02/19/07 31 W, 1 I - + 11 - 14 Air 12

Bay Leaf's new mobile air unit has arrived. It's also a rehab unit and is designated Air 12. Here's more information, plus the following photo.

Yes…Yes…Very Nice Truck…Congrats to Bay Leaf.
Knightdale - 02/19/07 - 23:46

will this truck still be placed at such an unrationable location, or is actually going to move out into a station that is actually in the county not the city? Not trying to be rude or anything but just wondering if it is slated to move to bay leaf station 2 or 1 because it really doesn’t belong at station 3
guest - 02/19/07 - 23:47

It not really in a bad spot to get to other area’s of the county if needed
guest - 02/20/07 - 05:54

Six Forks FD had the 1st mobile air system in Northern WC starting back in the late 1980’s with a system on a trailer. It was later moved into a Chevy panel truck, which was retired with the system having over 20 years of service. This new unit will provide a reliable replacement. As for location, each station has specialized equipment. Station 3’s piece is Air 12. Station 1: Ladder 25. Station 2: Rescue 36. Station 3 is between I-440 and I-540 with access to a large areas of Wake County and the City of Raleigh quickly. A welcome addition to the department and entire region.
AB - 02/20/07 - 08:43

I wonder how Bay Leaf would feel about having it dispatched into the city? Raleigh Air 8 take the southside while Bay Leaf Air 12 take the north. Makes sense to me since everyone is all for closest unit response!
pal - 02/20/07 - 18:54

Pal, another awesome point. Look how spread out the city is; could you imagine running Air 8 all the way to a fire in 28’s area?! It would take you 30 minutes!!!
Silver - 02/21/07 - 00:16

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Legeros - 02/21/07 - 07:36

Who else has air units around the county? Wake Forest, correct? Both of Cary’s service trucks are mobile air units as well, I believe. What about the east and south sides?
Legeros - 02/21/07 - 07:41

Wake Forest has Air 6, Both Cary Truck 6 and Truck 7 have onboard compressors and fill stations. Morrisville Rescue 1 has a fill station, but no compressor. I believe that Fairview Rescue 1 has a fill station as well, but I’m not 100% on that one. There is also the trailer that the county owns that is at the training center.

That’s all I know about.
CFP 7021 - 02/21/07 - 08:24

DH Rescue 5 has a fill system with an on board pump so that you can pump the banks completly dry to fill additonal bottles, but no compressor.
DHFD - 02/21/07 - 08:32

Mike, I read the comments you deleted I thought that they brought up good points that frankly need to be addressed…
guest - 02/21/07 - 08:39

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Legeros - 02/21/07 - 09:57

The truck will go anywhere dispatched. All the city has to do is call for it.
MK (Email) - 02/21/07 - 10:09

The air system has responded into the City as well as out of County and will continue to respond whenever/wherever it’s needed.

Mike, thanks for filling the role of forum “censor”, it’s a shame it’s needed.
AB - 02/21/07 - 10:22

Holly Springs Rescue 1 has an onboard compressor and fill station.
Mike (Email) - 02/21/07 - 13:19

I don’t think that it would be fair to ask Bay Leaf to send their air unit into the city without providing them with some sort of financial incentive. Asking them to cover half the city of Raleigh would probably double the call load of the unit, thereby reducing the lifespan of it; and from a citizen’s perspective, if the city of Raleigh needs an additional air unit to cover the rest of the city, the taxpayers should be willing to give the funds to buy an additional unit.
Rookienc - 02/21/07 - 15:28

So on that note would it be fair to say that the city shouldn’t put any additional wear and tear on their equipment by responding into the county since the city unit would be closer? Why would it be acceptable for one apparatus to respond according to “closest unit response” but not the other?
pal - 02/21/07 - 16:54

Do the city rescue units or ladders have any cascade systems on them? Should they add them to the new orders? Are there air systems at the stations, or does everything in RFD have to be filled by Air 8?
steven (Email) - 02/21/07 - 17:22

Back in the day, anytime that Raleigh’s air truck went down Six Forks was automatically dispatched on the north side of the city and Garner FD which has an onboard system without the compressor was dispatched to the southside.
Mike - 02/21/07 - 18:00

Ok folks, you can’t pick and choose what units are to be closest dispatched, and what aren’t. Either it’s all or none. Personally, I like the idea of closest unit dispatch, with GPS.

