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+ 13 - 7 | § New RFD Mini Pumper in Service

RFD's new mini-pumper was placed in service this week. It'll be stationed at Station 2 for the next few months, now that SR2 has been removed from service. It's at Station 2 to tow a trailer with haz-mat support supplies previously carried by SR2. Here's a pic of the new truck. After its service at Station 2 it'll be moved to Station 9. Presently Mini 3 has been relocated to Station 9.

+ 12 - 9 | § RFD Scanning

The radio system has been switched over and the FD and PS talkgroups have come alive! Here's my workflow for scanning... READ MORE

+ 8 - 13 | § RFD Tabletop Simulator

This appeared last week on FireNews, about Raleigh's new table simulator: Text by Legeros, photos by Wilson.

+ 11 - 8 | § Former Kinston Firehouses

This appeared today on FireNews: Next up, Asheville or maybe High Point.

+ 12 - 6 | § RFD Radio Changeover 1/24 at 9 a.m.

Barring delays, the RFD radio changeover occurs on Tuesday, 1/24, at 9 a.m. Companies have been issued radios, radio pagers, and alphanumeric pagers. Stations have been equipped with "rip 'n' run" printers as well, so the days of extra cross streets and address confirmations and probably gone. READ MORE

+ 10 - 6 | § Fire Chief Jane Perlov

Some days we take our amusements where we can find them... READ MORE

+ 18 - 6 | § Falls New Brush Truck

A picture of Falls new brush truck was posted yesterday to

+ 8 - 11 | § New Garner EMS Vehicles

Garner EMS passes along the attached pictures and the following blurb: READ MORE

+ 10 - 15 | § Requiem for VHF

So ends an era next week when the Raleigh Fire Department radio system switches from VHF to the 800 mhz VIPER system. READ MORE

+ 11 - 11 | § Wake Forest Station #3

This Wake Weekly article references dicussions of buying land on Kearney Road for a third WFFD station. Here's a Google map of that road.

+ 7 - 11 | § Bahama is Getting Two New Engines

+ 8 - 9 | § Former Firehouses Beyond Wake?

Does anyone have information or even photos of former firehouse buildings outside of Wake County, such as Bahama's old building or Lebanon's old building in Durham County? Or yet-undiscovered old station buildings in Johnston or Harnett counties? Please contribute to the former NC firehouses database.

+ 8 - 9 | § RFD Volunteer Groups?

In preparation for a coming essay, how many volunteer organizations have been formed in affiliation with the Raleigh Fire Department? Five come to mind in addition to the union and the Fireman's Club: auxiliary firefighters during WWII, ladies auxiliary formed 1952 and operational at least through the early 1960s, explorer post formed in 1985, the photo unit formed in 1991, and the first CERT team created in 2005.

+ 9 - 15 | § New Wake EMS Vehicle Lighting / Graphics

Wow, lotsa lights on the back of the new Wake County EMS vehicles, as shown on FireNews. Presumably anti-collision protection, along with the Euro-style graphics?

+ 4 - 15 | § Shop Trucks - 1986 Seagrave Ladder / 1977 Chevy Step Van

Parked at the RFD shops, the 1986 Seagrave reserve ladder is used as a service truck only. It will be decommissioned in the spring when the new Pierce ladder is delivered. The 1977 Chevy step-van, Raleigh's original haz-mat van, is used as a utility vehicle. It runs good and will stay around as long as it does.

+ 6 - 13 | § Cary's Newest Engine

Cary's newest engine is either done, or just about done. It'll be a Pierce Dash similar to E1/E5/E6 and is expected to replace Engine 3, a 1997 Pierce Lance. Old Engine 3 will be placed in reserve until May or June, when the 27 recruits in the current fire academy graduate. Engine 7 will be placed in service at that time.

+ 15 - 11 | § RFD Training History Ancedotes

Before the 1954 drill tower was constructed, ladder and life net drills were conducted at Station 2 at Memorial Auditorium. The large apron in front of the station was used, as well as the side of the building (which was designed for that purpose, to double as a drill tower). READ MORE

+ 12 - 10 | § Chief McGrath's Wheels

Chief McGrath's new vehicle will be Chief Fowler's old vehicle, a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria with new graphics and upgraded (hidden) lighting package. Car 4, the Fire Marshall, is also assigned a Crown Victoria. The other Assistant Chiefs, Car 2 and Car 3, operate 2004 Ford Tahoes. All of these vehicles are red.

