02/10/07 43 W - + 10 - 11 Beacon Lake Drive...

...has two sections, Mike discovered this morning while en route to the working fire that Engine 21 reported. Here's the accurate Google aerial map, versus the one consulted in the car. Few things are as annoying as a split-second of road.

Well, at least you were not RESPONDING to the call! And correction, there is nothing anymore annoying than a road that changes names after you go through the intersection (e.g. Edwards Mill Road and Creedmoor Road, and then you have to make two turns to get to the OTHER section of Edwards Mill Road), except maybe for the ones that they change the name to (i.e. South Peartree Lane) something else WITHOUT telling anyone.
DJ (Email) - 02/10/07 - 14:59

Quick question, I could not recall if Raleigh FD was running with Chief Aides; are they? If so, where does that rank fall into the entire rank structure? Would it be a promotion from FF, but below Lt. (or whatever the Driver/Engineer is called)?
Luke - 02/11/07 - 00:51

No they are not, I remember seeing somewhere that the position was requested or going to be requested for the next budget year though, will be interesting to see if they get it.

(you are correct, Drivers are called Lt’s in RFD)
CFP 7021 - 02/11/07 - 07:28

OK, I was just wondering because I had seen the same Firefighter working at two different fires in a capacity that I would have guessed was a Chief’s Aide. Being in that in both cases he was operating at the BC vehicle doing (I believe) accountability.
Luke - 02/11/07 - 17:45

Currently, the 2nd in engine company chauffeur is used as a “Chief Aide”. Chief McGrath is pro-Chief Aides, expect to see them soon. More than likely it will be the Batt. Chief’s “pick” at who he/she uses as an aide. Will probably be a first class or senior firefighter (fill in driver) position due to the fact that one huge responsibility would be driving the Chief around and getting them to the scene safely, as well as having some experience on the fireground.
Silver - 02/11/07 - 18:29

It only makes sense. With all of the tasks that have been delegated to the BC’s (as well as the EMS District Chiefs) it is only smart to provide them with an aide. Afterall, many managers with fewer responsibilities have administrative assistants.
DJ (Email) - 02/11/07 - 18:52

Thanks for explaining that Silver, it seemed too much of a coinsidence that I’d see the same person operating in the same function at two different fires.

Does anyone know of any departments (in the South) currently using Chief Aides or is it still mainly just a Northern thing?
Luke - 02/11/07 - 21:10

Charlotte used to have them. I would expect to see them again soon since the BC’s now have so many responsibilities. I wouldn’t want to be hauling butt to a fire in a crown vic, all while trying to drive, talk on the radio, read/push buttons on the MST, read/push buttons on the laptops that are now in the Battalion cars. Luke you know how bad the drivers (citizens) in Charlotte are.

On a related note, chief’s aides/drivers is a good promotion for some folks, especially for some of the older guys who are close to retiring. They could squeeze out a few more years that they couldn’t if they were assigned to a company. That also opens up just as many opportunities to hire more firefighters to fill the vacancies left by those that were promoted.
Rides A Truck - 02/12/07 - 03:01

Rides.. I was actually talking to a BC a few weeks ago about Chief’s Aides, especially since we were going over the lap top and just how much it distracts them from their focus – the horrible drivers! I believe that they would be able to utilize their lap tops much more if they had a Chief’s Aide. Of course, they would need to pick their Aides wisely… not too much room in the crown vics after you add all their equipment.
Luke - 02/12/07 - 17:02

With the possibility of adding chiefs aides, wouldnt that call for a bigger vehicle then the crown vic. Say something the size of an expedtion or tahoe?
Adam Brown - 02/12/07 - 23:15

What’s the difference between that, and say, two police officers riding together?
Luke - 02/13/07 - 00:45

The amount of equipment carried would be the big difference. and the fact that the crown vic is built to be a police cruizer. Just looking at bigger cities, most use some sort of SUV for the BC.
Adam Brown - 02/13/07 - 02:27

Raleigh BCs drive SUVs…
Legeros - 02/13/07 - 06:46

Any reason why the BCs all seem to have different types of vehicles? Is that because that is all that was available in surplus when they got them?
Luke - 02/13/07 - 18:41

Luke, I think it has something to with the state bid contract thing? we don’t have any Dodges. back around 98 they bought the first suv. Ford Expedition and after years passed by they were too small so they went with the Excursion, then they burned up breaks to quick and were tough to drive 1039. Then all of a sudden they bought the ugly burgundy Tahoes. Now we are back to the new and approved Expedition. My old man is retired from RPD and they actually started buying Pontiac for the investigators because of prices. Luke were are you from and what do you all use?
Jason Lane - 02/13/07 - 23:55

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