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Here's a response to a comment in the Manor Valley Court thread, that's maybe worth it's own thread. The incident has been getting a fair amount of social media discussion, on a variety of sites.

Thus responded the reader named Truckie:

Someone from RFD needs to go on Statter911.com and lay the smack down on all those KIC’s who have dissected the operations of the RFD.

Thus responds the reader named Legeros:

Truckie, those jokers definitely need a smack down. That is, unless you're the type of reader who prefers more confrontational conversation. That's the rub with these things. There are apples and oranges and pears (oh my) in these forums. One person is energized, while another is offended or gets defensive. Some says "facts please," while others encourage speculation. And so forth.

It's a wonder these forums don't implode on a regular basis. Think about all the different "kinds" of things being said:

Boy, my list sure seems slanted toward the negative, doesn’t it?  Are we really that negative on these blogs!?

Plus there's levels or degrees of civility, from polite to profane. Plus the type of commenter, from anonymous to nickname to real name to Facebook name.  More variations in preferences.

This also provides some insight into this blog, and how I’ve handled comments over the years. When we started, it was wide open. Short of outright attacks or really harsh language, anything was permitted. Heck, the comments weren’t even approved. They posted auto-magically. Over time, I came to learn that people didn’t like feeling bad, when reading things that made them feel bad. Sure, they enjoyed a good game of Monday Morning Quarterback like anyone else, until… they (or their crew or their department) was the target of criticism. Or until they were smacked for a response to someone else's smack. And so forth. Thus the reason that only a narrow range of tactical comments and criticism ends up here. Ergo why this blog is pretty boring.

Why does everyone pick on me?
LeatherHead123 (Email) (Web Site) - 08/26/13 - 20:41

Legeros, this blog is not boring!! It’s educational, civil, down to earth in my opinion. That’s how we are down here.

You see, the reason behind my comment was sort of a “pride” issue. Pride in being born and raised in NC. Pride in being a firefighter for 23+ years in the same state. To me, we don’t get keyed up like they do up north. So when I started reading all the comments on Statter911, I got a little irate to say the least. Yeah, my emotions got the best of me. Especially when the comments about seat belts began. Now I’m not from Raleigh, but I do recall watching a video about a certain RFD tiller overturning several years back. HECK, even an educational video was made of the incident for all to learn from. If I do recall correctly, seat belts may or may not have been used and everyone involved has learned very important lessons regarding the same. And I’m pretty sure theres probably significant policy dictating the use of seatbelts in RFD apparatus. So for some of them to say RFD FF’s should have been getting ready while enroute so they can jump off the truck to go to work when they get there struck the nerve. Either they have been living under a rock or just really don’t “get it”.

I don’t get engaged in confrontational comment sections. I’ve really got no use for it. It doesn’t fix anything, if anything really needs fixing. I learn nothing from it, and I try to learn something everyday about this profession. Be it minor or big. I really don’t understand why others get so keyed up about other FD’s operations. Unless that is, thev’ve mastered this profession and are ready to spread the word to all of us who apparently need guidance. If they have, that’s one FD I definatley would not want to work for. “Know it alls” are dangerous.

I will be first to say I’ve screwed up, more than likely will again. My FD is far from perfect. We have a long way to go and will for many years. But to learn from previous incidents is only beneficial to the department. Why berate each other about each others operations? Learn from them instead of trash talking. In the end, I always tell my crew, if we burn the entire city down but we all come home, we’ve won. We didn’t start the problem, we’re just a tool to try to fix it. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t.

By the way, it is a great honor to have such a response to one of my comments!! I never expected it, but it’s a good read and something to ponder in the future.

Thanks for your site and keep up the good work,


Keith Starnes
Monroe Fire Department
Keith (Truckie) - 08/26/13 - 22:27

Remember personal info?

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