11/14/12 322 W - + 4 - 2 Wake County Tanker Strike Teams

Get ready to roll some water. Four regional tanker strike teams have been established in Wake County. (Love me tender, if you prefer that NIMS nomenclature.) They can be requested by any fire department via the Raleigh and Wake County Emergency Communications Center. They have designations in the CAD system as FTANKN, FTANKS, FTANKE, and FTANKW.

The teams will likely be called to regions other than their own. For example, the incident commander at a north region structure fire, where Bay Leaf, Stony Hill, and Wake Forest are operating, would request, say, a West Region Strike Team. (Note that these are tanker strike teams, not [necessarily] tanker + staffing strike teams. Each [or some] will probably only have an operator.)

The teams can be used for more than just structure fires. Such as, say, tanker fires on the Beltline in Raleigh. That's the gist of the system. We'll let our readers in the know provide more details as desired. Below is the run card for the teams. Holly Springs is missing from the South Region Strike Team. Their previously designated unit was removed, and a replacement hasn't been designated yet.

Region Department CAD ID Capacity
North Bay Leaf BLP366 1100 Gallons
North Bay Leaf BLP122 1000 Gallons
North Durham Highway DHP1 1250 Gallons
North Stony Hill SHTA268 1800 Gallons
North Wake Forest WFTA5 1000 Gallons
South Garner GFTA7 2000 Gallons
South Fuquay FVTA1 2000 Gallons
South Fairview FFTA6 2000 Gallons
East Hopkins HOTA227 2000 Gallons
East Zebulon ZFTA98 2000 Gallons
East Rolesville RVTA157 2000 Gallons
East New Hope NHTA12 1800 Gallons
East Eastern Wake EWTA3 1800 Gallons
East Wendell WETA117 1800 Gallons
West Swift Creek SCTA2 2000 Gallons
West Apex AFTA1 2000 Gallons
West Western Wake WWTA198 2000 Gallons
West Morrisville MFP3 1000 Gallons

Morrisville Pumper 3 is a first out truck so it has 4 personnel assigned to it with 3 as its minimum. NOT (I emphasize NOT) to start anything, but in all seriousness, I wonder if the county is going to require a strict en route time for these units?
Spanky - 11/14/12 - 22:06

Nope and that is understandable. The 17 different departments on that list all operate differently. We are not unified and until that happens there will always be different standards due to staffing among other things. Who is to say what a strict en route time is when one is responding from the house? Obviously not as fast as a staffed department. In my book thats ok because this is the nature of the beast with Volunteers making up 67% of the fire service.
Johnny - 11/14/12 - 23:37

The strike team was agreed upon by all chiefs and exists as a resource to assist other regions without drawing down a local area. The county really does not have any say in this process except for the approval to move forward to program into CAD by ECC. The minimum expectation is for one person to respond with water, however a department may send any amount of personnel they desire. Also, a timely response would be expected, but there are no performance standards associated with the response. I hope this info helps with any questions.
A.C. Rich - 11/15/12 - 00:21

Question, I am a FF in a county that runs with departments from the Southern areas of Wake County so i am looking for some info. Why is the North Region Task Force running trucks that dont carry alot of water. For the exception of the Stony Hill Tanker all the other trucks are running around 1000 gallons of water. Is that because the northern area has more hydrants so the need for large trucks is not there? Do those departments have large tankers and just dont staff them? I understand water is water but it looks like every other region runs large tankers.
Jay - 11/15/12 - 11:26

@Jay – I would assume large capacity tenders simply aren’t needed in northern Wake because majority of the area has hydrants. Chief Rich, care to validate?
Rescue Ranger - 11/15/12 - 12:22

Those departments in the northern region, with the exception of Stony Hill, do not have large capacity tankers. They have Pumpers which are ~1000 gallons in capacity.

As for the why’s of that, each department would have to explain their rationale for what kind of apparatus they are equipped with.
Big Water - 11/15/12 - 13:15

Most of Northern wake county is without hydrants. Stony Hill has none and I believe Bayleaf has 50%? A tanker shuttle was used on bayleafs last major fire.
Johnny - 11/15/12 - 23:44

Sorry for the delay guys… (I did not register to receive email on the posts). As for the tankers, many years ago (1980s) the belief was in the 1000gal pumper/tankers and placing multiple ones on the road for water shuttles. Looking back, it is silly. Higher capacity tankers were not as prevalent due to the weight/size of the trucks then and the power to move them (many were older converted military or farm units). Fortunately now the times are different and we are finally seeing the higher capacity tankers. Both Wake Forest FD and Bay Leaf FD will be receiving 2000 gallon tankers this year. I would estimate hydrants are only present in 15%-20% of the rural areas of Northern wake Co. (0% in Stony Hill), therefore tankers and auto-aid are a must!
A.C. Rich - 11/16/12 - 12:52

anyone know: The new 2,000 gallon tankers for Wake Forest and Bayleaf ….are they going to be built by Pierce?
And is this going to be an existing county spec tankers or the beginning of a new contract for the county?
Buckwheat - 11/17/12 - 11:23

Maybe we’ll see the return of tandam-axle tankers in Wake County…
Legeros - 11/17/12 - 13:12

The counties existing contract for tankers just ran out so it is up in the air now on who will build them. We are not entirely sure when the new bid process will happen so we are in a holding pattern right now.

Tandam-axel with some smoke stacks would be cool Mike…or maybe one of those huge tractor trailer ones for each region thereby needing only one person to go to each fire with it, and having a massive supply of water sitting right there to supplement the shuttle ;-)
Tanker - 11/17/12 - 15:19

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