+ 8 - 8 | § Carolinian Article / Old Photos

This week's front-page article on RFD minority hiring in the Carolinian newspaper includes two old photos in its graphic. READ MORE

+ 13 - 13 | § Where Are Raleigh's Old Rigs?

So where have Raleigh's old rigs ended up? I know of a few, listed below, but where has anyone else seen old Capital City apparatus? If necessary, jar your memory at READ MORE

+ 10 - 12 | § RFD Company Manning

A reader requested information about company manning in the Raleigh Fire Department. Both engines and trucks are staffed with four people. READ MORE

+ 11 - 10 | § Good Book

If you've never read or don't own a copy of The Firehouse: An Architectural and Social History, same is a superb and quite scholarly history of the modern fire station building. It's certainly one of the most well-researched fire history books ever. Relatively little NC coverage, but you won't mind. First published in 1982.

+ 5 - 13 | § Lee vs. Mike - Who Does What?

Here's who's doing what with the blog, and the accompanying photo site: READ MORE

+ 12 - 11 | § Truck 11 Back at Station 11

It appears that Truck 11 has returned to Station 11 and its new apron. Construction nearing 3/4 of the way complete on Station 1's apron replacement. I believe Station 2's apron is finished, or just about.

+ 11 - 10 | § Job Security

Seen smoking cigarette at gas station on Hillsborough Street. The missing extinguisher is an added touch. READ MORE

+ 9 - 15 | § New Bern's Old Stations

Friday's FireNews update also features a new former firehouses article, the first of two that took Legeros down east. Five old engine houses in New Bern, believe it or not. Watch for coverage of Kinston in coming weeks.

+ 11 - 17 | § Wake Forest Chief Resigns

As seen on, which is linked to the Wake Weekly story, WFFD Fire Chief David Williams has resigned. The difficult circumstances are well-reported by the newspaper.

+ 11 - 11 | § How Many Fire Brigades Around Here?

So how many fire brigades operate around Raleigh/Wake/The Triangle? Or at least those with apparatus? I can think of a couple... READ MORE

+ 14 - 11 | § NCSU Fire Protection Site

Another interesting site: I wonder what their full fleet of vehicles (and inventory of fire suppression equipment) is like?

+ 15 - 6 | § Lee vs. Mike

Having trouble telling Lee and Mike apart? Here's a helpful guide:

+ 15 - 15 | § New KPS Site

New unofficial site for Knightdale Public Safety:

+ 9 - 9 | § RFD Training Building Construction Dates

Ever wonder when the old smokehouse, the old training tower, and the Keeter Training Center were built? READ MORE

+ 10 - 8 | § Falls Apparatus Roster

Falls has chimed in as well. Thanks for the updates, everyone. READ MORE

+ 9 - 11 | § Apex Apparatus Roster

Apex advises their current apparatus roster, plus the disposition of some older units. READ MORE

+ 8 - 18 | § Western Wake Apparatus Roster

Western Wake reports their rolling stock as including four engines, one tanker, one service/rescue truck, and one brush truck. READ MORE

+ 6 - 12 | § Holly Springs Station Ready by March

Also, HSPS reports that their new station should be occupied by March. Here's a construction pic from several weeks ago:

+ 11 - 8 | § Holly Springs Apparatus Roster

Holly Springs reports their present apparatus roster as having three engines, one rescue, one brush truck, one ladder, two boats, and assorted service vehicles. READ MORE

+ 9 - 9 | § RFD Training History Ancedotes

I learned some history of RFD training last week. Before the drill tower was constructed, ladder and life net drills were conducted at Station 2 at Memorial Auditorium. The large apron in front of the station was used, as well as the side of the building (which was designed for that purpose, to double as a drill tower). Station 5 on Park Avenue was also used for drilling. Light traffic on Park Drive made the street perfect for hose drills. After the training tower and drill pad was completed in 1954, most ladder and hose drills were moved there.

+ 5 - 15 | § Cary Apparatus Roster Updated

I've updated my roster of Cary apparatus and service vehicles: Thanks for the info. Another Pierce engine is due this spring, either to be placed in service as Engine 7 upon graduation of the current academy, or to be swapped with another company's engine.

+ 12 - 6 | § Wake FDs - Send Me Your Apparatus Roster

I'm updating my Wake County fire apparatus register, the PDF of which is dated December 2004 and is located at Please pass along your current apparatus information, as well as any corrections or comments about the data itself. If you'd like to make changes to the originating Word document, a temporary copy is located at Thanks for everyone's help.