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+ 8 - 9 | § All RFD 800 Radios Have Been Issued

All RFD units received their 800 mhz radios at the end of last week. The system goes live January 10. Locution dispatches are a nearly regular feature on the RFD ALERT talkgroup now. Listen for the new warbly alert tone. No pager tones, though, so you'll have to start counting units if you're only listening for the "big calls."

+ 6 - 7 | § Harnett County Explorations

I poked around Harnett County this afternoon, seeking former firehouses. Found two in Angier: the 1957 municipal building on North Broad Street, with two bricked-in bays facing a side street, and the later-era three-bay station beside the structure that relocated up the road in 1994. Couldn't find an earlier town hall, though I asked several people if they knew. The FD was formed in 1925. Found one old station in Lillington: the 1935 municipal buiding at 823 Main Street, now occupied by PD and the DMV. Not sure when or where the FD first occupied the building, but they're presently connected to the structure in a four-bay, later-era section. Pics forthcoming on my former firehouses site.

+ 10 - 8 | § RFD Reserve #s Changing

The numbering of Raleigh's reserve units are being changed, to prevent confusion with the numbering planned for use with the new radio system (which goes on line in two weeks). The engines will be numbered in the 120s. More information as it is known.

+ 10 - 6 | § WWFD Apparatus Updates

Western Wake reports that all new vehicles have been delivered and are in service. Old E196, C190, and C290 have been sold. All new trucks have been lettered and are ready for independent picture-taking. Most are already displayed on the WWFD web site:

+ 9 - 9 | § Three (!) Stations for Six Forks EMS

Six Forks EMS is now responding from three locations: Bay Leaf Station 3, Bay Leaf Station 2, and, as of October 1, 6901 Mount Herman Church Road, which Wake real estate records show as this building (photo link) at this location (map link). Looks like RDU owns the lot, and a couple others nearby. Interesting. The Six Forks EMS site:

+ 9 - 8 | § Bid Doc for EMS Mass Casualty Unit

Wake EMS is accepting bids for a mass casualty unit. Here's the bid doc with specs and even some color graphics: Highlights, from brief browsing: Sterling Acterra cab; solid white color; minimum 34,700 lbs GVWR; on and limited off-road capability; two-door cab; Mercedes-Benz Diesel engine; roll-up exterior compartment doors; 428" overall length; 250" maximum wheelbase; 113" maximum height; LED warning lights.

+ 10 - 6 | § MFD Station Drawings

Speaking of new stations, drawings of Morrisville's multipurpose building that will house fire, police, parks and rec, inspections, planning, and engineer are available at Project updates are being posted to

+ 8 - 8 | § KPS Station (Non) Update

From the town's e-news page at it looks like they're still soliciting bids on the remodeling of the building that'll serve as the new public safety center. It's a commercial building located directly across from the Town Hall on Steeple Square Court.

+ 10 - 5 | § New Pierce Pumper for Apex

New Pierce Pumper in Apex, reports their web site. It's based on the county-wide specs.

+ 8 - 9 | § CHFD has updated their web site

The Chapel Hill Fire Department has updated their site since I last visted. Looks nice.

+ 7 - 12 | § Old CH and Carrboro Stations

I found three old Chapel Hill and Carrboro fire stations today, to my surprise. READ MORE

+ 5 - 8 | § Past Raleigh Fire Chiefs

Who were Raleigh's past fire chiefs, you ask? See

+ 7 - 13 | § Xmas Lights at Station 11

Here's a nice picture of Station 11 that appeared on READ MORE

+ 7 - 12 | § Philly versus Raleigh

Idle curiosity regarding Raleigh's incoming fire chief compels me to compile this:

+ 6 - 14 | § Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the first blog from Lee and Mike.