02/24/07 791 W - + 26 - 11 Big Fire Summary

Here's a summary of Thursday's incident, drawn from media reports and personal observations. Text to be used with Mike's and maybe Lee's photos, and possible firehouse.com photo story submission. Feel free to add or correct as desired. Reprinted in bullet format, for ease of reading or correction.

Units included (not including relief/overnight):

See this RFD resource summary, posted in May 2012 for more.

Coverage at Raleigh stations included:

27 was first arriving, originally dispatched to a brush fire.
Silver - 02/24/07 - 11:37

What companies where assigned to the other Working Fire – Roselle Court
Noah Rogers (Email) - 02/24/07 - 12:16

Roselle was E3 E12 E? L11 R7 BC2 C3 Air8. And the 2nd alarm was E13 E10 E? L1 …. ???? Not sure of all the units. E7 may have been on the 1st alarm originally.
Lee - 02/24/07 - 13:11

E-11 was also on the first alarm at Roselle. I think E-7 had cleared the house fire (that they had just previously released E-12 and E-3 from) to finish out the second alarm at Roselle.
firedriver - 02/24/07 - 17:39

Engine 7 cleared 3,12,L 1 and rescue from the house fire on Stevens Rd. We just backed into the station when HQ dispatched us first due with E-9, E-22, R-19 and L 16 to Pine Knoll fire. Yes we ended up being RIT. E-27 was on scene first then E-19,R-19,us and E-9. Very long day! Good job to all that was there!!!!!
Jason Lane - 02/24/07 - 23:38

With regards to the Roselle fire, I heard, and later confirmed through CAD what would seem as a bit of a mishap on the part of E-3. E-3 was dispatched to a structure fire there and so responded. Upon arriving on scene it was marked a working fire. Withing 2 minutes of being marked a working fire, it was then upgraded to a major working fire. Then, the shocking part was about 2 minutes after being marked a major working fire, E-3 cancelled everyone and said they could handle the scene as it was simply a brush fire. About 5 minutes after that, it was redispatched out as a working fire.

Could anyone clarify what happened there? Is it really a mishap on E-3s part or is there something missing that I am simply over looking since I was not there. (I do not like to place blame or assume anything since I was not actually present)
fireLT - 02/26/07 - 18:00

Added some items, corrected unit data.
Legeros - 02/26/07 - 19:01

There was not three minutes between change of code.E-3 arrived(on the street, still 200’ or so from the bldg.) and with the amount of smoke they saw which was coming right down the street at them they advised “working fire”. As the fire was not in E-3’s first due area the capt. was not sure of the bldg. size, so when he did get close enough to the bldg. to see it through the smoke he upgraded to “major working fire”. After going around the bldg. and seeing that the smoke was from a wind driven brush fire (shrubbery beside the apt.) he advised that they could handle it. Mind yoiu there was still no smoke or fire visible from inside the apt. As they were putting out the brush fire a window broke out of the apt and it was on from there.
I hope this clears it up a little for you, i can see how it might have been a little confusing if you weren’t watching it unfold.
firedriver - 02/28/07 - 09:47

For accuracy, Cary E10 with L1 at Raleigh #8 for coverage.
LCone - 02/28/07 - 11:28

Just curious if Cary L1 backed into station 8 bay or sat on front apron?
guest - 02/28/07 - 13:24

There’s no way it could fit in #8….
Silver - 02/28/07 - 14:17

What is Cary E10? One of the reserve trucks?
Luke - 02/28/07 - 15:25

E-10 is the radio/CAD designate for an engine covering at Station 1, E-20 would be covering at Station 2, etc… It’s programmed that way in CAD so when E-#0 is put in service it is automatically dispatched. It also allows whatever piece they are on to be marked out of service in CAD so that CAD automatically sends the next closet Ladder/Rescue/Truck, etc…

Ladder 5 (riding 1446 which is the old Mack Reserve Truck) was also dispatched to Station 8 on a reserve Engine so there was an Engine and Ladder from Cary sent Station 8. I’m not 100% sure but I think I remember hearing Ladder 5 mark in service as E-10 and L-1 was marked out at RFD #8. This was after the initial dispatch. As the two trucks were sent a few minutes apart.
CFP 7021 - 02/28/07 - 16:28

There’s also a weight limit, I think, at Station 8. It has a two basement bays below the street-level bays. Not sure if a big, honkin’, three-axle platform can or should be stored there.
Legeros - 03/01/07 - 09:04

I know it can’t, which is the reason why we were moved from 8 to 20. The weight on the floor, combined with the height of the bay won’t accomodate today’s ladder companies.
Silver - 03/01/07 - 14:24

In the pictures at RFD Station 1 it looked like Garner’s ladder would not fit because the bucket appeared to be hanging over Dawson St. Does anyone know this to be the case?
Guest - 03/01/07 - 15:18

While it was providing coverage at Station 1, the Garner ladder was parked on the apron. Though the apparatus fit with a few inches to spare, their personnel opted to park outside.
Legeros - 03/03/07 - 07:11

Added to summary:

Fifteen engines, 6 ladders, 2 rescues, 3 Battalion Chiefs, 2 brush trucks, 1 tanker, 2 pumper-tankers, 8 outside engines at Raleigh stations, 4 outside ladders at Raleigh stations, 1 outside squirt at Raleigh stations.

Eight engines and 1 ladder overnight, in shifts.
Legeros - 03/03/07 - 07:12

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