KTC has a cascade, and so does SR-2.
Silver - 02/21/07 - 18:10

While I agree with the honorably selfless intentions of closest unit dispatch, I think that giving Air 12 a response area that consists of the entire northern half of the city is not the same as Engine 28 automatically responding on a fire alarm in the county. It is quite possible that the vast majority of this unit’s runs would be in Raleigh, and so it seems unfair that a Bay Leaf volunteer (or paid personell) would be doing the job of a Raleigh firefighter while not earning the same wage as the guys who man Air 8. The increased runs would also significantly reduce Air 12’s lifespan. I think that this would be an acceptable situation if the city were to sign some sort of contract that reimbursed Bay Leaf, but I would rather have the city set up a new air unit at a northern station, such as maybe 19.
Rookienc - 02/22/07 - 02:07

Well…a couple of questions. First, where did the funds for Air 12 come from? Was/Is it funded by the county ‘in any way’ (purchase, equipment, upkeep, fuel)? City residents also pay county taxes. And as a city tax payer, why should my (city) tax dollars pay for ‘another’ identical (duplicate) resource that my (county) tax dollars already paid for?
DJ (Email) - 02/22/07 - 10:41

It was funded by donations from the Bay Leaf community and a grant from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Obviously, maintaining it will be funded by the Fire Service tax, just like all the other departments. I sure maintaining this one won’t be as difficult as maintaining the one it replaced..it functioned much longer than it was designed to and died a slow death.
AB - 02/22/07 - 10:50

Random question coming in from left field…. How many people man Air 8 per shift? One or two?
Luke - 02/22/07 - 11:52

So, if it is going to be funded through the fire tax (collected countywide) why should it not be dispatched as a regional resource? And if it was funded through the Homeland Security Grant (i.e. federal tax dollars), it should not be an issue if it is regionally dispatched. Just my few pennies’ worth.
DJ (Email) - 02/22/07 - 13:14

Really not trying to ‘not play nice’, but as noted earlier, ‘nearest-unit-dispatch’ is an all-or-nothing proposition, really regardless of who pays for a resource. If it is going to be placed in service, and dispatched through RW911, it is available for dispatch anywhere. And this would not apply just to AIR 12, but to anything, from a brush truck, and engine, and air unit, or an ambulance..
DJ (Email) - 02/22/07 - 13:42

I never claimed to be completely against the idea of dispatching this unit into the city. However, there are some serious issues that need to be considered before assinging a county unit to cover HALF of the city. For starters, if a Bay Leaf FF is going to be asked to do the exact same job as a Raleigh ff (cover half the city), then how can one justify not paying the Bay Leaf ff the same as the Raleigh guys?
Rookienc - 02/22/07 - 17:21

Luke, Air 8 is staffed by 1 person.

Look at the big pic folks, how many working fires are we talking? Is it really that much? Also, to put things blountly, it’s called mutual/and or auto aid, move past it. So does that mean this unit should only respond to Bay Leaf fires?

It’s taxpayers dollars that bought it (federal grants), so it should serve all that helped pay for it.
Silver - 02/22/07 - 21:20

Maybe because that firefighter chooses to volunteer? I’m not saying a cascade system operator isn’t important, but let’s be realistic, it’s not that complicated of a job. I know if I were 18 and just got into the fire service, I would jump at the opportunity to drive that thing (or anything fire related) anywhere. I would put money on the fact that if the idea was proposed to Bay Leaf F.D., the problem wouldn’t be from a lack of drivers.
pal - 02/22/07 - 21:26

Just a quick note to make a correction and some clarification. The air system was first built and put in service in 1978. Since 1978 there has been a mutual aid argeement with the City of Raleigh that the system would be dispatched to support their operations when necessary. This unit has been used in numerous areas of Wake County and all adjorning counties.
RWarner BLFD DC (Email) - 02/23/07 - 01:53

I would think some of the City boys would be happy to make what the Bayleaf boys are paid – and they sleep at home each night.
localboy215 - 02/23/07 - 11:20

No not really. I would be bored to death just waiting to add myself to a call.
Jaybird - 02/23/07 - 13:22

Sigh. Closing this thread.
Legeros - 02/23/07 - 13:39