02/06/07 53 W - + 13 - 10 Knightdale Discusses Fastest Station Response

Article in today's Eastern Wake News: http://www.easternwakenews.com/114/story/829.html. On a related note, see the latest entries in this Watch Desk thread. The most recent postings offer an interesting perspective on the public and the name they see on the side of a fire truck.

It’s confusing enough, but the article is incorrect in one aspect. Neither closest nor quickest response is being used. Dispatch around Knightdale is strictly by jurisdiction, with no regard to who’s closer or quicker.
From that side of county - 02/07/07 - 08:26

It is a very confusing situation but why have a station such as Eastern Wake Station #2 in the middle of the Town of Knightdale. Other than district near Smithfield Road and 64-Bypass, Knightdale could be first in any day. Waste of County money to, to restore Station #2, no point.
Near That Guy from that side of the county - 02/07/07 - 11:53

Can someone answer me this? I thought there was a brotherhood to the fire service? Every time I look at one of these blogs I see each of you bad-mouthing, slandering, or just plain out trash talking each other. Is there this many problems in the Wake County fire service? As a taxpayer, I have a problem with this. I honestly don’t care who shows up to put my fire out, I don’t care who works on me when I have a medical emergency. I have a thought, why don’t everyone sit down and hash out their differences for the good of the community and stop all the b*******! I hope that everyone is training and answering calls as much as they are on here and watchdesk arguing about who is going to that call. I have been a firebuff for a long time around Wake County, and I can say that we have some of the best fire protection in the State. Each department is different in some way or form, but each department has one main goal, and that is to protect the community that it serves. Ego’s need to be set aside and do what is right. How come Stony Hill, Wake Forest, Durham Highway, and Bay Leaf can respond together and get along, but Eastern Wake County can not. Its ashame! As far as personnel issues, I have always been taught at my work place that personnel issues are private. Why is dirty laundry being aired out for the citizen to see. I believe all of us have personnel issues! So, I ask again, where is the brotherhood?
Citizen - Firebuff - 02/07/07 - 14:04

Mr Citizen-Firebuff-

While it may appear that many people on these forums/blog don’t portray a sense of brotherhood, I can assure you that that brotherhood DOES exist here. Many of these complaints that you are hearing comes from that brotherhood. The complaints stem from ineffective administrations of the many different organizations here in Wake Co. So to give you the short answer to your question about the problems here, “yes” there are that many problems here. Many comments that you hear here are from those of us out there doing the best we can for the citizens and strive to IMPROVE our service delivery to them. The problem is not with the firefighters themselves but the policies or lack there of here in Wake Co. The best solution here is to centralize the fire service here and have the county take over all of those depts not in/associated with municipalities. This will prove to be cheaper and more efficient, but that’s just my opinion.
Stay safe
Wayne - 02/07/07 - 14:48

I agree with you. The problems do come the brotherhood. They go in the community and discuss the problems they have with their department and the problems that they have with an individual. They should be working out the problems and differences instead of causing them. I agree with you that the County should take over. I know, many of you will not agree with this, but you have caused all the problems among yourselves. Do away with the district lines, one department, one leader.
Citizen - Firebuff - 02/07/07 - 14:58

Brotherhood and blogs. Great question. The audience for this blog is primarly and perhaps exclusively responders and buffs. Thus, the laundry that is aired in this forum is expectedly and perhaps appropriately at times dirty. Filthy laundry, if you will, is not permitted. But perhaps there’s a sliding scale with regard to dirt and perceptions therein. Active FFs on this board are probably fine with talking about, say, response district conflicts. Buffs on this board are also probably fine, though they might ponder the consequences of these discussions if taken out of context. Citizens on this board, with no or little interest in the fire service, might have a range of reactions. They might wonder why “their employees” are seemingly “spending so much time” on grousing. Or why they are choosing to grouse in a forum that is available to the public. They might wonder, as well, why the blog operators permit such grousing. Again, great questions. As operators of this forum, we are always contemplating the “collective good.” Is there more good than bad in, say, facilitating discussions about problematic issues? We believe the former, but to a fault. Personnel matters tied to specific and named individuals are off-limits, for example. But what about the routine discussions and the dead horses that everyone loves to beat? Well, if one were to become a hot-button issue and with high public visibility, we might do things differently. We might close discussions on that topic. Don’t know. Case by case. Etcetera. But alternative perspectives such as these are exceptionally useful and will help benefit everyone as we continue to learn the best ways to be public with our information and opinions
Legeros - 02/07/07 - 17:52

Citizen Fire Buff…..

