05/21/13 162 W, 1 I - + 8 - 3 City Council Awards Construction Contract For Fire Station 29

Press release. On May 21, today, the Raleigh City Council awarded a contract not to exceed $2,700,000 to Resolute Building, Inc., for the construction of Fire Station 29. It will be located at 12117 Leesville Road and will house a single engine company, Engine 29. The 10,000-square-foot fire station, designed by Stewart Cooper Newell William Ferm Architects, will have three apparatus bays, sleeping quarters with twenty-seven beds, an exercise room, office and watch station. The facility will have reduced water use and energy efficient HVAC and lighting. The project is pursuing U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. Construction will begin this summer with completion scheduled for approximately ten months. Here's a map showing the location relative to the city's other fire stations. Below is a design drawing that appeared in the Raleigh Fire Department newsletter, as well as in the recent centennial history book.

Congrats Raleigh!

Why so big though? That area that it resides in has pretty much been fully developed. The only expanding area in that vicinity is Brier Creek which I believe is nearing capacity as far as Raleigh city area is concerned. Are there plans for another ladder? What about the third bay? Looks like it will be a nice station though!

I guess we can go ahead and say goodbye to DHFD as well. Times change…
FD - 05/22/13 - 01:00

The plan is for L-6 to relocate to #29 about a year or so after the station’s opening. The ladder relocation will help with ISO points as the ladder will be able to serve 3 response areas in addition to the area to which it is located e.g. #29, #23, #24, & #18. Right now it only serves 1 response area in addition to it’s own (#24 & #23). Same reason why L-8 will move to #12 once the replacement station is built. At least as it was explained to me. Chief Rich, please feel free to confirm or dispel.
Rescue Ranger - 05/22/13 - 09:19

FD: Station 23 is DHFD station and is leased by the city. The new station will be nice but some of the areas around it do not have hydrants and are heavily wooded, both the city truck have issues with. The area still does not have a true rescue other then the ones at BLFD, DHFD, and Bethesda so there is still that issue and with I-540 and heavily traffic areas, the need for a rescue is still needed. Currently if you are pinned in at Leesville and Westgate the city will send a rescue from a crossed town when there is one less than 4 miles away. All these issues point to the need for DHFD and others to stay around.
Reese - 05/22/13 - 12:37

I was told that Ladder 8 won’t be moving to new #12, rather a new Ladder Company will be added and housed at new #12.
Silver - 05/22/13 - 15:08

@Reese…if someone is pinned at that intersection you will also get Ladder 6 which is less than 5 miles away (full extrication compliment) as well as Squad 14 which is right at 7 miles away.
Silver - 05/22/13 - 15:14

Reese, also DHFD’s rescue doesn’t get dispatched with or requested by the city so it doesn’t particularly matter if it is there or not. Now should it? Probably, but that is a conversation for another day. You also have to weigh just how many areas are unhydranted in that area. When does it stop making sense to pay a $500,000+ budget a year for a couple of neighborhoods to have a station right in their backyard versus a few extra miles away?

As for station 23, just because they lease it from DHFD doesn’t mean DHFD has to stay around. I’m sure some kind of a deal can be arranged between the two entities that is ultimately in the best interest of the citizens who are our primary responsibility.
FD - 05/22/13 - 15:33

Mikey, one correction on your post (which may have originated from the press release)...Station 29 is designed by Ola Ferm, not Stewart-Cooper-Newell. SCN is designing Stations 12 and 14.
AP - 05/23/13 - 07:25

Why does closest unit not go to a call, is the fire service not there to protect the people in their areas or is it something else? S14 and L6 are wonderful resource but S14 does run a lot of calls and even though they are 7 miles (Mapquest) away there is a lot of traffic that does not always get out of the way L6 5miles (mapquest) still has to deal with Brier Creek traffic. As to L6 a few months ago they did not get dispatched to that location in question and just a few weeks ago L6 and R24 did not go to a 10-50 at Glenwood and 540 and they were at their house, E23 and E18 went to the call. All this could be CAD issues, but still leaves the question why does the closest unit not get dispatched? DHFD is 2.2 mile (Mapquest) away and they do respond in to the “Empire of Raleigh”. I know that I will never win any argument when it deals with RFD so this will be my last response. Thank you for keeping an open mind, and stay safe.
reese (Email) - 05/23/13 - 11:18

Perhaps if DHFD could guarantee that the rescue would get out every single time it was dispatched with a crew of certified people it would automatically go. But as it stands now if your guys paid staff are out on a call there is no guarantee the rescue will get out. Combine that with the fact that even the paid staff at DHFD are not all RT certified, Raleigh, or any other mutual aid department that you might run with, cannot guarantee the citizens that they are responsible for protecting that they extrication process will be properly handled.

That being said I have full confidence that you guys can handle a basic extrication it is just a counter point to think about. You cannot automatically dispatch an unstaffed unit and call that fair to the citizens either. And this isn’t just a DHFD thing it is the same reason unstaffed and under-qualified units are not dispatched in concurrence with Raleigh across the county.

And I’m not a Raleigh fireman btw, I’m a county fireman, I just happen to understand the other side of the aisle. If we as a county took steps to make ourselves more valuable perhaps we would get to play more with our neighbors. This starts with marking trucks out of service that are not staffed and taking the appropriate steps to ensure that properly trained and certified individuals are the only ones riding the trucks.

You guys do have a badass rescue btw
FD - 05/23/13 - 12:00

I would imagine that L6 didn’t respond to the accident on Glenwood and 540 because there was no reported pin.
Eric - 05/23/13 - 12:44

With the city placing a new ladder in service at 12 are they going to go with a Tiller or traditional rear-mount? Seems the close proximity to downtown and neighboring city areas a Tiller would best suffice. Have also heard that Wilmington is starting the build on their first Tiller, and possible a Volunteer department south of Wake is looking hard at purchasing a Tiller for their replacement.
Goes2fire - 05/23/13 - 13:14

Speaking of ladders, here is a common misconception: contrary to popular belief, tillers are less expensive than platforms.
Biff - 05/23/13 - 20:42

Yea, but when you staff with a compliment of four, you’re not adding any cost. Two for the inside, two (both drivers) for the outside work. And yea it’s 1.3 mil vs. 990,000 for a platform vs. tiller in price.
Goes2fire - 05/24/13 - 08:34

Have y’all seen the tiller rescue unit that Seattle has? That would be an awesome buy for a heavy rescue!
Chuck - 05/26/13 - 13:22

So why does a station that will have no more than 8 or 9 personnel working at any one time (probably more like 4 for awhile) require 27 beds?
Concerned Citizen - 05/29/13 - 10:08

Concern citizen, each firefighter typically has their own bed in most stations, so if the plan is to eventually have 8-9 firefighters per shift at the station and there are 3 shifts that’s 27 beds.

Chuck I don’t know about Seattle, but Portland ordered a tiller rescue
Mike - 05/29/13 - 10:38

Portland… Seattle…. New York… New Jersey… :-)
Chuck - 05/30/13 - 16:30

Remember personal info?

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