06/14/07 44 W, 1 I - + 19 - 11 Raleigh's New Rescues

FireNews editor Jeff Harkey strolled by Services and snapped this picture, one of two 2007 Pierce Enforcer non-walk in rescues delivered this morning. They'll replace Rescue 14 and Rescue 19, and thus end the era of ambulance-body rescues. It's been 53 years. Click to enlarge:

I can’t wait for the numerous comments to follow of how it’s not big enough, it’s not a true heavy rescue, it’s a waste of money, etc. I know they’re coming.
Henry P. - 06/14/07 - 19:23

Actually, I think it is big enough, it’s a great use of money, and to make it a true heavy rescue RFD should request a full crew of four or (preferably)five to staff it… And just curious, what are RFD’s rescues assigned to do at a working fire, per SOP?
Eric - 06/14/07 - 21:02

Coming from just one member of RFD, I’m happy as hell to see them. I think they’ll serve the city just fine, so long as they’re well equipped and hopefully, one day, well staffed. I’ll add that it’s a good era to have come to a close….
Silver - 06/14/07 - 21:03

I think the only thing I see that I would’ve done differently is put a few more quartz lights on the sides, versus just the scene lights. Also, a nice feature would have been a quartz light oe two on the front.
Guest - 06/14/07 - 21:29

Great looking truck. Does anyone know what equipment it will carry? Is there breathing air or a cascade system? I can’t wait to see the truck stocked and ready to go. It looks to be a great resource.
Donaldson - 06/14/07 - 22:08

Its great to see such a great resource added to RFD. Congrats
Adam Brown - 06/14/07 - 22:57

You think will see a captain positions coming soon on the Rescue units? Wonder if this will be for all city rescue units? Very nice rig can’t wait to see it tricked out with tools and in service with five man crew ok four.One thing take the cooler off the rescue and leave that to rehab EMS.
bolducslabs (Email) - 06/14/07 - 23:14

Excellent looking rig(s). Congrats to those in Raleigh! This seems like it will be a very practical truck. Hmmm.. possibly a good candidate for a county-wide spec’d rescue truck. If the county has plans to do that.. I have no clue.
Luke - 06/14/07 - 23:24

Here’s a slideshow of both rescues:


Quick rundown:

Pierce Enforcer chassis. Will be assigned to Rescues 14 and 19. Interior “medical” cabinet in the crew portion of the cab. Portable Warn 9000# winch, able to mount off the front, rear and both sides (just forward of the rear wheels). No cascade system (this duty is handled by Air 8). Two hydraulic reels off the back, compartments for air-lift bags. Driver’s side rear compartment with air and electrical on reels. Night-Scan light tower. No roof compartments (or access ladder).
harkey (Email) (Web Site) - 06/15/07 - 08:46

I don’t think there are plans right now for Captains on them. It would be nice, though, to maybe see some of the 5-man engine companies (on paper) shaken up a little and try to put a third person on them. Or, if the Battalion Chief’s have extra staffing in their battalions (very rare), throw a 3rd person on them occasionally.
Silver - 06/15/07 - 09:29

The county has already spec’d a rescue. I believe it is a Spartan chasis and a Hackney body. The specs look pretty good.
Mike - 06/15/07 - 18:21

just heard today that rumor has it that hackney will be getting the bid for the county service/rescue truck. also heard it will be the first kind of its kind ever built by Hackney, for whatever that’s worth.

I also agree with more quartz or HID lighting on the body, even with a light tower it’s helpful.

stay safe everybody
CFP 7021 (Email) - 06/15/07 - 19:58

Some more information. Services hopes to have them in service ASAP, say within a couple weeks or sooner… The rigs are about 1 or 2 feet longer than engine, and if they were any longer they wouldn’t fit in the stations… It has greater capacity for hydraulic tools than the present rescues, which can only run “one hose” at a time… The unit number will be placed in the side windows, and a small number on the back on the reflective strip… No plans at present for additional manpower… Electronic and heated side mirrors…
Legeros - 06/15/07 - 23:47

Any idea what they are going to do with the two older units that these are replacing? Keep them as reserves? Auction them off?
Native Charlottean - 06/16/07 - 07:14

I’ve been told that one will replace the older reserve rescue, and the other will likely become a mobile maintenance/shop unit.
Legeros - 06/16/07 - 11:56

More pics of the rescues, from Lee: http://www.flickr.com/photos/leewilson/a..
Legeros - 06/17/07 - 07:45

It is nice to see that the city is allowing fire department’s equipment to be upgraded. We need to look to the future and not the now. I think ever fire engine, ladder and rescue should have a cooler. Its not about rehab but hydrating the body.
fallin down - 06/17/07 - 21:32

Replacement rotation sounds OK, but why not make the old one the shop vehicle (which I am sure that they need)and have 2 reserves, just for yucks. Always nice to have back-ups.
Jon C - 06/18/07 - 15:02

Ron, sharp pic of you guys with your matching “7” fronts….hopefully it will eventually catch on.
Silver - 06/18/07 - 22:45

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