One Department…One Leader..=One Big Mess and One Big Dictator.

In regards to that where do we put old equipment, where do the employees go, what about the volunteer districts. Though it may work in some areas, not here.
Near That Guy from that side of the county - 02/07/07 - 18:46

Near that guy, how much exposure have you had to a county wide fire department? With the right leadership, it WOULD work….
Guest - 02/07/07 - 19:20

Near that guy, sounds like to me you are one of the ones that says “ our district, we will run it, everyone stay out.” “One big mess” what do you think Wake County has now? You are right on one thing, it will not work here, because people like you are not receptive to change.
Citizen - Firebuff - 02/07/07 - 19:34

Near that Guy- How does a large municipal or county department run now? With one person in charge. How does Microsoft run Bill Gates is in charge. This County has 2 many people trying to be in charge of fire services. I agree with Wayne, other than municipal departments all other fire protection should be 1 department with 1 leader and officers under them. Municipal departments would most likley be more receptive to mutual aid and contracting for areas if they had to deal with 1 person. Fuquay has to sign mutual aid agreements with Garner, Holly Springs and Fairview in this county. Think of how much easier it would be to just deal with 1 agency.
Batt Chief 13 - 02/07/07 - 20:28

All of you are right…maybe it would be easier with one agency. Wouldn’t that be difficult to combine Raleigh, Cary, and other larger departments into one. What happens to the volunteers, let’s say I am from Wake Forest as a volunteer…does that mean I can just head down to Fuquay and volunteer down there, not knowing the district or knowing the community. You lose your hometown pride we combined such as a county department. If we combine the fire departments, why not combine all of EMS, or police or whatever you want to say, something to think about. Thank You
Near That Guy From That Side of the County - 02/07/07 - 22:00

Near that guy, c’mon bro, you’re going to an extreme. Municipal departments would stay as they are. As far as the vollies, the term “volunteer” would have to be re-defined. No longer does the taxpayer who owns a $300,000 home in “X” district expect to wait for a 10 minute turnaround time for the volunteers to come and attempt to save his/her home, hence duty crews. Volunteers then would have to be on duty and respond from the station, versus their home(s). I’ve said it before, the days of responding from home are almost over.

As far as hometown pride, here’s a new term; company pride. As the county is broken down into repsonse areas, the group at Engine Co. “X” can express their pride in their company and response area.

Open that mind up a little, it can work here, just like it does in Montgomery County (MD), Prince George’s (MD), Baltimore County (MD), Prince William (VA). Need I go on?
PaidGuy/Ex-vollie - 02/07/07 - 22:48

an ideal situation would be career personnel being backed up by volunteer staffing. whether that be by duty crew or responding to the station on the additional alarm to staff additional pieces. In this county no longer can extended response times be accepted, and that goes not only for first in peices, but also additional pieces. Dispatch staffed units, add “non staffed” as they become staffed by volunteer members.

I don’t think anybody is talking about doing away with the volunteers, or making a hopkins volly run calls in durham highway, come on that’s just crazy talk.

And while municipalities will/should always have their own depts, think about this…. Miami-Dade works opposite, it’s one department county wide, that covers one of the largest cities in the US, and the surrounding area. It works for them, it CAN work for us, but the ego’s and big head chiefs have got to go. District lines are already gone, and tax districts are already gone. The county has a goal in place to put a minimum level of staffing at each station 24/7 it’s just a matter of time before it happens… look at what has come down the pipe in recent years: rolesville going 24, bay leaf going 24, stony hill going 24, fairview wanting to go 24….. it’s coming, so we as firefighters in this county can be part of the problem and make it hard…. or we can be part of the solution working towards a system that benefits the taxpayers… the people who pay for our gear, trucks and stations…. I’ll try my best to be part of the solution both as a firefighter in this county and as a taxpayer.
CFP 7021 - 02/07/07 - 23:16

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