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Station 2

263 Pecan Street

Opened October 16, 1969

Faces west
View original plaque | View historical plaque

4,600 square feet (estimated, excluding former shop space), one story
 Architect: Smart, Woodall, and Associates / Builder: Freeman Construction


History:  Station 2 opened on December 23, 1912 in the 300 block of Fayetteville Street, the second of three fire stations for the re-organized Raleigh Fire Department.  Hose Company 2 was placed in service with a horse-drawn hose wagon. Hose 2 was motorized in February 1913, receiving the second of two American LaFrance combination hose wagons delivered together.

Built in 1870, the former quarters of the volunteer Rescue Company was located on property owned by Wake County and adjacent to the county courthouse. The two-story brick station measured approximately 50 by 22 feet and included a feed house. It was demolished in early 1914 after the county reclaimed the property for a new courthouse. Hose 2 was relocated to Station 1. The remaining walls of the old building were reported as demolished on March 26, 1914.

Around September 1914, a new Station 2 opened at 412 S. Salisbury Street. The two-story, single-bay station measured approximately 65 by 25 fee. The lot, which fronted 25 feet on Davie Street and extended back 105 feet, was purchased from F. K. Ellington and others for $2,750.00. The lowest construction bid for the station was $5,986.15 by C. V. York. Construction started around June 1914, with preparations reported as started on June 3, 1914.  The plumbing contract was awarded on July 22, 1914.

In 1932, Station 2 was moved again the newly completed Memorial Auditorium. The $300,000 performing arts center building included a two-bay fire station in the rear of the building, underneath the stage. Including a fire station saved the city the cost of building an additional structure. It also provided the auditorium with 24-hour watchman service without further cost. The station included an officers room and sleeping quarters for firefighters.

The fire station emptied onto Fayetteville Street on the stage-right side of the auditorium, while the stage-left side of the building was designed for use as a drill tower. The station also housed the fire department maintenance shop. Memorial Auditorium was dedicated on August 14, 1932

The city retained ownership of the Salisbury Street station, which was used as the city paint shop until it reopened as Station 1 on August 12, 1941. The aerial ladder and service ladder trucks were moved to Station 2, and Engine 2 was moved to Station 1. Engine 2 returned to Station 2 around June 27, 1949, when the service ladder was moved to Station 6. The aerial ladder was returned to Station 1 around October 5, 1953.

On October 16, 1969, a new Station 2 opened at 263 Pecan Street. The maintenance shop relocated to a single-story addition to the rear of the station. The $95,000 facility was dedicated on April 5, 1970. City dignitaries were among the approximately 64 people attending the ceremonies, co-sponsored by the Carolina Pines Garden Club.

Six men manned the new station, which was located closer to the heart of Raleigh's expanding southern section. Station 2 also housed the original haz-mat unit from 1984 to 1990. The 1977 Chevy panel van was moved to Station 20 on November 12, 1990.

On October 8 2004, the maintenance shop began relocating to the new Support Services Center adjoining to the city heavy equipment depot at 4120 New Bern Avenue. On November 5, 2004, the crew and apparatus of Engine 2 and Engine 20 swapped stations and two haz-mat units were moved into the old maintenance shop. On July 7, 2009, Haz-Mat 2 and SR 2 were renamed Haz-Mat 1 and SR 1.

On November 30, 2016, Engine 2 relocated to temporary quarters on South Wilmington Street, in preparations for major renovations of Station 2. The "down to the walls" renovation included converting the old maintenance shop space, that adjoined the fire station, into a rear apparatus bay entrance, and additional living and working space. Engine 2 occupied the old city radio and sign shop at the corner of Wilmington and Hoke streets, with their haz-mat apparatus parked outside. Later, the haz-mat apparatus were relocated to the old city bus depot garage, located behind the old radio and sign shop. 

Station 2 on Pecan Street re-opened on October 23, 2018.

Last updated: November 29, 2020

Temporary Station 2 - Wilmington Street

Fourth Station 2 - Pecan Street


Third Station 3 - Memorial Auditorium


Second Station 2 - Salisbury Street

First Station 2 - Fayetteville Street

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