mike, that clears it up some, I’m still sitting here holding my head with both hands and running this through my mind it just seems like a waste to me..Why have a FRV or Engine with a Quint at each station. Seems the Quint could do it all..But thats just my opinion.
Galax,Va - 03/04/12 - 10:25

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